little paper cities

anonymous asked:

I want to provide my leos with more activities ans stimulation in their tubs - do you happen to have and/or know of any easy DIY enrichment ideas? (:

You bet I do! 

Toilet paper and paper towel tubes are probably the easiest and cheapest form of enrichment.  Just throw them in the tub.  Leos really seem to enjoy (please understand that I’m using the closest human term for their activities) trying to climb on top of them and rolling them around.  Other leos—-like my Firefly—-use them as hides.

Fake plants form valuable shelter and really novel climbing experiences.  You can even use really cheap ones from craft stores (just make sure they don’t have perfume or glitter on them). 

Speaking of craft stores, you can also pick up some fabric while you’re there.  Different types of fabric can provide different sensations for leopard geckos to explore.  Perhaps you’ll even learn that your lizard prefers sleeping on soft fleece!  You can even make little hammocks from it!  Most leos really appreciate having a hammock to hang out in during hot summer months.

Wood is another valuable enrichment tool.  I prefer grapewood because of the nice shapes it makes and it holds up really well. 

Perhaps my favorite enrichment is using a feeding bin.  I like making little paper cities, putting the bugs in the bin, and then letting the gecko hunt for their meals.

use these ideas carefully and watch for signs of stress in your geck. Some geckos may not be as entertained as others and may even find drastic changes to their home very scary. Know your gecko and have fun!