little sail

i know there’s some negativity going around but consider all this shamelessly happy nonsense instead:

  • max hearing anne laugh for the very first time and feeling her chest get all tight because it dawns on her at that very moment, as if for the very first time: she loves her. she loves her with all that she’s got. and she’s loved in return by this beautiful and fierce and incredible woman.
  • john kissing james’ shoulders- john realizing in the most overwhelming way imaginable that he’s got the most debilitating weakness for all that freckled skin no one else gets to see!!
  • john really, really liking the muscles of james’ thighs. he goes out of his way to make sure james is aware of this completely noble, very refined, totally not shallow appreciation for the male form
  • james reading to john. the first time he does it, he’s not quite sure if john likes it. they’re lying in bed together and john falls asleep half through, so james is a little disappointed. but in the morning, john tells him how nice it was to fall asleep to the sound of his voice, all low and calm, and proceeds to describe the really weird dream he had about Don Quixote 
  • jack being a total snot and challenging max to do english tongue twisters (and getting schooled because, for all his intellect, he’s shit at french)
  • max blowing a raspberry when she gets stuck on a particularly hard tongue twister and cursing in french and it being the cutest fucking thing in the world 
  • madi’s face brightening up when she talks to silver about early memories with her mother or her favorite dishes at home. john being struck by the fact that she’s got one of the most beautiful smiles in the entire world!!
  • eleanor having peace. just give the girl peace. just let her have a sweet morning of sleeping in with woodes and waking up to a really nice breakfast, staying indoors with him so she doesnt have to waste her time with useless corsets and all-too-neatly tied hair and severely proper manners. just let this girl have rest. 

…the man who talked me into giving a shit about this crew, why, he could talk those people out there into anything. If he wanted to.

i. He does it. Before he knows why, before he even knows he’s doing it. Lets Silver put hands on him, lets him look and ask. He’ll give as much as Silver is hungry for, but he won’t take anything in return. He simply cannot. He will never reduce Silver to nourish himself.

ii. At first, Silver takes only his red and raw emotions. His anger, his irritation, his lashing and stinging violence. He draws it out like he’s tugging a thread from a fraying cuff. He tugs and tugs and Flint spills out. His anger breaks over Silver like a wave over a rock. Then the thread is pulled free and Flint needs to find something to fill that newly empty place. He won’t take something from Silver to fill it. He can’t.

iii. He doesn’t know when Silver’s touches turned to gentleness. He is not taking Flint’s anger any longer. He playfully takes his attention. He takes his secrets in quiet moments. He takes up the empty space around Flint that he did not even know was there. He seeps into Flint’s cracks and crevices. And suddenly Silver is not taking any more. Oh god, Flint is.

iv. Flint had drunk once from a well. Thinking it was bottomless he had freely gulped down as much as he could. He had thought that the cool, clean water would always be just a moment from his lips. But then the water turned to sand. His throat was pinched with thirst, his lips dried and cracked. An eternal blistering summer in his stomach. Not a drop to drink after Th- after he died.

v. The world – Flint – everything all turns to spring again. Silver is a storm and Flint does not need to beg for rain. Silver saw something planted in Flint and then gave him water to help it bloom. Flint had never had to take, never even thought to ask. Silver gives. This is spring.

  • Jihyo: Tzuyu I saw what happened. Is your girlfriend ok?
  • Tzuyu: My girlfriend?
  • Jihyo: Yeah the cute little sweet one you're always hanging around with
  • Tzuyu: Sana. She's not my girlfriend
  • Jihyo: Are you sure?
  • Tzuyu: Yes I'm sure! I don't like her, she's cutesy and ditzy and her favourite colour is pink. She's everything that I hate
  • Jihyo: But Tzuyu you hate everything
  • Tzuyu: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Jihyo: Well it means that maybe you like her...cause I kinda think you do
  • Tzuyu: NO. How could I like her? Because I don't like her. Because I can't like her. Jihyo, if I like her, shoot me
  • Jihyo: [Points a finger gun at Tzuyu] POW!

i would literally give the black sails creators my life if we could just get 1 (one) scene where silver and flint have just made it out of a *tense situation* and it’s all candlelight and shadows and flint breathes raggedly before leaning in carefully and gently kissing silver and silver moans gently into said gentle kiss