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“Geomagnetic Magic”

I was relieved to find the Aurora was still going strong by the time I got set up at Haskins Point, and surprised it kept going into the sunrise. I managed to get about 200 photos and then decided to shut it down and go home since the sky was beginning to brighten and I was dead tired.

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More Insect!Fushimi asks? What about Snail!Fushimi? He'll be so annoyed at being so slow but he'll have a nice shell to retreat into and mope in. :D

Okay but now that we had that new Scepter 4 short story snail!Fushimi could hang out with Munakata’s new pet snail Rainy, Munakata could keep them both in a little snail terrarium or something in hopes that Fushimi-kun could make a new snail friend. Fushimi would be such a gloomy snail, imagine his little snail feelers drooping as he sits there in his shell. Everyone’s initially very worried because it’s a little warm in the office and what if Snailshimi dries up and dies, Fushimi doesn’t even care he’s just inching along the desk trailing slime. Also imagine while they all decide what to do with him Fushimi is just slowly making his way across the desk and the next time they all look he’s sitting on one of his knives, there’s some argument amongst the alphabet boys as to whether Fushimi intended to go onto the knife and were we all just threatened by a snail. Fushimi would be so annoyed that it takes him so long to move though, like it’s bad enough that he doesn’t have hands and he’s all gross and slimy but he’s also super slow and can’t even escape if someone tries to grab him. He just retreats into his shell when Munakata tries to play with him, Fushimi has no interest in being handled by anyone and would rather just be left on a nice damp leaf or something until he changes back. But of course since Munakata has a new snail friend who controls the weather he figures this would be a great time to try and introduce Snailshimi to a new friend, he sets the two of them together and Fushimi just retreats inside his shell immediately because he has no interest in befriending anyone, especially not another snail.


Christmas with Cas and the boys in the bunker and they explain to him about mistletoe and then he keeps making it appear above himself and the reader as an excuse to kiss her and stuff?


For the first time in months, the drive home to the bunker didn’t lull you to sleep. You sat upright in your seat, and Dean narrowed his eyes at you in the rear-view mirror. 

“Aren’t you tired?” he asked, making another left turn.

“Not tonight” you said, “Dean, it’s Christmas tomorrow!” you placed your hands on Sam’s seat and pulled yourself forward. “Do you think Cas will come and celebrate with us?” you asked the brothers.

Dean chuckled and Sam raised a brow as he turned around, “So you can finally tell him how you feel?” he said and your cheeks turned bright red.

“I don’t feel anything” you retorted, crossing your arms.

“Oh Cas!” Dean began mocking you, “I’d love to go to Paris one day!” he said and you kicked his seat. 

“Sorry, must’ve been Italy…” he trailed off and you rolled his eyes. Sam elbowed his brother who just shrugged.

“I mean but it’s not like he doesn’t like you too” Sam said, and you raised your head.

“Sam, he has lived for thousands of years and done so many things, having a girlfriend? Never going to happen” you said and leaned your head against the window. The Impala was the one place Castiel stayed away from, and you always spoke to Sam and Dean there, completely in private. You could talk with them for hours about french fries, then change the topic to something emotional. Once everyone left the car, not another word was spoken - and that’s exactly how you liked it. The car rides were something to look forward too, and trust.

Halfway to the bunker, you had to pass through a small town, which immediately grabbed your attention. Looking out the window you saw house after house decorated with tiny little red and green lights, some had blow up decorations too. 

“Guys” you whispered, looking at the normal people, living their apple pie lives with beautiful decorations. “I wish the bunker wasn’t a secret…” you whispered and Sam sighed.

“We can get a tree if you want” he said and you nodded.

“I’d like that” you said, and rested your head against the window once more.

Eventually Dean rolled up to the bunker, parking the car and grabbing everyone’s duffels.

“Thanks” you said as he tossed yours onto the couch. 

“Hello” a deep voice filled the room as you heard the flutter of wings. Turning around excitedly you smiled wide at the angel.

“Hey, Cas!” you said and tossed him a cookie. “They’re supposed to be for Santa but Dean already ate most of them” you said and Dean shouted “No!” while crumbs were falling from his mouth.

“Santa?” Castiel asked and you nodded. He placed the cookie down on the table and took a seat.

“Cas, would you mind zapping a tree here, I’m beat” Dean said and Castiel raised a brow.

“I thought you weren’t the celebrating type” he said and Dean shrugged. 

Within seconds there was a tree on the other end of the library, propped up and beautiful.

“No way!” you shouted with delight, flinging your arms around Cas. 

“Will you help decorate?” you asked and he nodded. Sam had found boxes of decorations around the bunker, maybe years ago there was someone just like you who wanted to celebrate. Castiel grabbed the red string of lights and you helped him untangle them before showing him how to encircle the tree.

