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I’m not the only one who remembers Playhouse Disney right? Charlie and Lola, JoJo’s Circus, Rolie Polie Olie, Handy Manny, imagination Movers, The Wiggles, Jungle Junction, Special Agent Oso, Little Einsteins, Higglytown Heroes, Bear In The Big Blue House, etc. Like I’m in my feeling right now you guys 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Especially over Charlie and Lola, I use to watch that show all the time when I was younger trying to copy their accents, while drinking pink milk 😂😭

I actually got quite emotional writing this… :^(
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8. What Moment/s Made you Feel Emotional?

GET READY FOR A LONG POST GUYS. This entire game was an emotional rollercoaster for me, I’d go from laughing hysterically one second to bawling my eyes out the next. No exaggeration, I’m very emotional when it comes to fiction. And good lord, there were a lot of moments that made me feel things.

First up, I’d like to mention the entirety of Gloria’s Theatre. Not only do the Memory Vaults provide her backstory, the Stage Actors also act out various pieces of Gloria’s life. The parts where it’s revealed that Gloria’s mother was forced to give up Gloria to Hagatha Home because of her mother’s boyfriend / agent made me feel so mad, she didn’t deserve this. One part that sticks out in my mind that I’ll never forget is the acting that goes along the lines of “do not leave me Gloria, or I will do something terrible to myself that will scar you emotionally”, foreshadowing the Vault with Gloria’s mother’s suicide. The fact that she couldn’t act anymore due to her mood swings thanks to her mother’s death makes me so sad. I seriously hope she’s a lot better now.

Next up, is Milla’s Children. I have a soft spot for orphanage stories, and I was really happy that Milla had such a great time with her children, but I certainly wasn’t expecting the orphanage to go up in flames when I flicked to the next slide. It really boosted my love for Milla and shows that even the happiest of people can be the saddest (just like Crystal and Clem). This plotline shows up again in the Rhombus of Ruin, which shows how much sorrow Milla must feel.

Sasha’s First Loss was the moment I knew I was in for some heavy stuff when playing this game. I feel for children who grow up not knowing one of their parents, and I’ll get to that in a few days. A death of someone close to you is a terrible thing to sustain… but Sasha was too young to remember her properly, which makes this whole situation a lot sadder for me. It also makes me emotional that Sasha’s dad probably didn’t raise him like a normal child, one with a loving family and who had tons of fun as a baby due to his depression. Maybe that’s why Sasha’s so closed off?

Of course, how can I not mention Lil’ Oly? I absolutely adore Coach Oleander, and seeing his childhood trauma made me both upset and angry. Upset for Lil’ Oly for having to witness the trauma of having a pet killed in front of you by your own father nonetheless and angry at Oly’s dad for doing so. Don’t raise your children to turn out the way you want. You might have been in the army and run a butcher shop, but your son might just want to hang around bunnies. This was the Vault I couldn’t muster to even make fun of in certain circumstances. My feelings for Lil’ Oly here are very strong.

Finally, I’d like to leave this on a positive note. The biggest part of the game to me, which made me tear up in happiness, was the moment Augustus made his way into Raz’s mind to help him with the mess he got himself into. Augustus seemed so upset to see Raz’s mental figure of him, and explained to Raz that he could never hate him, and that he loved him and wanted to protect him from anything that would harm Raz. Sometimes your family might do things that seem awful at the time, but they’ll often have their reasons, and when you do find out, your connection with them will grow, and who knows, you might be more alike than you think.

Joe took you out for dinner, you had met through josh surprisingly enough.

He was being the gentleman that was; he pulled out your chair to sit upon, he offered you a drink and then by the end of the dinner out he payed for it all; as much as you refused he simply ignored you and continued to hand the waiter the money.

You two returned to Joes apartment. The night went on and it was now midnight, joe told you that you could stay the night. So you did.

And let’s just say cuddles and snuggles were shared.


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It’s true, footballers are very careful about their appearance.
It’s true, footballers like to give lessons.
It’s true, footballers love social parties.
It’s true, footballers love “big” car.
It is true, footballers do not always put the French language in the honor.
It’s true, footballers always want more money.
It’s true, footballers love beautiful blondes.

“Footballers sometimes do a little too much but it is not prevented from doing much.“

Addendum : Morceau Oleander

Morceau Oleander, aka “Little Oly”

External image

My favorite bit of foreshadowing in this game is right during the opening cutscene, when Raz repeats the contents of the pamphlet, when the camera cuts to Oleander mouthing the words “and your father looks at you with shame in his eyes”.

