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ravenofawesome  asked:

Do you know/have any youtuber fics?like one or both is a youtuber?

we have a youtuber stiles tag and a youtuber derek tag (please check our tag page guys! almost everything is on there and is updated daily)


Just In Case by LittleRedEmissary (1/1 | 1,624 | G)

Stiles is a youtube gamer, and Derek is his alpha who walks into the room while Stiles is filming a video. Just a little getting together fic for Sterek Week 2015

YouTube Killed the TV Star by nerdyderekhale (1/1 | 2,407 | PG13)

In which the Internet (and maybe Derek’s sisters) conspire to bring a popular vlogger and his biggest fan together.

I’ll Be Your Robin by mikkimouse (1/1 | 3,277 | PG13)

“You’re sitting in my background!” Stiles waved behind him. “Can’t you just scoot to the left by, like, two feet? Or go to the library until I’m done?”

Derek scowled, and really, that angry look shouldn’t turn Stiles on as much as it pisses him off. “I don’t have room to scoot two feet to the left. And the last time I left the room while you were recording, I ended up getting stuck outside until midnight.”

“I had to do multiple takes!”

Derek’s scowl didn’t lift. “You yelled at me when I came in here to go to bed.”

Traditionally Non-Traditional by Angelwithwingsoffire (13/? | 41,739 | NR)

Stiles Stilinski has been looking forward to two things his entire life: Going to San Diego Comic Con and cosplaying his favorite characters ever and meeting his soulmate, the person he is destined to meet and either fall in love with or be best friends forever with. He hopes its the first option. But he never, in all those years, thought it both of those would happen at the same time, or that he’d be one of those lucky/unlucky people who are soulbonded to a celebrity.

AKA This is the story of a Youtuber and an Actor who have a long journey ahead of them before they figure out just what destiny has in story for them.

Of Green Beans and YouTube by nerdfightingwhovian (1/1 | 6,306 | PG13)

Stiles has a YouTube show that is essentially Hannah Hart’s “My Drunk Kitchen” where he cooks food drunk but actually pretty well. Derek is a serious chef on YouTube. He has cookbooks that you can buy in actual stores and stuff. He’s the real deal.
Stiles’ video-block is fixed when he stumbles across Derek guest-starring on a Food Network show. In a rush of inspiration he starts a new series where he cooks Derek’s recipes drunk. Derek finds out about the show and instead of being angry, he’s intrigued by the guy cooking and throwing things around his kitchen while drinking too much alcohol.

^^ this one is youtuber stiles and youtuber derek


One Hale of a Review by clawstoagunfight (2/2 | 4,807 | NC17)

Based off this post on tumblr.

“a fic where derek earnestly reviews sex toys”