little ollie

My little age characteristics

1 year

-Drinks out of babas

-makes a lot of random noises

-needs a bib to eat

-wears diapees



-wants to be held 24/7


2-3 years

-Babas or sippy cups

-slurs “r” and “c” sounds


-wears pull-ups

-says “Dada” just to say it

-chews on everything including my own fingers

-Says “I love you” to everyone

-likes playing peek-a-boo and animal sounds

4-5 years

-Likes coloring

-watches lots of cartoons

-plays pretend with stuffies

-likes playing with cars


-likes to test boundaries by saying “No!”

-slurs “r” sounds

-wants cuddles aaaall the time

-amazed by everything

6 years

-Everything disney

-sings a lot


-loves hugs


-Likes drawing more than coloring

-Likes playing Make over/Dress up

7-8 years

-Plays lots of retro video games

-Watches action cartoons

-likes baking (only with help)

-sings a lot

-likes reading

-likes drawing

-likes playing online dress up games

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How about Steve picking up the most random hobbies because he was bored.

There’s a familiar face in this one!


He wore the baseball hat backwards and kept his sunglasses on and for all the college kids knew, he was just another kid hanging out, dicking around on his skateboard.  

He wore an oversize hoodie, just to be safe. 

It didn’t take him long to get his balance when it came to turns and coasting, but it wasn’t until Markus showed him how that he learned how to land a proper Ollie.  Do an Ollie? Ollie?  He was still figuring the wording out, exactly.  

But he could do one, and he was getting better on the little half-pipe, and sliding along the rails.  Coasting on the rails.  He didn’t remember what Trey had called it, exactly.   Didn’t matter, he was getting better at it.  

It was quietest on Saturday mornings; Friday nights always a big night out for college kids.  He was just warming up and psyching himself up to try one of the more complicated things he’d seen Piper do the other day (she was incredibly creative and wasn’t afraid to take a spill) when he saw a familiar face set a backpack and a board down.

“Didn’t think I’d find you here.”

Steve grinned.  “Lucky guess?”

“Nah.”  Amal smiled. “I’ve seen you fiddling with those shop dollies in Stark’s lab.” He motioned to Steve’s feet.  “And those seemed a little out of character.”

He’d bought a pair of Converse to see what the big deal was and to blend in a little better.  “They’re comfortable.”

Amal smirked.  “So? Show me what tricks you’ve got up your sleeve.  See if I can teach you anything new.”

Steve laughed.  “I only learned The Ollie a couple weeks ago, don’t expect too much.”

“The Ollie.  Oh my God. You geriatric.  Is that like The Charleston?”  

Steve scowled watching Amal try to control his giggles.  “Let’s see what you’ve got then, whippersnapper.”

Amal wiped an eye, still giggling and grabbed his board.  “You got it, Gramps.”

Lookie Here

Summary: Reader is Alfie’s sister and she’s just every bit as fun as he is.

Characters: Reader, Alfie Solomons, Ollie, Thomas Shelby, ‘bakers’

Fandom: Peaky Blinders

Word Count: 491

AN: This is my first Peaky Blinders Imagine please be nice about it.

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Hero’s Comfort

REQUEST: Can you please make an Oliver Queen x reader, where the reader gets hurt and Oliver takes care of them?? Ps: I absolutely love your blog❤️❤️

A/N: Thank you so much for this request and the lovely words! I had fun writing this. Sorry it’s on the short side, hope you like it!<3 

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Pairing: Oliver Queen x Reader

Warnings: injured reader, fluff!!!

“This is ridiculous. I just need an ice pack and some painkillers and I’ll be-OW!” you shrieked as Oliver lifted up your injured foot, the swelling around your ankle had now come out and it looked more like a tennis ball than an ankle.

“What the hell was that for!” you hissed, glaring daggers at the man currently  kneeling on the floor as he examined your injury.

He gave you concerned look. “You need this bandaged up, and you need to rest it for a few days. That means no training and no missions.”

You gave him an incredulous look, he couldn’t seriously expect you to be alright with that.

“Oh, come on,” you groaned. “I’ve literally been shot at, chased, kidnapped, arrested- all in the past year while working with you, and you’re putting me out for a freakin’ sprained ankle?”

“Yeah, I am.” 

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Pairing: Oliver Queen x Reader

Request: “Could I request this prompt with Oliver?? “What are you doing in my house, you dork? How did you even get in here?” Maybe?? If requests are still open!?”

Word count: 1.059

A/N: Sorry for the late post, I’m too busy in these days and I need to finish some presentations for school. They all suck, because I have to do them in three different languages. Anyways, hope you like it.

- G. x

Warnings: (Y/E/S) is Your Eye Shape and (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Colour.

You thanked God as you arrived at your house’s doorstep after a very long and tiring day. You went to Central City with Felicity today, because she wanted you to meet her friends there.

As the matter of fact, you are happy that you had a chance to meet them. They also intend of the bad guys as your team did, yes the Team Arrow.

You were thankful that Felicity brought you with her, but the journey between Star City and Central City is too exhausting and it drains your body’s not that full charged battery.

