little quirk she has

A sequel to the doodle I drew of Kiri and Baku adopting a little girl. It was a rough adjustment for her in a new place with her new dads, but now Hotaru is a total daddy’s girl who loves cuddling Bakugo (and Kirishima falls more in love with both of them whenever he catches them in moments like this).


Priya is kind of the coolest dog I know. 

(And she flushed a pair of pheasants today, then recalled away from them in flight!)

I don’t get why people neglect fish (or anything, really) so much. My little pea puffer is so cute! She has such weird quirks and is so personable. She “fights” my birdie through the glass and gets mad at me if I clean her tank without giving her a little something to eat. She plays with snail shells and will pick them up after she eats them and bury them in the sand, I’m pretty sure she does it for extra attention since then I have to go digging for them with the tongs! She does little tricks like swimming through a hoop and she likes to chase the laser pointer. I love her little eyes, they’re such a pretty green and you can just see her intelligence so clearly, she knows that I adore her. I love my little Cheese puff!

Imagine Telling Juliana Tainer (Soong) About Your Engagement

Imagine Telling Juliana Tainer (Soong) About Your Engagement

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: I can’t remember if Data calls Juliana ‘Mother’ or not, but in this he does.

There was no way to get around this. No possible way.

All you had to do was not slip up and mention she was actually an android.

That should have been easier, accept she had so many of the same little quirks Data has. Little things you wouldn’t normally notice.

You were here for a specific purpose though. So you felt Data should do the talking. Like you had when telling your parents.

“Mother, I’m afraid we did not come by to socialize.”

The woman looked at Data surprised.

“Well then Data, what did you come to visit for? And who is this?”

She didn’t even know who you were? Great. Here we go.

“This is, [_____] {______}, and the reason the two of us have come to your home is to tell you”

He paused, searching for a way to phrase it.

“Of our engagement”

Juliana blinked.

“Engagement in what?”

Data was one of those people that would casually use Engagement for the alternate meaning. Feeling the need to explain, you took a deep breath and stood up from your seat.

“Engagement, as in the preparing to be married sense, Mrs. Tainer.”

Her eyes widened and she stood looking you over. Gingerly she took your hands looking at the ring, then Data, then you.

“You’ve come for my blessing…”

She sounded almost surprised.

“Yes we-”

She cut Data off with laughter

“Data have you forgotten I eloped with your father? There’s no need to ask of course you have it!”

The nervous pressure was gone as she began dragging you away.

“Now then, [______] let me tell you about when Data was first turned online.”

The rest of the day was filled with Juliana telling you stories of when Data was first being put together, and learning and such.

The one that made you laugh most was the fact they couldn’t get Data to keep his clothes on.

All in all, things turned out pretty well.

anonymous asked:

Hi Shay!! I'm just so emotional on this, but a Royai Reincarnation AU where Roy always remembers everything while Riza forgets everytime they get reincarnated... any thoughts?? Or am I just too angsty?

Okay so I’ve been sitting on this ask for a few days and??? OH my god??? I love it so much!!! lakdsfAFDJAJFdalkj

I hope you don’t mind, but I thought of a few things for it like:

  • Riza might be a little different every time she’s reincarnated, but she has certain quirks that never change. Like how she’ll never say ‘no’ to chocolate, though dark is her favorite, or not eating the crust off pizza/another food. 
  • They always meet - without fail. And more often than not it as partners. Roy knew right from the get go that he would never push anything because he knows its her and she doesn’t, but he always tries to be some part of her life so that he can watch over her.
  • What if… she remembers at ‘the end?’ Whether it’s when she’s dying (and her final words are always “I don’t want to go” because it means forgetting again) or when he dies. Only… when that happens, she doesn’t remember soon enough to tell him that she remembers.

