little puppy :'))

Look at these vicious, violent hounds

One of my customers is an older lady whose husband never wanted a “small inside dog”, but after he died she got a fluffy little Shi Tzu puppy named Sophie.
Sophie is just over a year old now, and her owner always has the best questions. Every time she comes in.

- Do all Shi Tzus sniff stuff all the time?

- Do all Shi Tzus yawn?

- Do all Shi Tzus whine?

- Do all Shi Tzus have watery eyes like that?

- Whats that piece of hair sticking up on her face? (It was…just…a piece if disheveled hair??)

- Do all Shi Tzus nails grow that fast?

- Do all Shi Tzus like to cuddle?

- Do you think all Shi Tzus have a favorite color? Because she just loves pink

- Do all Shi Tzus lick people?

The way she words things makes it seem like she thinks every little behavior is either VERY breed specific, or a much bigger problem than it actually is lol


sorry but it will be really hard for season 9 to top this iconic adorable moment