little orphan scootaloo

Little Orphan Scootaloo || Annie AU || partyponypinkiepie & scoota-l-o-o

    {{♫ ♪}} Pinkie was excited.

She was currently sat in a large carriage, which was being pulled to the large downtown foal orphanage for fillies. Her family, one of the richest families in all of Equestria, save for the royals, were planning to adopt an orphan for a week or so. Of course, for her parents it was all about their image, but Pinkie thought it was the best idea she’d ever heard.

She loved her sisters, she did, but they lacked her.. energy. They were much more serious than her, and she was closest to Maud, who had just left home. Her younger sisters mostly stuck together, so Pinkie often felt a little lonely. But now, she was allowed to choose an orphan to take home with them!

She just hoped she didn’t cave and try to adopt them all. That wouldn’t work out well.

Hopping out of the carriage, Pinkie beamed widely at the curious crowd who had come to see what was happening, and bounced over towards the front door of the orphanage, which she knocked upon with her hoof. 


I don’t keep this Tumblr as active as others do, and I am sure you all know that.  But if you get tired of waiting for me, go check out other blogs like, .

So to thank them for their kindness the past few months, we have a few “Little Orphan Scootaloo’s.”  One that is kinda sad, the other adds some hope.  Here’s their blog, which always seems to have new updates.

anonymous asked:

I agree with you about Banana Pie, it annoys me that the blog is so popular, yet all they do is ask for free art indirectly in the form of an ask.

While askbananapie is the one I was specifically taking about, some others are scootaebola (Now scootaflu ) and little orphan scootaloo but I haven’t heard much of them in a while and banana pie was on my dash doing that shitty “Gives you banana” ask to someone I follow. Twice. To the same person.