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Hey, so I've never read any Klance fanfic, but I def wanna start ! What would you say , so far, are the Classic (tm) klance Fics that every fan should read?

(rubs my little hands together)

I’m in a good mood for once so I’m actually going to try to cobble all of my favorite fics together… I have a ridiculous number of ao3 tags open right now, and my computer will most likely burst into flames before I finish this post. I haven’t read Klance fic in so long, so most of these summaries will be off the top of my head lmao.


First off, the must reads in no particular order (aka the ‘fics with the most kudos for good reason fics’):

This fic is ridiculously popular, and with good reason. Scenario: wrong-number fic, done so, so right. Long-fic, slow burn, Pidge and Hunk are there for way more than moral support… The most important relationship is obviously Klance, but the author makes sure to develop the friendship between Pidge and Keith and Hunk and Lance. It also has smart Lance, which is just so God Trucking Bless. Incredibly worth it.

One of the first Klance fics I’ve ever read, and still one of my favorites… Lance is injured, really mcfreaking injured, and as some sort of last-rights thing he confesses his huge crush on Keith to a panicked Hunk. It’s so good, and only four chapters so you’ll get through it quick.

This fic might just be my favorite Klance fic ever, or at least top three. Lance asks out Keith only he doesn’t realize it’s a date and they become boyfriends without Lance even noticing… It’s hilarious and funny and sweet and I could gush about it for ages if you let me lmao. Please read it… The sequel is also really great, just very NSFW, and from Keith’s pov primarily… So good.

[Edit: Anon messaged me and said that there was ableist language at one point; I haven’t reread in a while so I can’t confirm, but just incase, warning!!!]

Meagan is literally just that good.

THIS FIC… IS SO GOOD… I remember Xiem reccing me this and then just KEYSMASHING AT EACH OTHER FOR A SOLID HOUR. Bruh this is Bonafide Lit. This is like… Episode material. I would watch an hour of this, every day of my life, until I drop dead because it killed me good. This is 18k of awesome writing, like I don’t think my summary could do it justice. Please read it.

This fic is so unbelievably good… I’ve recced it before so I’m just gonna use my previous description lmao. Lance is an astrophysics major, Keith is looking for aliens, they meet in the desert conducting research, and it’s 23k of good shit. It’s ridiculously… I want to settle down in a bathtub and reread it in paperback form.

THIS ONE IS REALLY GOOD… So many cuddles… I’m too fried to give anymore summaries lmao but this is so good and I’m such a sucker for Soft interactions… Please read it oh man.

Below the cut are some more of my all-time fave Klance fics lmao. Italics = read these oh my godddd.

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Rated G

Word Count: 800~

The pounding on the door jarred Jinki out of his sleep.  He had dozed off on the couch after work, Dorian, his grey cat had nestled snug and warm in the bend of his knees.  The digital clock on the stereo said 1:45 am.  Confused as to why someone would be practically beating down his door this late he got up and shuffled over to the door still trying to wake up.  As soon as he opened it he was pulled out into the cold hallway by his relatively new next door neighbor.  Any sleepiness that had been lingering after the nap was gone after the rush of wintry night air hit him and the cold concrete stung his bare feet.    

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Klance Fic Rec 2

Please check the archive warnings and fic summaries to make sure you’re gonna be okay with the fic contents!  Spoilers for Season 1 abound.  Plenty of other fics that don’t fit my personal reading preference are on AO3, so you should check them out if you have time! (I tend to avoid character death fics or really short ones.  Also this post got really long because this fandom trucks out fic like nobody’s business and it’s kinda amazing really.)

Past fic recs found here.


