little orphan annie

last annie doodle of the yeeear probably. I’m still so, so happy the new Annie exists, please go see it and spread the word, it’s a GREAT musical and update, and kids especially will enjoy it. When I went to see it kids were dancing as the credits rolled.

If you don’t like the new Annie because “it’s too different”, I urge you to see it anyway regardless. You’re still supporting the franchise by going to see it! And yes it’s different, yes the music isn’t all the same, but what would be the point of a MODERN update if it were the same? Toss nostalgia out the window and go embrace this gem, let the theaters know it’s adored, and pave the way for even more wonderful remakes for future gens.

i just got home from seeing Annie and had to scribble something before bed so apologies for the messiness! ANNIE 2014 IS SOOOO GOOD YOU GUYS. I went in only expecting something generally cute and well, musical, because hey remakes! BUT NO. NOOOOO. This is a VERY well done update. I went and read some reviews and I don’t understand how anyone could hate it? DO THEY HATE JOY??  I THINK THEY HATE JOY.

And to anyone worried about the ~music being autotune~ spoilers: it’s not. There’s maybe ONE TINY BIT at the very beginning, but the rest of the time it’s nothing but the actors giving it their all. And let me tell you, man does Jamie Foxx hit it. VELVET VOICE. I also haven’t laughed this hard at a musical in a LONG TIME. Every character’s udpate is very well done, and you’re going to fall in love all over again.

So go give Annie 2014 some love, screw the critics. This is an Annie for a new generation, but old fans will adore it too.