little planet projection

Little Planet Astro Camp : Day and night on this little planet look a lot like day and night on planet Earth. In fact, the images used to construct the little planet projection, a digitally warped and stitched mosaic covering 360x180 degrees, were taken during day and night near Tarjn, Hungary, planet Earth. They span a successful 33-hour-long photo experiment at Julys Hungarian Astronomical Association Astro Camp. The time-series composite follows the solar disk in 20 minute intervals from sunrise to sunset and over six hours of star trails in the northern night sky centered on the North Celestial Pole near bright star Polaris. The orbiting International Space Station traced the offset arc across the northern night. Below the little planets nightside horizon, red light lamps of fellow astro-campers left the night-long, dancing trails. via NASA

So, there's this scene in the DotPotA novelization that I just LOVE...

…And it has to do with THIS scene from the movie that I just love:


I find that the way the novel dealt with this scene was much better and way more heartbreaking, though. 

I’m thinking that I should give you guys excerpts, comparisons, and all that other good stuff from the novelizations, heheh.

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