  • For Gold or Money by arkadianmouse – based off one of my favourite fairy tales east of the sun and west of the moon!  if you’re a fan of fairy tale stories, then i definitely recommend it!
  • take a chance by cyborgtoaster – everyone goes to rescue lance after he’s captured by the galra; my fave parts were the little segments of lance’s video-logs showing the paladins’ everyday lives and his thoughts!
  • Green with Envy by GibbousLunation – lance goes on a vacation back home so the crew replace him with a potted plant named plance, and it’s just a funny and heartwarming fic of them sending video messages back and forth and lance getting jealous of a plant, A+
  • The things we know by GibbousLunation – keith examines his feelings for lance during the events of ep.4-5 and their aftermath
  • (make believe) it’s hyper real by starkjrs – after ep.11, everyone has their own issues; keith stubbornly tries to deal with it alone, but his team look out for him (in their own way) whether he wants them to or not
  • come over now and talk me down by nighimpossible – i love character-study-ish fics and this is a good one focused on keith eventually finding a place where he can stay and be himself
  • feel your whisper across the sea by karasunos – keith gets heart-eyes for lance’s good singing voice; very cute fic!
  • Starlight by epiproctan – refreshing change from the usual “everyone helps with matchmaking” shtick bc everyone thinks it’s a Bad Idea to date a teammate
  • Red and Blue by epiproctan – the pokemon go au that you didn’t know you needed but you will appreciate
  • What a Cat-Astrophy by annoyedraccoon – college au where keith magically gets turned into a cat, and idk i just like these kind of silly metamorphosis fics ok (usually bc they’re cute)
  • starry nights and shining armor by rhapsodyinpink – lance likes to compare the crew with fictional characters and is oblivious to a certain mullet-head’s feelings for him
  • the coast is never clear by andreaphobia – fluffy fic about everyone going to a beach while on an earth vacation
  • curing homesickness by raewrites – lance is homesick and keith is there to listen; i always enjoy reading how other writers portray lance’s family and life back on earth, and this fic is no exception!
  • Going Under by sun_stricken – super cute mermaid au where mer-mullet saves lance from drowning, and their relationship after
  • Downtime by Pairagoose – keith and lance have a cute bonding moment together on an alien beach while the castle gets repaired
  • no i’ll never forget (i just wanted to be near you) by glitterfreezing – keith and lance have a chat on an alien beach about home and love
  • A Modest Proposal by genericfanatic – cute fic where lance gets super drunk on random alien space juice and proposes to keith, then decides to try again when he’s sober
  • Stay Awake by Talinor – lance is almost killed on a mission (dw he gets better), keith is bad at feelings, lance is bad at noticing feelings, they eventually get together :d
  • Excessive Sneezing, Bashful Blushing by bolbessa – keith catches a cold and lance is there to take care of his stubborn teammate
  • Some Kind of Bonding by prettyshiroic (AnalystProductions) – lance’s go-to formula for saying comebacks while bickering with keith works pretty well for a while… until it backfires on him
  • A Man in Uniform by PrincexofxFlowers – au where earth is in a war with the galra empire; keith and lance hope for more peaceful times, but war always has other plans; if you enjoy Suffering but not for too long, it has a bittersweet ending that made me tear up, quality angst
  • i am the opposite of amnesia by shizuoh – [warnings: SO MUCH CHARACTER DEATH] – it’s a hunger games au, so if you enjoy Pain and Suffering, i would recommend it (also don’t be like me and miss the ‘major character death’ archive warning on fics, i never learn)


  • And, action! by staysharp – due to an incorrectly dialled phone number, keith somehow ends up becoming an obnoxious-up-and-coming-actor lance’s fake boyfriend (if that doesn’t sell it to you, lance dabs in the second chapter and it’s the funniest thing, go read it)
  • little numbers by ashtxns – fic in the format of group text messaging, and ok i’m gonna admit i didn’t read it at first bc i generally don’t read non-prose fic out of personal preference, but holy shit i’m so glad i poked at this bc it is fkn hilarious and i was in tears from laughing so hard, please go read it if you ever need a cheer-up
  • Secret Ingredients by Lynn1998 – another baker au!!  lance is bad at feelings and everyone else in the outdoor mall just kinda watches this trainwreck with fond exasperation
  • My Youth Is Yours by MilkTeaMiku – lance accidentally gets turned into a literal baby and everyone is a confused about how to deal with this, especially keith
  • of florists and tennis shoes by venpast – lance is a college asshole who thinks cacti are proper romantic gifts to woo random ladies with, so luckily keith is a florist who helps him pick less embarrassing gifts
Warning for blatant exploitation of Popular Fanfic

Klaine Advent: Day 21 - Universe. 687 words.

Blaine had waited a long time to be famous enough to have fanfiction written about him.

The desire hit him back in his Glee club days at Mckinley, when he would scour the Show Choir blogs to learn about his competition. Some of the more popular standouts of show show choir –  Jesse St. James, Unique, Jean Baptiste – had had people writing fantastical accounts of their lives through fanfiction. The moment Blaine saw Jean Baptiste had his own Hogwarts au, he wanted it badly.

He never quite reached that peak in Glee club but he and Kurt had repute now. Ever since their debut of LGBT Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? they’d gotten enough traction to continue onto other exploits. Blaine was composing for Disney movies and his own Broadway shows, as well as acting in them. Kurt was performing on Broadway, in movies, and guest starring on Rachel’s TV show.

They were now, officially, famous enough for fanfiction.