Also… I kind of thought of a loophole that they slip through, or like a final chapter, if you will. Imagine Roy is born with a heart condition as a child and he knows that he will die younger than most of his prior incarnations. But as the years go on and while he waits for a heart, he loses hope that he’ll see her before his time is up. He wonders what will happen if they don’t cross paths…

Then the call comes and he learns that they have a heart for him. But when he wakes up from the surgery he feels… off, and he can’t place his finger on it. He knows he’s felt it before, but he just can’t figure out what it is. Until he hears from the family of the young woman who died in a car accident - the one who had given him her heart. He immediately knows who it was and realizes what it is he has been feeling. He had gotten so used to giving her his heart first that he hadn’t known what it felt like to receive hers first is that horribly cheesy?

Maybe after that the cycle reverses, and it’s Riza who remembers first until it backflips again for eternity. Or maybe the next cycle - the final one - they both remember…

losteeyore363  asked:

8 for Han and Leia?

8. Interesting or unusual habit

Han sometimes sings to himself when he’s working on something. Usually Corellian songs, but sometimes another song will get into his head and he’ll sing that.

Leia has some little quirks about how she organizes her papers – it bothers her when things aren’t arranged on the square. She lets it go, but sometimes will go back and rearrange other people’s reports when they’re not looking because otherwise it bothers her too much.

This girl. This special girl I can’t get enough of. She has the weirdest habits and the cutest little quirks. She has these secret sides to her that you’ll miss if you even so much as blink. I can’t explain much because if I do I’m afraid you’ll fall in love with her as I did. As I fell deeper and deeper in love with her, I noticed how she actually was. She was not this all around sadistic girl that she came out to be. Maybe to others, but for me she was this girl who was a little too obsessed with caramel filled drinks, who was more than passionate about what she does. She loved tea simply for the taste, she covered her mouth when she smiled or laughed to cover her “flaw” as she thinks it is. It’s beautiful honestly, it’s eye catching. I didn’t fall for the girl who was always strong, I fell for the girl who laughed whenever she was about to show her emotions. I fell for all the things she was rather than dwell on the things she’s not. The thing was, there wasn’t anything I could dwell on. She was perfect; she’s still perfect. In my eyes, the only thing I would ever change is changing her from being my girlfriend to my wife. Even then, I wouldn’t feel the need to. The love I feel for her doesn’t need a ring or a piece of paper to be proven. She’s just the type of girl you fall in love with and never let go of. She knows all the right things to say and she cares. Even when she claims she doesn’t, you know she does. She doesn’t leave, she stays. She sticks with you no matter what it is. Maybe that’s why I fell so hard for her, I saw my future in her. I saw a home, I saw comfort, I saw love. When you see those things in a person you can’t help but fall in love with them and give them your all. You know it’ll be worth it and you know they will be completely unforgettable. Some people feel as if home was a place, some feel like it’s a person. For me, it’s her. It’s always been her. One day I’ll look at our grandchildren and then her admiringly and be able to say “We made it darling, we made it through the distance and the time. We always said always and forever right? Well this is it. From this life to the next. I’ll always find my way back to you. My heart is yours.” Instead of seeing you on a screen or messaging it to you, I’ll be able to look you in the eyes and tell you that I’m completely and utterly in love with your entire being.
—  about the one I adore

anonymous asked:

First, I'd like to thank you for being the person I can bitch and be salty over New 52. I often have to re-watch BTAS and the cutscenes from the Arkham games just to remind myself that this is not Harley Quinn, this is an original character with a copyrighted name, it legitimately upsets me how much she was butchered.

No problem. I’m always here for ranting and saltiness, haha.