“There…one- more-“…” you pursed your lips in concentration as you helped Cas hang the last ornament.  “Perfect!” 

Castiel turned to you, face bright and smile wide. You kept his gaze for a second too long because quickly Dean cleared his throat. 

“Gotta wait for the mistletoe, Cas” Dean joked and your cheeks turned bright red. 

“The what?” Castiel asked and you jumped towards Dean.

“The nothing” you said and fiddled around with your fingers. 

“Tell me” Castiel pulled up a chair and was ready to learn another human thing. Sam and Dean sat explaining the concept to Castiel who nodded and paid attention while you sat behind Sam, trying your hardest not to blush every time Dean said kiss. Sam even used you in an example, “If you and Y/N are caught under it, you have to kiss her” he said and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Anyways” you cut in, “Can you come back tomorrow? We can celebrate and swap gifts” you said and Castiel nodded.

“Tomorrow” he agreed and disappeared. You turned around to both Winchester’s and gave a hard look.

“What?” they asked in unison and you rolled your eyes.

“Mistletoe? Really?” you shouted and they laughed. You sighed and continued to your room, “Wrap your gifts! I’m talking to you, Dean!” you shouted from the hallway and heard him grumble. 

Laughing you fell onto your bed, and closed your eyes.

You woke up to a smoke alarm and you jumped up, running to the kitchen with your gun raised.

“What the hell?” you shouted and Dean turned around.

“Don’t shoot the cookies!” he laugh yelled, while Sam used a towel to wave the smoke away. 

You put your gun down on the counter and looked at the oven. It was full of gingerbread cookies, burnt to a crisp. Raising one you hit it against the counter corner and it crumbled onto the stool.

You burst out laughing with them and grabbed some orange juice. 

“Merry Christmas” you raised your glass and the boys nodded, “Merry Christmas” they said. 

“Castiel!” you shouted, and he arrived in the same second.

“Why do you only come so quickly when Y/N calls?” Dean asked, mildly offended.

“Uh, I just- wasn’t busy” he said and Sam rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, that’s why” he said and made his way to the library. 

“Is that a mistletoe?” Castiel asked as he looked up.

“What? Who put that there?” you looked and furrowed your brows. 

“Not me” Dean said sarcastically, “But you know the rules Cas” he said and within seconds Cas’s lips were on yours. 

You pulled away from initial shock, and Cas looked worried.

“Did I do that wrong?”

“No, no. That was amazing” you blushed, “But I just wasn’t ready” you smiled and Castiel returned it. 

“Let’s go open presents” he suggested and you followed closely behind. Sam placed them all under the tree apparently by the smile on his face as he proudly showed it off.

“Sam first then” you said and everyone passed him his gifts. When he finally opened yours his eyes went wide, “Thank you” he whispered as he leafed through the ancient pages. A while back he was reading a book from the bunker, and the most important chapter with a summoning spell was ripped out. Ever since he has been looking for it, but a quick kick to a demon got you it. 

You gave him a hug and then Dean opened his gifts. Meanwhile Castiel looked up again.

“What?” you whispered, leaning to his ear.

“Look” he said and another mistletoe was above your heads.

“That wasn’t there two seconds ago” you said and Castiel smiled slightly.

“Oh my-“ you started but Castiel cut you off, and this time prepared you raised your hands to his head and shoulder as he dipped you down slightly. 

“Woah! Not here!” Sam shouted and Dean nodded. 

Smiling you pulled away and placed your hand in his. “Smart angel, huh?” you joked and he laughed. 

“Here’s your gift” he said and passed you a small box. Inside was a rusted gold chain, and the pendant was something you’ve never seen before.

“It’s an ancient necklace. Hundreds of years ago I went to Egypt and it caught my eye, as you would say” he said and you gawked at it. 

“It’s gorgeous” you said, and pulled it over your head. “Thank you” you smiled and pecked his lips.

“This has got to be the best Christmas ever!” you squealed and Castiel stood behind you, arms wrapped lazily around your shoulders. 

Dean poured everyone a glass of wine, and gave a short toast.

“To staying alive!” he said and everyone nodded knowingly, clinking the glasses. Eventually wine turned into beer, and soon everyone was draped over their chairs, laughing about old hunts and sharing funny holiday memories. You rested your head on Castiels shoulder as Dean tossed you another beer. 

“Merry Christmas” you said and everyone answered, “Merr’ Christmas”, both brothers slurring their words. 

“I have to find a way to see you drunk” you told Castiel and he laughed. The night passed by quickly, and before you knew it, you were awaiting New Years.

This was a 1968 ‘Power King’ steel-frame road bike. It was made in Japan and sold at a New York department store chain. I found it on the side of the road in New Jersey in the spring of 2009. After installing new tires and converting it to a single speed it became my way to get around the city.