little rob

Getaway Weekend

Written by: @winchester-lover95

Pairings: Rob Benedict x Reader 

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“Rob you got everything on the list I sent you right?” You said into your phone.

“Yes honey. Everything from the tent you picked out to the marshmallows for smores.” Rob replied.

“Uhh you are so perfect you know that?”

“Only the best for my best girl.”

“Okay meet me back home and we can finish packing up the car and head out to the camp grounds.” You said.

“Works for me Hun.” Rob said hanging up. Little did Rob know but you were currently shopping picking up a few little surprise items for him to discover later on the trip. You and Rob had been dating ever since you had fainted at your photo op in Minnesota. That was two years ago, and you had since then bought an apartment together. Since convention season was over and the guys had a couple of weeks off from filming you and Rob decided to take a weekend trip to a local camp ground. You also both decided to “rough it” and chose to do a tent instead of a camper or a cabin.

A half hour later and you pulled into the driveway, you rushed inside and pack the special items in a separate bag so Rob wouldn’t see them.

“Honey I’m home.” Rob called out. You quickly hid the bag and walked out of the bedroom trying to act normal.

“Hey babe, so we should go get the SUV packed and hit the road before it gets too dark.” You said.

“Sounds  like a plan.” He said. You two packed up the car with everything and hit the road.

An hour later you pulled into the campground, “Okay we are at space 23.” You said looking at your phone at the email confirmation you had gotten back from the campground.

“Right over there.” Rob said pointing to the space. You pulled up next to the spot and hopped out of the car.

“Okay so let’s get the tent set up first.” You said pulling it out of the trunk.

“Do you know how to set one of those up?” rob asked looking questioningly at you.

“Yeah, I used to go camping with my family every summer when I was little.” You replied.

“Okay I’ll let you do that and  I’ll go and gather up some twigs for the fire.” Rob said turning and grabbing a little stick by his foot.

“Sounds like a plan.” You said turning your attention to trying to remember how to set up a tent, sure you had gone camping when you were little but the last time you went camping you were 19, that was a little over 3 years ago. “Well it’s gotta be sorta like riding a bike, right?” you mumbled to yourself. A half hour later you had the tent completely and  correctly put together. Rob walked up with a big armful of sticks of all different sizes.

“I got us some firewood so we can do s’mores later tonight. I’ll get a small fire started.” Rob said piling some wood next to the fire pit throwing some into the pit. After he got the fire started he came over and asked if you needed help finishing setting up.

“Nope all that’s left is to blow up the air mattress.” You replied.

“Okay babe, well I’m gonna grab the supplies we need for the smores.”

“Sounds good I’m just gonna finish this and I’ll be right out.” You said smiling. As soon as he was out of the tent. You went and grabbed your secret bag you had packed and pulled out the new outfit you had gotten.  (Insert image of camo lingerie.) and slipped on a pair of sweats and a louden swain sweatshirt you had stolen from Rob and walked out of the tent.

“So that’s were that sweatshirt went, I was looking for it last night when I went out with Rich for drinks.” Rob said smiling pulling you down on to the chair he was sitting in. You curled into his chest.

“Ok I seriously need to know.” You said.

“Need to know what?” Rob looked at you slightly worried.

“How are guys always so warm?” you said giggling.

“I don’t exactly know.” Rob said laughing himself.

“Well you are God you should know these things.” You replied.

After cuddling in front of the fire for a little while your stomach growled.

“Sounds like someone’s getting hungry, do you wanna make those smores now?” Rob asked.

“Yes please.” You said getting up off his lap. You both roasted marshmallows to golden perfection.

“You have a little something on your face.” You said giggling pointing to robs lips. He licked his lips somehow completely missing the marshmallow.

“Let me get it for you.” You said kissing him gently and at the same time biting his lip pulling on it lightly. Pulling away you licked your lips

“Yum.” You said.

Rob pulled you back towards him crashing his lips on yours. Pulling you into his lap  he deepened the kiss. “Should we put out the fire?” he asked. You just nodded gently pulling at the back of his neck. He got up lifting you in the process. He walked over to the tent trying to get in. “Uhh its zipped shut.” He said. You loosened your legs from his waist and zipped the tent open and backed into it.

“Well are you coming or what?” you said quietly.

“Oh baby I will be if you keep it up.”  Rob said.

“Close the tent then get over here I have a surprise for you.” You said seductively.  

“Oh really?” he said looking at you, his eyes trailing you up and down.

He zipped the tent shut and crawled to where you were on the mattress.

“So do I get to see this surprise?” Rob asked.

“Well why don’t you take your sweatshirt off me and find out?” You fired back.

“I like the sound of that.” He said pulling the sweatshirt off you. “Wow.” Was all he could manage to get out.

“Do you like it?” you asked biting your lip.

“Like it, I love it but I personally think it would look better on the ground.” Rob said.

He walked towards you and grabbed you gently laying you down on the mattress. “Stay put.” He looked at you with lust in his sky blue eyes as he put your arms above your head. He dipped his head down trailing kisses down your collarbone. You moved your arms to grab his hair. “I said stay put.” He said grabbing your wrists. Putting them back above your head again.

Your back started to arch as you tried to get closer to his touch. His lips. You felt his arms snake around your lower back, his hands making their way up your back, reaching for your bra. “Rob.” You moaned.