The following is from the Li-Po pre-production documents. There is a very good chance that this is Morry’s official backstory, in accordance with the information presented in the game, but as per usual I recommend garnishing with a grain of salt.

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Tiny || Conor Maynard

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Word Count: 1k+

Summary: In which (Y/N) is short compared to the boys (as a lot of us are), and she accumulates quite a few nicknames, and finds herself in some sticky situations due to it. 

Dedicated to: The anon who requested this, I hope you enjoy lovely!!xo

It was a long running joke between the boys that even compared to Joe and Conor, the shortest two in their group, that you were absolutely tiny.

It wasn’t that you’d ever been considered short, in fact you’d prided yourself on your more than average height for so many years that suddenly being the smallest in the group by a significant amount made you feel a little strange.

You didn’t mind the teasing, in fact you encouraged it, and even once wore the highest heels you owned under a floor length summer dress to see how they’d react. Needless to say those shoes ended up in a bin on the side of a road in Dubai and you spent the evening being carried around by Caspar.

You and Conor had always had a special kind of chemistry which couldn’t exactly be explained. It’d been instant, since the day you first met even up until now, you knew eachother inside out and it proved to be the perfect basis to start a relationship upon.

When he’d first asked you out on a date, you were sure that it was some kind of prank. But when you agreed, in a bid to amuse the boys, the fact that you ended up on the top of the shard at a table with one of the most beautiful views of London, the possibility of the date being a prank diminished largely.

It was ironic, really; because after nine months of dating Conor finally revealed the thesis behind the first date idea. He wanted to take you to one of the tallest buildings in London, because he was sure that you were one of the shortest most of the time. You’d glared at him when he told you that, but you couldn’t help but laugh a little at the idea.

When it came to filming videos together, they always made a point of the fact that to even fit in the frame you had to boost yourself up with pillows. It was true though, you’d once filmed an entire video with them only to find out that only your forehead had been in shot. It was a devastating, yet hilarious turn of events.

Then, after months and months of teasing, the nickname aroused. It was something Conor had thrown around a few times playfully, and you were so used to just responding to the name that when the boys picked up on it: it wasn’t so much of an adjustment.

Josh decided that he didn’t want to be like the others, and so instead he used an alternate of the word and insisted on screaming it in public places to humiliate you.

Being called “small” wasn’t exactly an insult, and defiantly wasn’t too embarrassing when they all called you by that name in public, but Josh just insisted on taking it one step further and regularly screamed “tiny, where’d you go?!” whenever you were at busy attractions and happened to stray away from the boys.

Today, you and the boys were on holiday in LA. It wasn’t your first time, and you knew that it certainly wouldn’t be your last: but this time the boys wanted to do things, like visiting theme parks and go site seeing. Usually you’d just lounge in the pool outside your villa and then go out in the evenings, but of course, the boys had different plans.

Your shoe choice for the day hadn’t been the best, as it turned out. A theme park and slanted shoes did not equal happiness, and so after walking in pain for a good few hours, she finally caved and let the boys know how much pain she was in.

They weren’t mad, obviously, and Caspar seemed more than happy to carry you on his back for the rest of the day, pinching your cheeks and squealing, calling you his little backpack and ultimately making you blush.

Conor would’ve carried you, but you knew for a fact that he didn’t really enjoy it when he did, and so he was completely fine with Caspar carrying you around - anything to know Ethan you were no longer in any pain kept him content.

You did hop off and slide back into your shoes when they all wanted to go on a ride that you couldn’t, due to a health condition, and so you look after all of their valuables that they didn’t want to get wet or drop whilst you waited on one of the benches, scrolling through your twitter feed and reblogging a few pictures that fans had taken with you throughout the day so far.

You’d had to walk quite a distance from the ride to find an available seat, and so when the boys got off the ride and didn’t find you waiting for them, they immediately grew worried. Conor pulled out his phone and cursed under his breath when he remembered that he hadn’t yet changed the setting on your phone to work on American telephone signals yet and had only addressed the internet portion.

They all share a look of mutual worry and all split up, but within moments they all hear Josh’s booming voice, and they were sure that the rest of the park had too. “Tiny, where are you?!”

You look up from your phone and your eyes widen an inch, your cheeks glowing red as everyone around you looked around in confusion, wondering where the loud voice was coming from. You gather up all of your things and jog in the direction of the ride, glaring at the group of boys and looking around sheepishly. “Gods, Josh, could you shout any louder?”

