little rabbit foo foo

Silly Samsquatch, chocolate is for Tricksters...

So in the midst of everything (and by everything I mean all the chocolate that I’ve been given), I sat down and wrote a tiny Easter-y Sabriel Sunday drabble… it’s not much and it’s by far not the best, but I figured I’d throw it out there in case someone enjoys it! :D

The first thing Sam sees when he wakes up Easter morning is an egg. A gold foil covered chocolate egg, to be precise, nesting atop the blankets he is curled under. It takes him a moment to realize that Gabriel isn’t beside him.

Picking up the small egg, Sam slides out of bed with a morning grumble. Padding across the floor, he cringes when he feels something crumple under foot.

Another chocolate egg.

Picking up the casualty from the floor, he continues on, being more cautions of his foot fall.

“Gabe?” Sam calls out, discovering another chocolate egg nesting on a book shelf in the hallway. This was clearly a trail- but what did it lead to?

Sam and Gabriel had only been living together for a few months, but Gabriel tried to make every holiday special. It was little things like the trail of chocolate eggs that made him smile, even if in the end it would be Gabriel devouring the sweets on his own.

Another egg hiding on top of the TV.

One more sitting atop a pillow on the sofa.

Eggs were everywhere and the trail was starting to become inconclusive towards a real goal. He gathered the eggs diligently into his robe pocket and trudged through into the kitchen, finding a small basket sitting on the table filled with all sorts of food items.

“Hoppy Easter!” Gabriel said with a grin, popping out from the pantry where he had been hiding, wearing rabbit ears. It certainly drew a surprised laugh out of Sam.

“What is all this?” Sam asked, indicating the rather non traditional Easter basket on the table- although he was relieved not to discover any more chocolate. There were already far more sweets in his apartment than he was comfortable with.

“Well… I figured I’d make you dinner for a change,” Gabriel admitted, having been spoiled by Sam’s cooking since the moment he moved in. “I know it’s not much, but I figured it was better than the giant chocolate bunny that was taunting me at the store and trying to come home with me.” It was a scandal, he had to admit, the rabbit wouldn’t stop with the sweet talk. Chocolate rabbits, I tell you.

“Thank you, little bunny foo foo,” Sam grinned and pulled Gabriel into a hug, kissing his archangel atop the head before playing with the ears with a small laugh. “Just promise me you won’t manage to summon any demons or burn the place down.” Sam hugged him even tighter.

“Sam? Samsquatch?” Gabriel piped up.

“What is it?” He pulled away, looking down at the other as if he might have crushed him in the hug somehow.

“You nearly crushed my eggs…” Gabriel pointed down to the pockets on Sam’s robes where the chocolate eggs were hiding.

Sam sighed and facepalmed. Rolling his eyes, the archangel only extending on tiptoes to try and steal a kiss. “Silly rabbit,” Sam kissed him on the forehead. “Shouldn’t have left them laying around for me, then.” The Winchester pulled out one of the eggs and unwrapped it, plopping the chocolate in his mouth before running towards the bedroom, his little bunny foo foo right on his tail.

Gabriel was determined to get his chocolate back.

30 Day Challenge (Books): Day 21

Day Twenty-One: Favourite book from you childhood - Little Rabbit Foo Foo (Michael Rosen)

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Not one of my friends has heard of this book, which upsets me greatly. But I’ve discoverec that Little Rabbit Foo Foo even has his own song, so it can’t just be me.

Does anyone else remember this book?