“Yeah baby?” he asked looking up at you as he unhooked your bra letting your breasts free.

“You know what I want.” You said.

“But I want you to tell me what you want.” He replied as he kissed his way down your chest, his tongue twirling around your nipple.

“Fuck Rob.” He barely heard you as you shifted to get closer to his touch. His kisses. He moved his way down your body, his scruffy beard trailing its way down your chest, brushing lightly over your hips. Your breathing increased, heartrate quickening. “Seriously Rob fuck me.”

“I love when you say it like that.” Rob said. He lined himself up and slowly pushed in. He stopped letting you adjust to his size.

You bucked your hips up giving him the signal that he could move. He started to move his hips.

“Fuck Rob. Harder.” You moaned as he thrust into you.

“Shit babe.” Robs breathing was getting quicker. He was close.

“I’m cl-close Rob.” You said. As he thrust into you, your walls tightened around him and your vision went white.

“Fuck.” Was all you heard from Rob as he came with you filling you with his hot seed.

“Wow.” You said rolling onto your back pulling the blanket up over your chest.

“Wow is right.” He replied.

As you laid on the bed your toes still curling. Yes it was toe curling sex.

“And just think we still have 3 more nights here.” You said smiling devilishly.  


the progression from “no i’m not talking to my spouse” to


the preacher’s daughter strikes again

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Forgive my ignorance, but what hug is Ben referencing?

Apparently at the end of the History video the original ending wasn’t them just walking away from each other. they ran back and hugged and that was the original ending. Ben cut it because he didn’t think it fit (Ben, I love you, but you’re an idiot the fans sustain on that kind of stuff). So he’s saying he’ll release the cut hug from the cut history which is nominated for best music video at the Brits.

25 Reasons I loved today’s episode, because y’all sound unhappy af

1. Domestic Robron: having brekkie together, Robert feeding his man, toast and tea. 

2. Robert and Aaron’s critical music banter. I bet Robert secretly loves Little Mix too. 

3. Rob’s open admiration for the way Aaron treats his sister “She’s gonna love you.”

4. Robert teasing Liv with breakfast because she’s hammered with a cute ooooooh and waving it in her face. Such big brother behaviour.

5. Robert chastising Liv for not appreciating Aaron’s present, such a Dad. 

6. Robert is so impressed with Aaron for spending so much effort to get Liv a present, and wants everybody else to appreciate Aaron as much as he does.

7. Aaron looking up at his fiance in admiration for appreciating the effort he went to. And a look of chastisement because he wants Rob to be a little more sensitive with Liv, like he is with Aaron. I just like the way he has to bend his neck to look so far up though, HEIGHT DIFFERENCE alert.

8. Aaron and Liv’s private conversation. Liv actually thanking Aaron for once. Aaron reassuring Liv, and being a right softie. Emmerdale not erasing the past and realizing how her father’s suicide might have effected Liv. Aaron clearly including Robert and trusting him to look after Liv. 

9. Chas losing her wits and breaking down a bit at work. We’ve all been there, especially over our son Aaron.

10. Robert being so excitable about the Mill being ready and so hopeful about Aaron getting out quickly. cutie, he launched into that pub to talk to Aaron.

11. Chas leaving Aaron to work it out himself for once. 

12. Faith not making a big deal out of Aaron’s panic attack, and actually making him giggle. 

13. Aaron trying to keep it together for everyone. Just like Robert, Our boys are Knights!

14. Robert completely worried about Aaron picking up on him shaking instantly. Looking at Chas for help desperately. Bless him

15. Robert acknowledging openly that he considers them a little family. “ours”, aww our boy he thinks of Liv as their daughter, their responsibility.

16. Chas and Robert collectively saying “we” about each other! and sharing looks the whole episode.

17. Deathrow Ploughmans. Prison jokes. Wow. 

18. Robert initiating a private chat with Liv to protect their shared love Aaron Dingle. Robert being so certain that he would never send Liv back to her Mum’s, like he never even entertained the possibility. STEP-DAD

19. Chas reassuring Robert that she knows Aaron is scared of losing Rob and that’s why he’s acting up.

20. Robert’s life is going to be on hold just like his, because Robert can’t see a life without Aaron!! Prison is keeping Robert out as much as its keeping Aaron in.

21. ROBERT SUGDEN, THE GREAT PHILANDERER-he might be a womanizer but he certainly keeps to one man. no one else comes close.

22. Robert asking Chas for advice and her admitting she doesn’t know as well as Robert. 

23. Robert wants to make Aaron feel secure. And Liv.

24. Robert staring back at his family in open admiration,  love how looking at them gives him the inspiration to get hitched.

25. “What if I make us a proper family”, he wants to put a ring on it. “I’ve never been more serious in my life!” Robert Sugden is the softest best fiance ever. Aaron and Liv are his entire world, and he is so serious about a lifetime commitment with them, he’s so sure. I adore this man.

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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY (and oh BOY do I hope that I hit the time zone right, because if I didn't this is just awkward)

LIKEWISE!! thanks for all the sweet messages today, everyone! and you hit the time zone just right!

i wasn’t able to do much festive art this year so here’s a little rob sketch i did a few months ago that fits the theme

hope it was a good one for you guys!!