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Events rushed by quickly as the duo prepared for their meeting with the same kind of collaborative prep work generally only found in those plotting to overthrow a government, or perhaps within a group of school board treasurers attempting to ‘balance’ their budget. There was of course a chance that this was entirely unwarranted, that the Magistrate had no plans for them! No dungeon, no being tied to some stump in the local bog or the like.

A chance mind you.  

What had they done? Drumknott had seemed adamant it was not something of the sort, but ponies could be bought! The thought thrashed around within the kelpie’s mind like a creature caught in his one of his ancestor’s jaws, trying desperately to not be pulled into the water from which they had sprung. The scenario played itself out countless times within the space between his ears, placing a near permanent frown upon his visage even as Morning Tide finished locking down the back rooms and left one of his ‘constructs’ in charge of the front desk - the pair leaving their shop in the shade district to the creaking figure of the construct.

The two had their own ways of showing interest in what was awaiting them. Mistguard remained visibly puzzled and lost in thought. after all no grimoire had escape, Lars was still in his room, and they hadn’t heard anything of their potions or scrolls causing untold havoc in the nearby area. Morning Tide on the other hoof seemed to take a rather uninterested look about him to such an extent that his mere presence would make a combination city wide fire and flood occurring in unison somehow seem dull and rather uninspired.

These kelpoid clerks were so lost within their own little worlds trying either to make sense of it all or get it over with that they managed to pass through the Geldenglen market street (a bland name perhaps, but the locals felt that while some of the stores were interesting, the street didn’t warrant such a name as the Great Bazaar, Street of Clever Artificers, or the Street of Things You May Wish to See, Probably) without even stopping at a stall or shop. They completely missed the large amount of pegasi that were in town today, which by extension meant they lost their chance to mumble taunting little migration jokes back and forth.

However Mistguard did nearly trip over a wagon’s wheel as it lay broken upon the road earning a distressed little stallion bartering with the giant of a craftscolt nearby over the price of repairing it, but this event was as swiftly forgotten as the calls of less than savory vendors from within a nearby alleyway, cries of stolen ice creams, or even the scuffle that broke out further along the way - and the poor thief who had found himself slammed to a wall by a rather fiery tempered mare.

No these events barely registered, what did however, was the shape of the town hall growing closer with each hoof fall, it’s stairs flanked by a pair of guardsponies who seemed to have raised boredom to an art form.

[Oh god this took way to long to do. I decided not to roll the dice to choose. =D]

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