Blaine’s desire had changed, though, since his initial exposure back in high school. Back then, he would have been happy for anything written about him, but now that ‘anything’ encompassed people shipping Blaine with people who weren’t his husband. There was fanfiction of him sleeping with Sam, with Lin Manuel Miranda, and with an uncomfortable amount of self-insert characters, most of whom were women. It’s like hey didn’t even care that Blaine was gay.

So, no, Blaine no longer wanted just any fanfiction about himself, he wanted fanfiction of him and Kurt. And thank goodness that existed in droves.

“Look, Kurt, this one has us in an alternate universe where I’m a bad boy!” Kurt chuckles from the bathroom where he’s doing his nightly skin routine. “Hey, I could be a bad boy!” Kurt just snorts.

Blaine skims the story, humming as he reads. “They must follow Tina’s blog about McKinley. They have the basic framework from your junior year.”

“They’re writing about us in high school?” Kurt asks, his violin-like voice sounding ethereal in the echos of the bathroom. “That’s a little creepy, babe.”

Blaine makes a noise of displeasure in his throat. “Fine, I’ll find another one.”

It’s only a handful of seconds later when Kurt is sticking his head into the bedroom, his hair pulled back in a headband and his face covered in something gold. “They don’t have anything with the kids in it on there, do they?” Blaine suspects Kurt’s trying really hard not to wrinkle his brow in concern underneath his face mask. “I think we should put out a statement not to use the kids in fanfiction.”

Blaine’s already shaking his head. “No, I think we’re fine. There are some that have us with fictional babies – these must have been before Cian – but him and Rosa aren’t in any I don’t think.”

Kurt sighs out in relief, ducking back into the bathroom to finish his face.

Blaine keeps scrolling. “There’s this one where you’re the Avatar and I’m your firebending master!” Blaine says, excited, before immediately deflating. “Oh, but it’s been abandoned for four years.”


“-Hey, would you mind meeting me at 4 instead of 3? A dog just threw up on–”

“We’ve read that one at least five times, Blaine.”

“I like it!” Blaine whines.

Kurt laughs. “Me too, babe, but please keep looking?”

Blaine scrolls. “Rocky Horror au?”

“Already read it.”

Without me?!”

Kurt shrugs, looking at Blaine in the mirror as he put away his moisturizers. “It’s from your point of view. You were in Amsterdam doing a Disney thing. I missed you.”

Blaine melts a little, but doesn’t keep himself from grumbling.

Blaine scrolls through a few more pages of fanfics that don’t really catch his interest before turning back to Kurt. “Can we just reread The Sidhe?”

Kurt sighs, coming back into the bedroom, looking clean. “Again?”

Blaine turns his puppy eyes at him. “I like how it’s about us being together in every universe.”

Kurt sighs again but curls himself around Blaine, placing a kiss at the top of his head. “I like that too.”

Blaine smiles and clicks the link.

Got Your Number

This little fic isn’t from any particular fandom, but I got a request on my old blog:

character B going to a coffee shop where character A is working and trying to use a kind of smooth pickup line and character A just being like ‘cute, that’s cute’ and character B’s friends just kind of standing to the side snickering at his rejection?? And then you know, whatever ensues after that

Thus, the drabble was born…

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"Have I told you how much I love you?" - tuckington

Tucker wakes to the crash of thunder and the rattle of the windows. Two seconds later he registers the rain against the panes and the roof. Thunderstorm. Fuck. There aren’t any tiny hands pulling his blanket away, though, so he still has time to get out of bed before Junior wakes up and gets freaked out. Tucker sits up and plants his feet on the floor so fast that Wash probably would have been proud if he were still in bed.

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  • Me: Wow look at all this progress I'm making. I'm really making a dent on my WIP
  • My Brain: Hey! Look at this new idea we could do. Its so new and shiny
  • Me: Nice try. I'm not going to get distr-...Ohhh, it IS so new and shiny.
  • My Brain: oh and by the way, remember this story you started 6 months ago but completely forgot about? It was so great! Let's finish it right now!
  • Me: I don't really need sleep anymore.

Today is Thursday Octorber 2nd. And if you’re Klainer, you know exactly what it means!

Thurs 2 Oct (2:33pm)
Hey, would you mind meeting me at 4 instead of 3? A dog just threw up on me (no, really) and I have to
make a detour.

Blaine from Little Numbers sent 1st text message to Kurt! Ok, now you can cry with me.

So, I was watching “Little Numbers” trailers on YouTube and I realised that we NEED a new one.

There is soooo much new material. The entire season 5 of Glee, Girls Most Likely, the Already Home video clip, Chris and Darren’s appearances in talk shows, another infinity of other photos and videos from all type of situation… It could be amazing.

What do you think, beautifully talented Klainer artists?? I’m emotional just by thinking about it, I need this to happen.