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Imagine Telling Juliana Tainer (Soong) About Your Engagement

Imagine Telling Juliana Tainer (Soong) About Your Engagement

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A/N: I can’t remember if Data calls Juliana ‘Mother’ or not, but in this he does.

There was no way to get around this. No possible way.

All you had to do was not slip up and mention she was actually an android.

That should have been easier, accept she had so many of the same little quirks Data has. Little things you wouldn’t normally notice.

You were here for a specific purpose though. So you felt Data should do the talking. Like you had when telling your parents.

“Mother, I’m afraid we did not come by to socialize.”

The woman looked at Data surprised.

“Well then Data, what did you come to visit for? And who is this?”

She didn’t even know who you were? Great. Here we go.

“This is, [_____] {______}, and the reason the two of us have come to your home is to tell you”

He paused, searching for a way to phrase it.

“Of our engagement”

Juliana blinked.

“Engagement in what?”

Data was one of those people that would casually use Engagement for the alternate meaning. Feeling the need to explain, you took a deep breath and stood up from your seat.

“Engagement, as in the preparing to be married sense, Mrs. Tainer.”

Her eyes widened and she stood looking you over. Gingerly she took your hands looking at the ring, then Data, then you.

“You’ve come for my blessing…”

She sounded almost surprised.

“Yes we-”

She cut Data off with laughter

“Data have you forgotten I eloped with your father? There’s no need to ask of course you have it!”

The nervous pressure was gone as she began dragging you away.

“Now then, [______] let me tell you about when Data was first turned online.”

The rest of the day was filled with Juliana telling you stories of when Data was first being put together, and learning and such.

The one that made you laugh most was the fact they couldn’t get Data to keep his clothes on.

All in all, things turned out pretty well.


Priya is kind of the coolest dog I know. 

(And she flushed a pair of pheasants today, then recalled away from them in flight!)

I don’t get why people neglect fish (or anything, really) so much. My little pea puffer is so cute! She has such weird quirks and is so personable. She “fights” my birdie through the glass and gets mad at me if I clean her tank without giving her a little something to eat. She plays with snail shells and will pick them up after she eats them and bury them in the sand, I’m pretty sure she does it for extra attention since then I have to go digging for them with the tongs! She does little tricks like swimming through a hoop and she likes to chase the laser pointer. I love her little eyes, they’re such a pretty green and you can just see her intelligence so clearly, she knows that I adore her. I love my little Cheese puff!

This girl. This special girl I can’t get enough of. She has the weirdest habits and the cutest little quirks. She has these secret sides to her that you’ll miss if you even so much as blink. I can’t explain much because if I do I’m afraid you’ll fall in love with her as I did. As I fell deeper and deeper in love with her, I noticed how she actually was. She was not this all around sadistic girl that she came out to be. Maybe to others, but for me she was this girl who was a little too obsessed with caramel filled drinks, who was more than passionate about what she does. She loved tea simply for the taste, she covered her mouth when she smiled or laughed to cover her “flaw” as she thinks it is. It’s beautiful honestly, it’s eye catching. I didn’t fall for the girl who was always strong, I fell for the girl who laughed whenever she was about to show her emotions. I fell for all the things she was rather than dwell on the things she’s not. The thing was, there wasn’t anything I could dwell on. She was perfect; she’s still perfect. In my eyes, the only thing I would ever change is changing her from being my girlfriend to my wife. Even then, I wouldn’t feel the need to. The love I feel for her doesn’t need a ring or a piece of paper to be proven. She’s just the type of girl you fall in love with and never let go of. She knows all the right things to say and she cares. Even when she claims she doesn’t, you know she does. She doesn’t leave, she stays. She sticks with you no matter what it is. Maybe that’s why I fell so hard for her, I saw my future in her. I saw a home, I saw comfort, I saw love. When you see those things in a person you can’t help but fall in love with them and give them your all. You know it’ll be worth it and you know they will be completely unforgettable. Some people feel as if home was a place, some feel like it’s a person. For me, it’s her. It’s always been her. One day I’ll look at our grandchildren and then her admiringly and be able to say “We made it darling, we made it through the distance and the time. We always said always and forever right? Well this is it. From this life to the next. I’ll always find my way back to you. My heart is yours.” Instead of seeing you on a screen or messaging it to you, I’ll be able to look you in the eyes and tell you that I’m completely and utterly in love with your entire being.
—  about the one I adore

Why do I feel as though Roxy would tease Harry with the fact that she has seen Eggsy naked a lot more times then Harry has, which is none, after she figures out that the older agent may have a liking that is more than mentor and apprentice towards Eggsy?

I see her and Eggsy being basically comfortable walking around in their knickers (or at times less depending just how much of a rush they are in for a mission) with the other there due to the fact they shared a n open room during training and probably occasionally rooms/lockers when they decide to sleep over with the other in base. I can so see Roxy teasing Harry every chance she can get, describing adorable little quirks that Eggsy has that only she has noticed so far. Like the adorable twin birth mark that Eggsy has near the side of his butt, or the scatter of freckles here and there. I don’t see her bringing up any of the deeper scars that Eggsy may carry due to his time with Dean, she respects him too much to tell anyone that if Eggsy himself is not comfortable saying it either, but I can see her proudly stating some of the scars that he has received and kept from certain missions.

Why do I feel as though Roxy and Eggsy would so compare one another’s battle wounds with each other? I just see that happening XD

But yeah, there you have Harry being teased because not only is he pining, he is now filled with so much curiosity in whether what Roxy is saying is true or not (I see her making some stuff up just to pull Harry’s leg, though I also see her being particularly evil by eluding on Eggsy’s dick size…oh god XD; ), so enter in a bit of pent of frustration as well as a dash of jealousy, but Harry does his best to take it all in stride. Because he is the very epitome of what it is to be a gentleman, dammit!

That is right until Roxy gives a small passing tease/push that Charlie, the previous Arthur’s candidate, along with other boys have most likely seen Eggsy naked as well due to the fact that they had also shared that small wide open room together. Everything just explodes after that.

And then you have Eggsy, who is so oblivious and innocent to the matter, not at all helping whenever he is caught exiting Roxy’s room with ruffled clothing after having taken a nap there, or pining after Harry but holding everything in because Harry is so far out of his reach, or so he believes.

Merlin is just so done with everyone that he basically goes with the flow and watch the clock that will tell when he can go home. At least up until Roxy drags him in on her plan and he finds the buried treasure of enjoyment when it comes to teasing Eggsy about Harry since the two did use to work field together back in the day XD