little plushie

I had a silly question. This is the kitty plush from your Halloween set. I wanted to replace the fluff with rice to give it more a weighted feel, and I was wondering if you knew whether the material was microwave safe? If so it can also double as a heat pad for my migraines, and I didn’t want to risk it since it’s such a cool, cute little plushie. If you don’t know that’s okay, but maybe you can tell me what the material is (I took off the tag when de-stuffing it)? Then I can do some of my own googling. Anyway, thanks so much for your help and stuff! I hope it’s not too strange of a question. (PS Thank for the rest of my Halloween Stims I love them all) ❤❤❤



THANK YOU SO MUCH @alainaprana and @little-noko for these amazing gifts!!! The poster, the dolls (Cross, Fresh and Nomura :’D) The Slayers buttons and the beautiful charms!!

This is a trade we did for the pokemon tabletop animation I made for The Loading Crew. I think this is so much for me but I really love this a lot AaaAAAAAAA I have no words to express my feelings right now TTwTT

I’m actually crying because this is so beautiful, and I’m so glad to meet such talented people that also trust me and my work.

Always at your service, Alaina.
And Noko, aaaAAAVDHSGFKF thanks again for the poster :’D

Me: TIME TO ENJOY SOME LITTLE TIME! Gonna watch cartoons and Disney movies. Gonna colour and play with my stuffies! ITS GONNA BE SOOOO FUN!

Also me: *Does none of the aforementioned little activities and just scrolls through tumblr*

Don’t forget…the void really cares about you…

The Void is shaped like a friend.

Yaaay, made this silly thing as a quick project because I had the sads™. Based off of @petite-pumpkin‘s drawing of a Gaster plush because I had to have one.