But I agree with you. It almost makes me sad now to watch BTAS and see what a damn amazing character Harley used to be compared to the abomination they’ve turned her into now. It’s honestly insulting- and not only to the fans, but to the character herself. It’s literally a bitch slap to the face for anyone who truly knows and loves Harley Quinn as a character

She was a badass, genuinely funny supervillain who loved being evil and never apologized for it. She never regretted going with the Joker. She never wanted to be treated like a helpless victim who couldn’t defend herself compared to the men (that was basically the main point of the Gotham City Sirens, after all). She never felt guilty for the crimes she committed. Hell, she came the closest of any Batman villain to actually killing him! She used her intelligence and creativity to get him into a trap he couldn’t physically escape from, and his only way out was to try and trick her! Batman literally said so himself!

The reason why people constantly want to try and redeem Harley and turn her into a superhero is beyond me. The only reason I can think of is that people are too proud to actually support a villainous character, so they try to find every way possible to turn that character into someone who is “problematic” or “a victim” or “misunderstood.” Sorry, but no! The true Harley Quinn is not a superhero by any means. She’s a murderous psychopath. A criminally insane clown. A VILLAIN! Don’t see why that is so difficult for people to accept, but that’s who she is and who she always has been. End of story.

Vengeance (Part 3) - Reckoning (Reader x Natasha/Steve)
Word count: 816

A/N: The end will be the next chapter! I’m sorry this stuff isn’t fluffy, but I want to express what the recruit is like. She’s loving, but remember she’s an agent. A good one! And definitely not the type of person to mess with. Warnings: Use of something in a syringe? I don’t think you can classify it as a drug, but I’m not sure.

“Ow, ow, ow…” You hobbled over to the first aid kit and tore it open with shaking hands. Come on, there had to be some, Krait wouldn’t- “YES!” You pulled out a couple of syringes with clear liquid inside ready for use. Adrenaline. Your body was screaming in pain, especially your side. It hurt to breathe, but it didn’t feel like you had any internal bleeding. Hopefully…

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paint-sponge  asked:

i have this oc named Feb and basically her whole theme is love, i came up w/ this little character quirk where she has little hearts in here eyes (like the light reflecting off her eyes is a heart) and any person she comes in physical contact with will gain little hearts in their eyes bc shes like transferring her radiant love, shes also got these giant feathery wings but is a not so great flyer ghfjghjk

that’s so cute!! does she have a love interest or is she a helpless romantic?

ooh let’s see my drow elf cleric who fell into life as a charlatan.. aka cazna! a quirk of hers in probably that she likes getting information out of people just as much as cash. she’s poor as hell and getting dirt on everyone gives her an eye into the wider community.
ummm and dalya (my wood elf backup character i made on a whim) has this weird tendency to use any weapon on hand as a wood working tool. she creates beautiful arrows that carry messages in their wood, but she carved it all out with a bobby pin or something.

anonymous asked:

2k14 donnie romantic/domestic and nsfw headcanons. im so glad you made this blog bc i need more turtles in my life.

Heeeeeey welcome to the blog I am so glad you want to see this first time Blog.

eheheheheh well lets see 2k14 Donnie, the little cinnamon roll we all cherish. 

Now for the.

Romantic Headcannons:

Donatello is the second oldest if I am correct, he is smart, and is the brain of the group. But don’t let his Nerd ways fool you, he is a smooooooth Crimnal JK XD he’s smooth Donatello for nothing, he will figure out his Girls likes and dislikes, in a respectful way not like a creepy stalker way, he’s smart by looking at her hand gestures, the positions she sits, to the little quirks she has. He will ask (nervously) what her interest’s are and boy if his girl likes the same thing he likes, he might spazz a little but then gain full composer again. What will he do for his girl is that he shall maybe find some corny love song or a song to her interest probably have a picnic on the roof tops. With some Champagne he smuggled ehehehehehehe. He go down to the last part to getting her favorite food to dessert. His nickname for his girl would be “kitten” cause I believe he likes small fluffy adorable kitties. He will do anything, ANYthing for his girl, he would stand in front of her protecting her from a gunshot. His love is strong, and Loyal.

