little rock film festival

Little Rock Film Festival 2013

I saw: 

  • Short Term 12 - Brie Larson is a national treasure and I really hope she gets an Oscar nod for this. 
  • Last Summer - local film, pretty cool gay romance, beautifully shot, also very slow and low-energy. 
  • Zero Charisma - Imagine Kenny Powers as a D&D dungeon master. A+. Spent some time with the directors and they’re cool as hell. 
  • This Is Where We Live - drama about a family in a small Texas town. Marc Menchaca (Homeland, Generation Kill) is a great actor and a handsome bastard and a really cool dude. 
  • We Always Lie To Strangers - documentary about the entertainment industry in Branson, MO. A real contender for my favorite. 
  • Don Jon - Joseph Gordon Levitt’s directorial debut. Brie Larson is also in it. It’s very good as well. 

and a block of Arkansas shorts that was a real mixed bag. 

It was an awesome festival, not just because of the content, but it was a genuinely well-run, organized and curated festival. I’m just bummed I couldn’t have seen more of it.