Conor sighs in relief and wraps his arms around your waist, kissing you quickly on the mouth and then once on the forehead as Josh rolls his eyes and scoffs. “Oh please, I could be so much louder than that if I needed to be. That’ll teach you not to tell us where you’re going.”

“I’m not six!” You exclaim, throwing your head back and laughing a little, especially when Oli makes a point out of waving his arms in the air and shouting ‘you may not be six, but you look it!’

These boys were nuisances, but they were your nuisances.

маленькая птичка для поднятия настроения легкости 👐🐦🍃  10х21
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Band & Youtubers Masterlist...

You guys asked for one so here you go :) Will try and keep updated every month…enjoy and don’t forget to keep sending me those imagines :)

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All Time Low

Finding out he has a crush on you (Jack)

Acoustic (Jack)

Attention seeker (Jack)

Bookshop Encounters (Jack)

Movie Night Trouble (Jack) (SMUT)

Did We Forget Something? (Jack)

Backseat Serenade (Jack)

Omegle Boy (Alex)

He Doesn’t Deserve You (Alex)

Time Bomb Dawson (Alex)

Vocal Rest (Alex)

Things Always Happen In Lifts (Alex)

Dammed If I Do Ya (Alex)

She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful (Zack)

Suicidal Thoughts (Zack) (TRIGGER)

Fall Out Boy

Demon Patrick (1/3) (Patrick)

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Stumped Love (Patrick)

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Skype Sex (Patrick) (SMUT)

Pete sets you up (Patrick)

The Proposal (Patrick)

Screw Waiting Till Marriage (Patrick) (SMUT)

My Student (Patrick) (SMUT)

Dirty Boy (Patrick) (SMUT)

Do You Really Need Another Tattoo? (Patrick)

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Just A Girl (Andy)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Pete)

You interview them (Pete & Patrick)

Cheering him up (Pete)

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Summer Makeover (Pete)

Jealousy Is An Ugly Colour (Pete)

Stop Biting Your Lip (Pete)

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Out Of My League (Pete)

Pet Shelter (Pete)

Tall Cuddles (Pete)

Wet Dream (Pete) (SMUT)

Two Can Be Better Than One (Pete & Joe)

Tease (Joe) (SMUT)

Model Love (Joe)

Pierce The Veil

Personal photographer (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (1/3) (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (2/3) (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (3/3) (Whole Band)

New merch girl (Vic)

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Of Mice & Men

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I Didn’t Mean To Hurt Her (Alan & Austin)

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The Amity Affliction

Signing (Whole Band)

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Bring Me The Horizon

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Sleeping with Sirens

Dedicates a song to you (Kellin)

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Scream My Name (Chris) (SMUT)

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Parental Disaster (Chris)

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The Stripper (Ricky) (SMUT)

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Asking Alexandria

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Camera Crush Pt.2 (Denis)

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Tease (Ben) (SMUT)

Twenty One Pilots

Baby Preparation (Josh)

Daddy? (Josh) (SMUT)

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First Word (Tyler)

Falling In Reverse

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Promise Ring (Lynn)

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New Years Day

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You Me At Six

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My Chemical Romance

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I Trust You (Gerard) (SMUT)

You’re Mine (Frank) (SMUT)

The 1975

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Set It Off

Please Take One Small Bite For Me! (Cody) (TRIGGER?)


Personal photographer (Whole Band)

Calum’s Little Munchkin (Calum)

State Champs

Don’t Listen To The Haters (Derek)

Imagine Dragons

Wake Me Up (Dan)

Violent New Breed

Lift Your Spirit (Max)


Dan Howell

Daddy’s Little Girl

Do You Like What You See (Dan & Phil)

Ice Skater Blues

Secret Tattoo

Halloween Costume

Make Love Not War

You’re Beautiful

Phan Is Real? (Dan & Phil)

Takes care of you when you’re ill

Finding out he has a crush on you

Help them escape from fans (Dan & Phil)

Friendly Pain

Love At First Twirl

First Night Nerves

Caught Red Handed (SMUT)

Dirty VidCon Messages (SMUT)

Publicity Love 

Existential Crisis

Phil Lester

Tries to get you out of bed

Finding out he has a crush on you

Best friends (Dan & Phil)

Jack & Finn

Cheers you up on Skype (Finn)

Bored in class (Jack & Finn)

Chris Kendall

Making faces behind the camera

Prank Panic

“You sure you’re going to be alright?” Oli chuckled as he walked Jack to his front door.

“Just fine.” Jack replied, a tight smile on his face, “But I’ll be getting you back. Watch your back,” He tried to laugh, but his body was still on high alert from before.