You quickly got your door keys and you excitedly opened your door. You were enthusiast that you were finally home and you could go to bed, even without having dinner, but that was just what you thought, until you heard some irritating noises and chaos in your kitchen.

You slowed yourself down and you plopped down your bag on the couch. You walked with your toes tipped and you looked around your dark house with terror in your (Y/E/S) (Y/E/C) eyes. You already had Oliver’s name, the infamous Green Arrow, on your phone screen, ready to call him in case of emergency. But when you were almost in the kitchen, the buzz stopped and there was complete silence in your house.

You entered the kitchen and you saw a familiar silhouette looking at you in the dark. When you were almost near your dining table, your kitchen lights suddenly dimmed and a long white candle lit in the middle of the table, revealing you what the mess was all about.

You were shocked on what you saw, obviously. There was Oliver, your best friend that you always liked, standing across the dining table, and there were lots of plates full of your favourite dishes. The plates, together with the cutleries and wine glasses, occupied every space of the table.

“Oliver?” You raised your left eyebrows and pointed every plate you were seeing. “What are you doing in my house, you dork? How did you even get in here?”

“Uhm, skills and,” He flashed you a sweet smile after he tortured his red lower lip. “surprise!”

“I understood that it was a surprise, not that I am complaining for everything of this, but why this surprise?”

“Mademoiselle?” He gently asked as he came near you, not answering your question. “May I have the pleasure of having you as my date tonight?”

“Oliver? Why are you so fancy?” You curiously asked him. You looked at his clothes and he was wearing a perfect flat-ironed white button down shirt beneath a black complete tuxedo paired with a black tie. He was always this elegant, but if he’s just sneaking someone’s house, his best friend’s house to be exact, he wouldn’t be this elegant. You know Oliver a lot.

“Party pooper.” He rolled his eyes, but then he laughed when you started laughing.

“Sorry.” You flashed him an apologetic smile and he just shook it off. He pulled the chair for you and you sat on it as he guided you. He then sat on the chair across yours and you both started eating.

“How is it?” He blurted out when he saw that you chewed carefully the food he has prepared.

“It was great.” You both smiled widely and Oliver was satisfied with himself. You really liked the food and he had the cooking skills you’re looking for a guy. “But what is this all about?” You then asked, still curious. You waited for his answer but he just looked at you. “People talk, Ollie.”

“Uhm,” He unleashed a long and deep sigh. “I wanted to surprise you. Felicity wanted to bring you to Central City and I thought that I could do something nice while you two were gone.” He then explained. “I know how much you love it when someone cooks for you.” You then both laughed.

“Aw, Ollie.” You flashed him a sweet smile. “Thank you.”

“It’s not a problem.” He grabbed your hand and he caressed the back of it with his thumb. You corrugated your forehead, asking what is the meaning of that gesture. He somehow made your heart beat a little bit faster.

“Ollie?” You looked at him and he quickly murdered his lower lips using his white perfect teeth.

“(Y/N)?” He sweetly called you after he acquired all of the courage that he needed. “I love you and that’s more than being my best friend.”

You were shocked on what he has said, because it’s been a long time since you first liked him and with time, your feelings upgraded and you developed some kind of love towards him. Your heart beat faster than earlier and you looked at him, blank-minded.

“(Y/N)?” His beautiful eyes then were filled with worry and fear, fear of breaking his heart.

“I love you too, Ollie.” You then gave him a wide smile and you both got up to hug each other. You both hugged each other tight and you both can hear each other’s heart beat.

“I am the Green Arrow here, but you had a better aim and you shot me with your arrow perfectly.” He winked when you broke the hug. You shook your head and you let out a cute giggle.

You both looked at each other and you both had the thought of kissing each other sweetly. Your lips both fit and they moved in a perfect way. It seemed like you were both made for each other as you shared a passionate kiss and your noses brushed each other’s red and blushing cheeks.

You separated yourself when you needed air and you both hugged each other once again.

“Thank you.” You whispered sweetly.

“Everything for you.” You smiled because of his sweetness.

“Ollie, it doesn’t matter if you’re sweet and you prepared me something today eh.” He looked at you, confused. “You’re still the one who washes these plates and that mess.” You laughed as you pointed at your kitchen sink, full of kitchen utensils and casseroles.

“Goofy!” You both guffawed together and he left you a gentle kiss on your forehead as you broke the hug.

You then both ate the delicious food that your perfect half prepared once again and you were extremely glad and grateful, even though you were dead tired at that moment.

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How does trish feel about that little tattoo that olly has?

Well I asked @goblinqueenbluebie since Trish is her OC and she said

“To be honest she probably wouldn’t get upset over them, they happened and tatts are pretty much permanent less you pay for the expensive and painful removal of said tattoos. The most shed act on is if he’d try to like I dunno tattoo her name on him, she thinks it’s pretty reckless to do cause there’s no telling what can happen lol.”

haha fuk you mean what can happen??? don’t even think about dumping my boy lolollol jkjk