Domestic Headcannons: 

He be the embarrassing Father if him and his girl EVER had kids. He be the boss’s favorite if he had a job, and he would make a lot of money to do some fun trips like go to Disney world, Universal studious If his family wanted to go out of the country hell he would save up enough money for his family, or for his anniversary with his loving wife. He also will make a decent meal or two. And he will love his little one’s to death, but that does not mean he is stern, he does not like to spoil his children really, if his lover does he might scold her a little but he would let it pass, he can’t argue with her over something silly.

Finally THE NSFW Headcannons:

eheheheheheehehe here we go. Donatello in his Universe, he be nervous, whenever his girl would ever mention saying “we should do IT” he will freeze like a petrified Hamster, though if he is pursued a little….(hence teasing and groping and soft tracing) he is all yours. Here’s the thing, he would love to be submissive. But if you let him be Dominate, honey you are in for a ride, he will tease, grope, whisper naughty things, he will make you beg only once or twice, he would call his lover “naughty kitten” or “bad kitty”. He will be is different turtle when he is done with you. But then when its all over, he will want to make sure she is alright cause if he did go overboard, Donnie will go Doctor (and no not that kind XD) Donnie might be interested in RP, it kind of gets him going in character for some reason and it would make you probably laugh on how silly he would be. But he kept going just to see the smile on your face. This is just me but I think he would make his own sex toys, and they would be safe too.

Why do I feel as though Roxy would tease Harry with the fact that she has seen Eggsy naked a lot more times then Harry has, which is none, after she figures out that the older agent may have a liking that is more than mentor and apprentice towards Eggsy?

I see her and Eggsy being basically comfortable walking around in their knickers (or at times less depending just how much of a rush they are in for a mission) with the other there due to the fact they shared a n open room during training and probably occasionally rooms/lockers when they decide to sleep over with the other in base. I can so see Roxy teasing Harry every chance she can get, describing adorable little quirks that Eggsy has that only she has noticed so far. Like the adorable twin birth mark that Eggsy has near the side of his butt, or the scatter of freckles here and there. I don’t see her bringing up any of the deeper scars that Eggsy may carry due to his time with Dean, she respects him too much to tell anyone that if Eggsy himself is not comfortable saying it either, but I can see her proudly stating some of the scars that he has received and kept from certain missions.

Why do I feel as though Roxy and Eggsy would so compare one another’s battle wounds with each other? I just see that happening XD

But yeah, there you have Harry being teased because not only is he pining, he is now filled with so much curiosity in whether what Roxy is saying is true or not (I see her making some stuff up just to pull Harry’s leg, though I also see her being particularly evil by eluding on Eggsy’s dick size…oh god XD; ), so enter in a bit of pent of frustration as well as a dash of jealousy, but Harry does his best to take it all in stride. Because he is the very epitome of what it is to be a gentleman, dammit!

That is right until Roxy gives a small passing tease/push that Charlie, the previous Arthur’s candidate, along with other boys have most likely seen Eggsy naked as well due to the fact that they had also shared that small wide open room together. Everything just explodes after that.

And then you have Eggsy, who is so oblivious and innocent to the matter, not at all helping whenever he is caught exiting Roxy’s room with ruffled clothing after having taken a nap there, or pining after Harry but holding everything in because Harry is so far out of his reach, or so he believes.

Merlin is just so done with everyone that he basically goes with the flow and watch the clock that will tell when he can go home. At least up until Roxy drags him in on her plan and he finds the buried treasure of enjoyment when it comes to teasing Eggsy about Harry since the two did use to work field together back in the day XD

shin-g  asked:

Yo just as a refresher, whats your theory regarding Toga and Uraraka?

>>>> It’s not exactly a theory

It’s more of a speculation that maybe Toga’s Quirk is doing something to Ochako. What that something is? I don’t really know. Although Ochako liking Deku is real, maybe Toga’s Quirk is multiplying that to the point of obsession? Okay that’s a bit too much

Maybe Toga’s Quirk can control emotions?

