little purple monster

Pony a Day 2: Day 45 

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I tried to include as many different items from my collection as possible to maximize the 80s toy pastel aesthetic, as well as at least one pony from each generation! 


And I’m back again ! I had to give purple another try !

wanna see how i got this color?

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has this been done yet? 

//im sorry for the really crappy doodle like drawings, its late so i didnt have timeto put effort in them//

//btw the one with peridots space ship, i drew the earth. the galaxy background DOESNT belong to me and ISNT my artwork//

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Is Ursula really the Villian? She looks so innocent she only lives to serve her fellow sea creatures. She is done and I absolutely Love how she came out. I don’t really like Ariel but i found her in my sister toys so I guess she’s hanging out with Ursula for now. Now I need to find a shell necklace and some earrings and she’ll be complete. 😃

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