little puppy paws

The Hounds of Ashkentville | Noah & Rebecca

Standing there the cold of the night stinging his bare feet Noah shoved his hands in his pocket trying to keep himself warm. He really should have put on shoes and a sweater before coming out with Haukea’s evening potty break, but then again hindsight is always 20/20. Especially where a puppy was concerned. It was a lot of work after all caring for this new little creature but looking down at her, with her little brown eyes so full of love for him, yea Noah wouldn’t have it anyway. 

Watching her bark slightly in the light off the garage he just chuckled. “You can do it ” Noah cooed smiling at his little puppy as she pawed at the day old snow “Just pretend its grass or something ya dingus” he added pulling out his phone to give her a little privacy. She was still new at this whole thing after all and he figured it wouldn’t do well to give her a pooping complex or something. 

Laughing at himself for even thinking of that Noah flicked through his messages werewolf ears pricked for his puppy noises. Though even with his ears at the ready Noah almost didn’t hear it, the faint shuffling and the drifting noises of his puppy not exactly loud enough to catch his attention.  

“Kea puppy!” Noah called out into the darkness as he looked up, scanning the driveway for his little pupper. His eyes though found nothing as the sound of a small yelp filled the air.“Kea?” Noah called out in alarm, reflexes taught as he scanned the driveway for his little, wolf ears not alert. Hearing his puppy cry out again Noah leapt off his porch bounding down the driveway towards the sounds of his dog, the rustling in the distance becoming ominous with every step he took. 


Imagine falling asleep on the couch in your living room one night, and waking up a few hours later to something wet on your nose. Dazed and confused, you try to push it away only to come in contact with your boyfriend Calum’s jaw line.

Sitting up, you rub your eyes, which still don’t fully open.

“Did you just fucking lick my nose?” You question, rubbing a hand over your face.

“No, Sweet Pea did.” He giggles, the sound making a small smile curl onto your lips for a second before a frown replaces it.

“Who is Sweet Pea?” You ask, finally opening your eyes and coming face to face with a tiny puppy, no older than a month old. “Did you seriously buy a dog Calum?”

“Can we keep her? Please, look at her face and her little paws and puppy dog eyes, you can’t say no to this face,” He pleads, holding the small creature in front of his own face with a grin as the puppy’s tongue hangs out slightly.

You try to keep a straight face, but the mix between Calum’s and the puppy’s innocent little eyes, your heart melts making you grab the small furry thing and cuddling it to your chest.

“She can stay, but you’re sleeping on the couch tonight,” You reply with a grin, standing up and heading off to the bedroom as you coo at your new best friend.