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three stages of fangirling over ginny baker (insp)


Kaner came up to me and said, ‘you had two tonight?’ And I said yeah, and he goes, ‘all right, I’m gonna get it to you’, and he did.” - Ryan Hartman, 1st career hat trick 

i really want viktor and yuuri to adopt a child and, of course, they put the kid on the ice basically as soon as it can walk, hoping maybe their child will inherit their fathers’ love for the ice.

this plan works perfectly, but instead of wanting to be an ice skater, the kid ends up being the most bRUTAL LITTLE HOCKEY PLAYER.

Everyone in the sin bin

So last night at the Stars game, Smith (the Coyotes’ goalie) decided to literally try to fight everyone and the ref had to physically sit on him at one point to get him to stop. Not that it helped. Literally everyone on the Stars/Coyotes line got a penalty except Lehtonen who was across the ice in his net like…should i be over there?

Anyway after my SO and i spent an hour thinking of all the reasons why it happened (because before that Segs literally chased a guy down to shove him, and Hudler broke his stick in half on the wall, so clearly they were furious about something)…

Naturally i was inspired for a Zimbits. A while ago i wrote a little ref!Bitty/player!Jack hc so imagine…

Jack and Bitty are together. And out. Like that one ref, maybe Bitty was the first out NHL ref. It’s been a few months and mostly it’s fine.

Only the Falconers are playing a scrappy team, and it’s a rough game and Bitty makes a call against the opposing team. Which…they’re not happy about.

But it’s a fair call and everything is fine until Jack overhears a player sling an ugly slur at Bitty.

And he just…comes unglued.

He’s crouched over for the face-off but before the puck drops he’s back up, gloves off, and just punches the guy.

Bitty, of course, has to intervene and Jack is a big guy so he manages to get him on the ground and sits on him and bends down like… “Jack, don’t.”

“Bits, he called you…”

“I heard him. Just forget it, it’s fine. I’m a ref, I’ve been called worse. You used to hate me, remember?”

Jack starts to calm down and Bitty gets off him and knows he’s gotta throw Jack in the sin bin.

Both teams are calm and they’re crowded round Jack and making sure it’s all good. But the guy skates past and more slurs, this time about Jack AND Bitty come out.

And the whole team just…

Gloves are gone, fists are flying. Marty and Jack are shouting in French. Tater’s Russian swears are terrifying and brilliant. Poots is just hissing. Snowy’s using the bulk of his pads for leverage, and his insults are creative as hell.

Bitty’s angry at the guy, and impressed with the Falconers’ support, and a little tired already because he and the other refs and linesman aren’t super effective right now and holy shit but every one on the ice right now is going to be getting a penalty.

Eventually things get calm. They DO all get penalties, but the game is going to be reviewed later. Jack is off the ice and trying to calm down, and Bitty does what he can to smile at him.

In the end, the Falconers win 4-2, but the victory feels hollow.

Except as they’re head-booping Snowy, they also pass by Bitty and clap him on the shoulder and tell him what a good job he did.

Later Bitty watches press, watches Marty take the mic and go on a long lecture about tolerance and how “this is not the game we’re playing, and we supported Bittle when he came out, and we support him and Jack now.”

They question Marty about whether or not they think Bitty makes unfair calls, and he just laughs and goes, “is no one paying attention to our penalty record?” Because Bits is nothing if not fair.

But right now he doesn’t care MUCH, because he’s sat on the sofa with Jack, helping him ice a few bruises.

Jack has his fingers in Bitty’s hair, stroking softly. Every so often he presses an idle kiss to Bitty’s neck. They exist, easy as they ever have with anyone.

“Thank you,” Bitty says a little while later. “No one’s ever really stood up for me like that.”

Jack twists in Bitty’s arms and looks…kind of intense. He doesn’t say anything straight away. Just looks. Then drags his lips along the cut of Bitty’s jaw. Then, so soft, almost a whisper, he says, “We’re a team, bud. I’ve got your back. Always.”

Bitty laughs. “I know. Just…don’t make me sit on you again.”

Jack all-but howls in laughter, burying his face in Bitty’s chest. “That was pretty effective, Bits.”

Bitty rolls his eyes and brushes his hands through Jack’s hair. “I love you.”

Jack pulls back, smiling soft, eyes bright. “I love you too, Eric.”

He cups Bitty’s face, and they kiss again.

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Sorry to vent at you, but I'm rewatching this episode and I just got to the half elves argument and Vax just saying that Vex is obviously in love with Percy made me so uncomfortable. I'm dating a very cool human right now who I love very much, but due to circumstances I'm not comfortable telling anyone I'm related to that I'm dating them, because that would lead to a family queer religious shitshow. And then Vax just goes and outs Perc'ahlia without Vex's consent and I'm So Uncomfortable Why Vax

Yeah I noticed that too and I have a couple of thoughts

First off, Vax wears all of his emotions on his sleeve. Everything he told the girls in that room, there was nothing new, y’know? Vax is brutally open and honest and tends to expect the same thing from everyone else which becomes a point of issue in his argument with Scanlan but that’s another post so he doesn’t filter stuff, whether he’s talking about himself or other people

he’s also clearly got expectations about Percy and Vex’s relationship––his assumption she’d stay in Whitestone shows that. Vax has a sort of fairytale view of the world; you meet the person you love and you stay with them (or you don’t, but that means you didn’t love them, like his mother and Syldor). Which is why he’s honest with Gilmore, I think––because he does love Gil, but he’s also a complicated mess and at the end of the day wants to make sure Gilmore knows where he stands, much as that hurts. But he projects that same sort of brutal honesty onto Vex, who is far subtler and more methodical about her life choices, which puts them in conflict

and to get into the meta aspect, I think this is one of those cases where sitting at the table comes back to bite them, because like Marisha/Keyleth halfway alluded to, the split between what the players and the characters know is pretty wide and that gets glossed over sometimes? not to the point of metagaming, but to the point that they have to actively ignore what they know, which makes RP hard. (I also think, tbh, the fandom has something to do with this––perc’ahlia has been so prevalent for so long that it’s hard to remember they only got together like, a week ago in-game; there are expectations on them that don’t really line up with canon)

but Vax and Vex have been shifting away from each other for a while now, in terms of how they deal with the major issues of their lives and where they see themselves in the future, and I think that despite the similarity of their response to Scanlan’s exit, this is the sort of thing that’ll drive them further apart, and Vax’s attempt to air the secrets between them is part of that

Playing through Sonic 3 and this has got to be perhaps the worst boss design Eggman has ever made. xD

He really didn’t think this one through. And it’s not like the boss changes phases or anything. Eggman is just sitting in there taking in all the hits like, “Well, I’m sure ONE of those bombs will hit Sonic and his friend… eventually.”