“It was just a little prank, mate.”

“Still a prank,” Jack pointed out, stepping out of the door, “I’ll get revenge one day.”

“Can’t wait to see you try!” Oli laughed again as he shut the door behind Jack.

As soon as the door was closed, Jack let the happy facade fall from his face as he started down the hall, towards the lift. His eyes constantly darted around the empty hallway, as if half expecting a spider to appear, much like it had in the game he had been playing only a short while ago in Oli’s gaming room.

Knowing he wouldn’t be able to calm down alone, Jack decided to give Conor a call as he headed to the ground floor.

“What’s up, bro?”

“You busy?”

“A little. Anth and I were just about to head to the studio.”

“Oh,” Jack tapped his thigh with two fingers, “Alright, then never mind.”

“I have a few minutes, though.” Conor replied, the background noise fading away.

“No, it’s fine, just go to the studio, I don’t want to distract you.”

“Jack, tell me what’s wrong.” His older brother said firmly.

“It’s so stupid,” Jack sighed, “Just a little game with Oli.”

“The spider prank.”


“Shit, I didn’t think he would do it with you…” Conor sighed, “You alright?”

“Yeah. I should be.”

“You wouldn’t be calling me if you were. Look, I can skip the studio and come over.”

“No,” Jack told him as he stepped out of the lift, “I don’t want to take you away from your music. I’ll be okay.”

“What about Joe?” Conor asked suddenly, “Talk to him.”

“I don’t want to bother him either.”

“He’s your boyfriend, Jack, you won’t be bothering him.” The eye roll was evident in the words, and Jack smiled lightly as he realized his brother was right.

“Maybe I’ll head over there then.”

“Do that, and I’ll text you in a bit, yeah?”

“Alright. Thanks, Con.”

“Any time.”

Despite the phone call with his older brother, something that normally could calm him, Jack only felt the panic grow. The thought of going home and being alone was too much, even though he knew that there would be no spiders there. It was ridiculous really, the stupid little fear. And Jack knew he’d be okay, it was just his mind tricking him.

The entire way over to Joe’s, he felt the panic slowly spread through his body, so by time he was knocking on the front door, his hands were shaking and there was unshed tears pooling in his eyes.

“Jack?” The older man frowned as he opened the door, seeing his boyfriend clearly upset. “Hey, what’s going on?”

“I’m sorry,” Jack said softly, “I can leave…”

“No,” Joe shook his head quickly, reaching out for one of Jack’s shaking hand’s, tugging him into the flat, “You aren’t going anywhere.”

“It’s stupid, really, I didn’t mean to bother you.”

“Babe, you aren’t bothering me.” Joe smiled softly at him, leading him over to the couch. “But you need to tell me what’s going on.”

“Oli was doing this prank, with his virtual reality headset, and there was spiders…and I just, I can’t go home. I can’t be alone. Joe, I just can’t.” Jack rambled, his grip tightening on his boyfriends, a few tears falling from his eyes as he sucked in a few breaths.

“Hey, hey,” Joe placed a hand gently on Jack’s cheek, brushing the tears away with his thumb, “You’re okay. Breathe, Jack. Everything is fine. You don’t have to go anywhere.”

“Are yo-you sure?”

“I never complain at getting to spend time with my boyfriend,” Joe teased lightly, relieved to see Jack offer a small smile back. “You’re always able to come over here, I don’t care when or why.”

“Thank you.” Jack mumbled, closing his eyes as he leaned forward, burying his face into the crook of Joe’s neck, “I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“Will you stop apologizing,” The older man scolded lightly, his fingers moving into Jack’s hair, “You don’t have to apologize! We can’t control our fears, and there are times when we can’t control how they affect us. But I’m here, and there is absolutely no spiders anywhere in here. So you don’t need to worry about that.”

“Alright.” Jack replied, his voice muffled against Joe’s skin, “Can we just watch a movie or something?”

“That’s all I planned on doing anyways,” Joe answered, leaning back against the couch, pulling Jack with him. “You staying the night, then?”


“And tomorrow we’ll plan our revenge on Oli.”

“I knew there was a reason I was with you,” Jack chuckled, lifting his head to kiss Joe’s jaw quickly.

“Who wouldn’t want to date the Prank King?” Joe grinned.

tddashie  asked:

what would olly be in your bug au? I was thinking he could be something small like a flea or a ladybug.

i was thinking of a roly poly! (roly poly oly?) 

even as adults roly polys dont get super big and baby roly polys are absolutely tiny