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Pony a Day 2: Day 45 

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I tried to include as many different items from my collection as possible to maximize the 80s toy pastel aesthetic, as well as at least one pony from each generation! 

Hamilton Act Two

  • When Thomas Jefferson walks on stage, Harry and Uma SCREAM.
  • Then Madison comes in coughing, and Harry nearly faints.
  • “WHY” he whines into Uma’s shoulder. Uma pets his hair. “I know baby, I know.” “HE WAS SO AWESOME”
  • The Cabinet Battle just solidifies their hatred of Jefferson, and Uma mutters, “I just figured out who he reminds me of. Mal.” Harry just says blithely, “Now, that’s not fair darling, this man’s a much better rapper than Mal.”
  • There’s a lot of speechlessness and flailing when Hamilton continuously roasts Jefferson.
  • “His son is LAURENS?!”
  • “Is this the old-person version of sexting? Commas?”
  • “He was basically promised a THREESOME, why didn’t he go?”
  • “Peggy? What happened to you?”
  • Both: “No. No. No. No. No.”
  • “I appreciate the blackmail, but - no, you don’t sleep with her after finding that shit out! Have some dignity!”
  • Uma cannot take her eyes off of Burr as he sings about wanting to be in the room where it happens, and oh hell, this is what she sounded like when she talked about Auradon on the Isle, didn’t she?
  • “Holy fuck, Burr has ambitions.”
  • Harry is really amused by how Jefferson’s insults are mainly focused on Hamilton’s clothing and lack of class. “Bloody hell, he really is like that little purple monster.”
  • Uma: “Southern motherfucking Democratic-Republicans is the new name for the crew.”
  • Harry: “Who the fuck is John Adams?”
  • Later on: “Never mind, he’s a fat motherfucker, I get it.”
  • “Wait, what do they know?”
  • “Fuckfuckfuckfuck, don’t just TELL them that you dumbass-”
  • “-Burr’s gonna blab, I can tell, he looks so fucking shady-”
  • Uma freezes in her seat when Hamilton sings, “I looked up and the town had its eyes on me,” and for a moment, she remembers the chaos that rocked the Isle after Mal and Co. had left and the power vacuum that had emerged.
  • Hamilton’s voice breaks at the line, “I couldn’t seem to die,” and no, she is not thinking about how she was the only one who didn’t die, the one who had still managed to keep breathing, and all she can do is stare blankly at the stage.
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet seems to come through a haze, and at first, she doesn’t get what’s going on but when she does, she becomes livid.
  • “You dumbass son of a bitch, none of that was a good enough reason to give up your reputation-”
  • Harry just stares at her while she rants about how Angelica should’ve punched him in the face.
  • As Eliza’s voice rises and falls through Burn, and the letters are burning in the dying embers, Uma looks over at Harry and reminds herself not to ever take him for granted, because she doesn’t know what she would do without him some days.
  • Harry: “I too, one day hope to suggest a threesome and start a duel in the same hour.”
  • Uma: “This is a stupid plan,”
  • As the drumbeats echo throughout the theatre, her heart is in her throat, because instead of Philip, she sees her brothers and sisters dying in their beds while she could only watch and her mother screamed at the doctor to do something, anything - And then Eliza screams and her own tears start to fall.
  • It isn’t until the line “Forgiveness. Can you imagine,” that she starts sobbing though because it’s one thing to have your mother say that she’ll never forgive you for living when everyone else died, but it’s another thing entirely to realize she really never will. Harry wraps his arms around her, and even his eyes are overbright in the glow off of the stage.
  • She doesn’t move her head from Harry’s shoulder until Jefferson and Madison chorus, “It might be nice, to have Hamilton on your side!”
  • “I have never agreed with Jefferson once, we have fought on like 75 different fronts. But when all is said and all is done: Jefferson has beliefs, Burr has none.”
  • Harry and Uma are stunned silent for a moment, but then Harry says quietly, “Did not expect that.”
  • “Remind you of anyone?” Uma murmurs, as Burr’s tone grows colder with Hamilton’s continued refusal to apologize. Harry gives her a ghost of a grin. “You would be the type to keep a record of all disagreements,” and Uma hums in agreement and then rolls her eyes when they decide to duel.
  • Harry: “Just go to sleep, ya damn idiot.”
  • Uma: “Damn straight, best of wives and women.”
  • They have never paid more attention to anything in their entire lives than when Burr’s voice is rising and the gun goes off.
  • Funnily enough, Hamilton’s inner voice as he chants “I’m running out of time, I’m running and my times up! Wise up! Eyes up!” sounds exactly like the manic voice inside Harry, in the way that it’s not funny, just scary.
  • As Alexander sees Eliza and reaches out for her, Harry steals a glance at Uma and she looks back at him - “My love, take your time. I’ll see you on the other side.”
  • “WAIT!”
  • Burr’s cry jars them and they both turn to the stage to see Hamilton fall.
  • Uma covers her mouth and Harry’s muscles all lock up as Burr sings about how history painted him in all of his mistakes and about how death doesn’t discriminate. They’re both seeing their parents; Ursula, forever spitefully glorious despite her grief and Hook, filled with a menacing melancholy.
  • When Eliza walks on stage, Uma actually lets out a gasp, and as she sings about how she preserved Hamilton’s legacy, there is a warm feeling engulfing her, and she would be lying if she said that several tears didn’t fall when she learned about the orphanage.
  • As Eliza gasps when she sees the crowd, Uma feels a smile break across her face because now she feels like she understands everything a little better, and it feels amazing.
  • End
  • (Later on, Ben texts her: how was it?)
  • (She sends back: okay)
  • (Next to her, Harry yells, “HOW MUCH FOR TICKETS?”)

Is Ursula really the Villian? She looks so innocent she only lives to serve her fellow sea creatures. She is done and I absolutely Love how she came out. I don’t really like Ariel but i found her in my sister toys so I guess she’s hanging out with Ursula for now. Now I need to find a shell necklace and some earrings and she’ll be complete. 😃

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//im sorry for the really crappy doodle like drawings, its late so i didnt have timeto put effort in them//

//btw the one with peridots space ship, i drew the earth. the galaxy background DOESNT belong to me and ISNT my artwork//

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