little phantom things

if you don’t think dan and phil sing “little things” by one direction to each other then you’re wrong and i hate you


Introducing himself as Phantom, the gems assume his full name is ‘Phantom Quartz’. His ability to phase through things and turn invisible doesn’t surprise them, with that kind of Gem. 

(He’s not a gem, tho, they just assume)

They see his ghostly tail as instability in his projected humanoid form, or a display of something wrong in his sense of self.

They switch pronouns after he corrects them once (uh, I’m a dude) because they’re all gems and therefore genderless, but presenting masculine is uncommon but not unheard of. 

Meanwhile Steven is STOKED because he’s never met a dude gem before! And he’s the same kind of Gem as his mom! 

Danny’s not sure about this whole ‘Fusion’ thing, but he definitely dislikes Pearl’s attitude. 

Little Fires

1: I am the fly,

2: underneath their magnifying glass.


WHEN I WAS SEVEN YEARS OLD, my mom would take me to the Ops Center and teach me about the universe. Being a speck in an infinite cosmos is humbling. It drew me back night after night— propping my window open, even in the cold, so I could watch those balls of light spin eons away. For Jazz’s fifteenth birthday, our family went to Florida and, standing on the white sand beaches of Miami facing the ocean for the first time in my life, I had felt just as insignificant. The Atlantic Ocean had smelled like salt, sunscreen, and happy people.

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DP Nostalgia with Non-Phans

One of my favorite things in the world is when you mention Danny Phantom in real life to a person not in the Phandom and every single time a person’s face lights up. Every. Single. Time. I’ve literally causally brought the show up and a group of people stopped talking, perked up, smiled, and started talking about the show in excited little comments with me. It’s so awesome. 

Plus these comments:

“I remember that show! It was so good!”

“I had a crush on Danny when I was a kid.”

“Man, that was my show!”

“Oh! I remember that! That was my childhood!”

“They don’t make shows like that anymore.”

“One of many cartoons canceled before its time.”

I just…. Danny Phantom caused a big reaction even in non major phans years later. It still makes people smile, even if casually mentioned. I’m not ashamed to say I like the show because of reactions like these. I wanted to point this out because it made me happy and wanted to share with others. 

Danny Phantom brings nostalgia, and honestly, it makes me very happy. 

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Headcanon that ghost powers take a lot out of halfas, so they need to eat like twice as much as normal humans to sustain their powers at full strength


Danny is the (capital w) Worst to road trip with. He stops the car twice as often to fill up on fast food and junk snacks, and for some reason takes three times as many bathroom breaks.

Vlad secretly carries those babybel cheeses in his coat pocket because he’s hungry all. the. time.

And don’t even get me crying about Danielle, who has an existential crisis over stealing apples and she has to eat more than most people –

Am I the only one who thinks that Jazz does some of Danny’s homework to help him out since he’s always ghost fighting and she’s always done with hers anyways?

Like he comes home after a ghost fight, got yelled at for missing curfew, then comes to his room to find completed homework. And then even though he immediately collapses on the bed to sleep, he makes a mental note to thank Jazz.

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Tadashi and Danny cuddling.



good nerds

my science babies! look how cute they are! tadashi would so be a cuddler and Danny totally would not mind at all.

Headcanon: Halfa and Robbers

This is just some headcanon where robbers never tried to steal stuff in the Fenton Works because of some ghost scaring the shit out of everyone in it(= Danny).During one night,some buglar stole a mini replica of Apollo 11 and Danny wasn’t happy AT ALL!

The buglar got some “scary eyes” with intangibility as a sign of Danny’s anger. Since this,no robbers never came back and the mini replica is still at Danny’s room

The same thing also happens with Vlad too!