• Me:Daddy?
  • Daddy:Yes princess?
  • Me:You're so handsome!!!
  • Daddy:Aw princess you're so beautiful!
  • Me:Daddy no I'm scary! RAWR!!!
  • Daddy:Ohmygosh look at my beautiful little princess *cuddles*
  • Me:D-daddy! No I'm scary! *whines*
  • Daddy:Okay babygirl you can be scary and beautiful.
  • Me:Hehee! Rawr, Daddy RAWR!!! Give me kisses or I'll bite you!
  • Daddy:*kisses face all over* How's that kitten?
  • Me:*blushes and giggles* Perfect!
The Longest Kiss
  • *laying in bed with Daddy cuddling and kissing. Daddy looks at me all serious*
  • Daddy:"One day we will kiss for the last time."
  • Me:"Daddy! Don't say that! Awww That makes me sad Daddy."
  • Daddy:"aww little one. I'm sorry. Don't be sad."
  • Me:*cries* "Maybe.. maybe! we will die while kissing. And we'll insist that we are buried together in a kissing embrace. And we'll never have to let go of our very last kiss."
  • *Daddy pulls me in close and hugs me tight*
  • Me:"What's wrong Daddy?"
  • Daddy:"It's uh.. It's nothing. I just got some dirt in my eyes"
  • Me:*smiles* "Daddy!! I love you too!"
  • Daddy:"I don't want to ever lose you"

If your little is having a bad day you don’t always need to do big extravagant things, just cuddle them up, kiss them on their forehead and tell them you love them. At the end of the day that’s all they ever really want.

Magnus secretly making a miniature replica of Alec’s gear, down to the smallest detail, complete with fake weapons including a bow and foam tipped arrows, for a six year old Little One for Halloween one year after he tells Magnus he wants to “be Daddy for Halloween because Daddy fights off monsters and doesn’t get scared of anything” and Alec being so happy he starts crying when Little One surprises him with it on Halloween night.