little plushie

  • Little: *Planning on ordering a second stuffed alpacasso* Are we going to buy you a girlfriend? *Nods stuffie alpacasso head*
  • Little: Are you going to love your girlfriend? *Nods stuffie alpacasso head*
  • Little: Are you going to mar-
  • Mummy: -Are you going to have little Alpacasso babies with your girlfriend?

Don’t forget…the void really cares about you…

The Void is shaped like a friend.

Yaaay, made this silly thing as a quick project because I had the sads™. Based off of @petite-pumpkin‘s drawing of a Gaster plush because I had to have one.


Day one of Toronto Comic Con

Hello all! Late post as we just got back.

Day started early at 8am with breakfast! After packing the van we made our way to the Metro Convention Center before 11am to unload and setup. Day went by so quickly I didn’t vlog but managed to capture some photos of the booth 😊

Maybe if I get a chance I’ll get some video clips to put on YouTube!

Time to prepare inventory for tomorrow!

BTS reaction to them seeing you sleeping with a stuffed animal they got you


Jin would be extremely happy. He got you a nice, fluffy, light pink bear. He wasn’t exactly sure if you would like it, so when he saw you cuddling it, he would have a smile 1000 miles wide. He took a picture or two before he couldn’t take it any more “I’m so glad you like it. I’ll be sure to get you more in the future, cutie.” He’d whisper to himself before tucking you in more.

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Yoongi would be extremely flustered by how much you liked his simple gift. He got you a cute Kumamon since you both loved the cute brown bear. He knew it would make you smile so he couldn’t resist getting it for you. He found you asleep on the couch waiting for him to get home from practice. “Aw… at least you can cuddle him while you’re waiting for me.”

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He would be extremely happy and excited! He would get you a nice little cat plushy. He would come back from the store to find you asleep while watching the tv. He would squeak a bit, take a few pictures of how cute you were and plop down next to you. “Wakey wakey, baby girl! I see you like the kitty I got you! What if I said I got you another one?” Hobi would grin pulling out another stuffed animal just to spoil you.

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He would just have a wide smile looking at you sleeping with the Ryan he got you in his arms. You would always steal his so he got you a big Ryan bear to cuddle with when he couldn’t be around. You were laying in the middle of the floor, having fell asleep on whatever you were working on. Namjoon would scoop you up, lay you in bed and kiss your forehead. “You’re so precious. I just love you, babe” he’d lay the bear beside you and wait for you to wake up.

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Jimin bought you so many stuffed animals you couldn’t ever pick which one to snuggle with. Jimin just loved to spoil you with anything you could ever ask for. You picked up a teddy bear, a tiger, and a little dolphin. He came in with a big smile. “Hey! Jagi!!” He’d say, as he burst into the room. Jimin realized you were asleep and noticed all the stuffed toys in your arms. “Aw…. you’re so cute!!!!” He smiled happily at you happily.

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Tae would also spoil you with so many gifts. Clothes, shoes, stuffed animals, flowers. You name it, he’ll get it for you. He came in to see you snuggling with a soft velvet looking horse. He would laugh and take as many pictures of you as he could before you woke up. “Ahhhhh!!! You’re so cute! Go back to bed so I can get more cute pictures!”

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Jungkook would just glance at you without realizing you had the black bunny he got you when you two started dating in your arms. He looked at you again, and ran his hands through your hair slowly. When he sees the bunny in your arms, he would smile so wide with a little blush. “You like that bunny a lot, don’t you, sweetie? That makes me really happy.”

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a few of the things in my room that make me happy and fill the empty void in my heart
(ूʚ̴̶̷́ .̮ ʚ̴̶̷̥̀ू) ♡*:゚*。⋆ฺ