One common theory for Toga’s Quirk is she can "transform” herself to the person using their blood. However with the appearance of the Shiketsu girl (who can shapeshift to other people apparently) that theory is somehow not so strong anymore

Unless, of course, Toga = Shiketsu girl, potentially Toga also has the blood of that girl so she can transform to her, and also explains how she was able to transform to Ochako too in the latest chapter???????? It’s so confusing

Another theory for Toga’s Quirk is she can “take over” a person using their blood. More of a puppeteer kinda Quirk. Maybe explains why she has little dolls on her person all the time.

What dolls? Why, this here:

Clexa AU fic

Alright so this is just a small piece from the multi chapter fic, I’m working on. Just want to see if anyone would be interested in it so let me know! 

I’ll come up with a better summary soon, but all you need to know now is that Clarke, Raven and Octavia go to Polis University. Clarke and Octavia are roommates and Raven gets stuck with a random, who ends up being shy, nerdy and socially awkward Lexa.

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This is Vivian, my non-Kamui Nohr OC!

Okay, so her design actually began as a mistake on my part. I had an image in my head for what I wanted for her, and saw that the cleric (?) design from Hoshido matched perfectly. After sketching I realized wait…she’s a Nohr unit. I saw that Rod Knight was the Nohrian equivalent, and so decided to combine the two classes designs to suit my taste, and add some bits here and there.

So, her cleric cloak actually gets a story, which ties into her background. I considered making her grandmother Hoshidan but eventually decided to make things a little more shady. Her cousin and uncle are actually black market traders that travel from Nohr and Hoshido, and since she’s close to her cousin, he’ll pick up things from her every now and then. When he discovered that she had saved up and bought a stave, he’d gifted her a cloak he’d gotten from a friendly ‘granny’-like character from over the border.

Rest under cut

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siraaronramsey  asked:

Yo! I'm currently working on a massive fanfiction and have been wanting to hear your councel on something for a while. If you don't mind me asking: May? How would you write her? What do you think are the core traits of her character? Say, four-five years after AG, how do you think she will have changed? What traits remain? Difficult questions, I know, but if you could manage to produce an answer that would be awesome! Take your time, and thanks in advance(d)!

May is a pretty hard character to write simply because of how easy it can be to simplify and over-exaggerate her. I’ll just give my personal take on what to do and what not to do!

  • As far as quirks go, May loves to sight-see and loves to try new food. She keeps travel guides and prints out directions to restaurants she heard about, even calling herself basically a food critic in an AG episode. She’s def the type to like hole-in-the-wall places. However, it’s really easy to exaggerate how obsessed she is with food, so I wouldn’t put too much focus on it, and just have it be shown naturally. She does however lose her temper if someone comes in between her and food she wants to try.
  • It’s also easy to make May pretty whiny/get tired easily because that’s how she was at the start of the series. She matures a lot by the end; we never see her complain about walking or whine about how much longer to the next place. She’s learned to love Pokemon and traveling, so she’s grown from this side of her.
  • May can be a bit airy and dense, but she’s not super clumsy and she’s not stupid. She can just be a little careless and forgetful, but she’s shown to be extremely perceptive and creative in battle, many times able to think quickly on her feet and come up with good strategy.
  • Which brings me to my next thing: May is a good battler. She was able to beat Drew and was able to tie with Ash, and she’s proved she knows what she’s doing and has really adapted well to the battle scene. Her skills shouldn’t be undermined, and she’s not worse than Drew–in fact, she’s able to surpass him.
  • May is a self-proclaimed romantic. Many times in AG, she gets involved or comments on people’s love lives (the Volbeat episode, the Trapinch epsiode, Donphan, time travel episode, etc.) Despite this, she seems to be a little unaware of her own feelings (she didn’t realize she could like Drew until Briana brought it up to her).
  • May’s expeditions! A cute little quirk she has, it seems she does it a lot when she’s in bad situations as a way to make light of the situation or cheer herself up (when she was lost on an island, the Donphan, Misty’s capture).
  • She loves to shop, and considers herself a “city girl”.
  • May has a quick temper, and does not get down easily. When she’s poked fun at, she gets fired up immediately, quick to snap back. When she loses or falls, she bounces back quickly. She’s not the type to overthink something, and is the type to always look forward (unless it’s something she seriously needs to contemplate such as her own battle style at the end of AG).
  • May is a little naive. She’s a forgiving person and thinks well of people (she forgave Harley twice and wasn’t suspecting of him even after what he did). When Harley basically showed he wasn’t changing, though, she stopped giving him the benefit of the doubt, and she sasses right back at him when he pokes fun at her. She’s also not the type to hold grudges, like when she and Drew fought and she put her focus on the battle the next day.
  • May is super emotionally strong. She has her heart on her sleeve, but that doesn’t make her weak: she’s just open and willing to show her emotions and accept that they’re there. When Manaphy left, she said out loud that she wasn’t okay, but that she will be.
  • And going off on that, May loves helping people. She gets involved in a lot of people’s shit, and isn’t afraid to scold strangers if she thinks they’re doing something wrong. She’s the type who would be good to go to if you had a problem.

