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What does Gaara or Jack think about GaaraXJack?

Gaara: w-wait a second…so liking you from your car model doesn’t count!?

Jackson Storm: …no *chuckling*

Gaara: …you make me hate you in less than 3 seconds…*leaves, then speaks in distance* then NO is my answer, AGAIN…

Jackson Storm: *he cracks of laughter* i think i touched the nerve, and about the ship…hmmm…we’re cute heheh~ *he winks, then leaves*

The things we endure for love…

Luke is raised by his Father Darth Vader, who is willing to endure anything for his son. The poor unsuspecting Uncle Firmus, who arranged the day-trip to the beach with Uncle Max, is trying his best to comfort the sand-hating Sith Lord.

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can you give me some traditional storm raising methods I know beating a rock with a wet rag and invoking the devil raises the wind got any good ones for me also when I do a weather spell do I consider stuff like type of storm/how long it's going to last/over what area do I want it to be?

Some traditional methods to raise storms are:

1) by casting flint stones behind your back towards the west - I’ve never used this method but I have seen others use this method of clicking stones together to bring rain.

2) by flinging a little sand into the air - I’ve actually used this method at one of the local beaches in the area. You can feel the sea breeze pick up the sand and carry it. Then you feel the wind shift and you can smell the briny salt of the ocean as the wind whips up the waves. Dark storm clouds form in the distance and you can watch as it rolls towards shore.

3) by striking a river with a broom - this is meant to send the water from the river into the sky thus bringing rain. Splashing river water works just as well. Swinging a broom in circles above your head in the air is also said to bring great winds and even storms.

4) by stirring water with the finger in a hole in the ground - my family’s method of bringing rain and storms uses an adapted version of this method however we tend to use water in a bowl instead of water in the ground though both methods work. 

5) by burning rain bringing incense - My aunt uses this method when Melbourne really needs some rain. She buys an incense called ‘rain drops’ made of herbs known for bringing rain and then burns it while standing out in her yard while looking to the sky. Burning ‘rain bringing’ herbs also works.

6) by dancing, singing and playing musical instruments - while this may not seem very ‘witchy’ this method has been used by multiple cultures around the world to bring rain. Stomping your feet on the ground represents raindrops falling. Singing and the music of instruments represent the wind and the sound of rain.


Naruto Shippuuden Episode 500

Gaaras Face in the Last Screencap is amazing, I can´t get enough ♥This Scene was so funny, I laughed a lot and can´t stop Smiling.

And his Outfit, Kyaaaah ~
So pure! He is so adorable ♥