Once again, some more sketches that are destined to be colored. I actually have Octavia in the works as well, but I couldn’t get her the way I wanted to so I decided to post her later when I’ve fixed it. o3o

But, in the meantime, here is Vinyl Scratch and Big McIntosh! c: A bit of headcanon for them, as usual:

Vinyl Scratch is actually gonna be a little more furry than she is here. I kinda see her as a pony who’s pretty scruffy, has very light bags under her eyes (thinkin’ she’s a bit of an insomniac, or at least gets less sleep than she should), and a little knick in her ear. When I look at Vinyl Scratch I see an artist at heart, who’s extremely passionate about music of all forms, especially dubstep and remixes. She’s relatively laid back, and it’s hard to get under her skin, but if you ask her about anything music related be prepared to have a very animated and enthusiastic Vinyl on your hands. She actually has that little quirk many artists have, the type that usually keeps one up late at night simply because inspiration decided to pay a visit. She’s the roommate and best friend/girlfriend (whichever you prefer; I like either one) of Octavia, whom she gets along with better than what folks think, especially due to their equal love for music.

And then we have ourselves Big Mac. I kinda-sorta mirrored or based this sketch off of the one of Applejack, if only because to show how much they look like each other. Like AJ, he gets his size from his massive father, however he actually looks a little more like his mother, as well as having a bit of her personality mixed with his father. Regardless of how intimidating his size makes him, he’s a huge softy. Soft spoken, rarely speaks unless needed, he often communicates with his trademark “Eeyup” and “Nnope”, paired with facial expressions and tone of voice (it’s usually enough to get his point across). You guys already knew that though. xD Now, like AJ, Big Mac has some scars adorning his body, from defending the farm or his shipments when delivering an order. His size and deep voice is usually enough to scare away most of those who intend harm, but it doesn’t always work. o3o


Like the sketches before these two, they will be available to bid for a little later. :3  Until then, feel free to ask any questions you may have, and thanks again for taking a look. ^.^


I cat sit for Ophelia and she has the cutest little quirk where she will nurse on her leg or even thin air when she’s happy. She’s pretty much happy all the time. Ophelia is awesome and should be admired and loved by all.

(submitted by thesoundofonebrainthinking)


“So Ashton earlier you mentioned your girlfriend. Care to talk about her?”

“I mean there isn’t a lot I can say about her other than the fact I think she’s perfect.”

“I mean she has her little quirks, but doesn’t everyone? I mean they help make her the beautiful girl I love.”

“Do you plan on getting married in the near future?”

“Not the near future. Like we both want to get married, and to each other at that. But we’re both busy and we can’t really find the time to think of that.”

“But one thing for sure is that I’m not letting that girl go. She means to much to me and I couldn’t lose her.”

somewhereapart  asked:

Outlaw Queen. Naturally.

  • who wakes the other one up with kisses

Sweet kisses—Robin, because he likes Regina to wake to his lips on her forehead or her shoulder, loves the sleepy smile he always gets for it. 

Life as single parents and in their respective jobs has made both of them habitual early risers, but while Robin can evade the pull of wakefulness on a lazy day, cozy in bed with Regina; she cannot. Sometimes, on Saturday mornings, when the boys are certain to be sleeping until 10 or 11, and Robin was hoping to do the same, Regina trails kisses down his stomach, and he wakes to her crawling over his body for a passionate kiss on the mouth, and if he spends the hour between 7 and 8 decidedly not asleep, well, he never complains.

  • who cooks for who

Regina at first, because let’s be honest, a thief on the run in the forest is probably not a brilliant chef with the cooking equipment of this world. He has Henry teach him, though, and eventually he becomes the go-to guy for weekend waffles and omelette, and even cooks a pretty decent dinner for date night.

  • who is the morning person/night person

Both have always risen early, but while this is Regina’s habit and preference, Robin would sleep late every day if he could, and is really a night person. This makes him frequently grouchy about getting out of their very comfy bed. Regina grouses about it to him, but really she smirks whenever it happens, because it’s not just that he doesn’t want to get out of bed—he doesn’t want to leave her arms or let her leave his.

  • who is the romantic one

As far as gestures, definitely Robin—sweet, simple things like little love notes under her pillow before he leaves for work and flowers delivered to her office in the middle of the afternoon for no particular reason. As for the person who is the romantic, I’d have to say Regina. She is, after all, the one who has, deep down, always believed that true love is the most powerful magic of all, because it creates happiness, and has always wanted love above everything else.

  • who is the top when it comes to sex

I think it depends. I have this weird head canon that they’re always tacitly arguing about this, trying to get the upper hand, just as they do when they’re arguing flirting verbally, and that nothing in bed pleases either of them more than having the other so hazy with pleasure that the thought that they are not on top escapes them.

  • who would lead in ballroom dancing

Regina. I’m sure Robin has danced before, but she’s the one who knows it well and dances incredibly gracefully. Although, to be fair, dancing gracefully in classical ballroom dancing means letting the man lead. It’s not their favorite, though. Court-related activities don’t bring up great memories for either of them.

  • who is the more cuddly one

During the day, Robin. He’s kind of clingy, always holding hands with Regina or tangling fingers in her hair as they talk or embracing her in greeting. He’s free with his affection in a way that she is slowly learning to be, and even though she occasionally rolls her eyes at him when he insists on an arm around her waist in their booth at Granny’s, it’s one of her favorite things.

In private, at night, in bed, Regina is the one to initiate cuddling, to curl up beside him with her head on his shoulder and wrap her arms around his waist, tightly, as if he might leave if she were to let go. He kisses the top of her head and buries a hand in her hair, sighs as he settles back on the pillows, because, of course, he’s not going anywhere. Her “side” of the bed sees very little use. 

  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch

Henry, or perhaps Roland. Movies aren’t really a favorite pastime for either of them, unless it’s because their children wish to watch. They enjoy watching Henry and Roland enjoy films more than they enjoy watching the film itself.

  • who is the one who would pay for dates

Regina. Does Robin even have money at first? Anyway, no thief is taking the Queen to dinner and paying for her. 

  • who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes work

Both of them have the habit of occasionally showing up at each others’ places of work on a slow day, Robin with a grin and teeth digging into his bottom lip, Regina with a seductive smirk and quirked eyebrow, although it’s a little easier at Regina’s because she has her office to herself, and nobody dares enter without knocking. They’re also both rather fond of the couch and rug in front of her fireplace.