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Ooo~ I’m so so happy with my commissions from @iwel-san Her art style is absolutely adorable!!! Not to mention she was able to capture all of their personalities perfectly~ All the little details *v* Spirit’s scythe arm and cheeky grin, Gane’s attitude (I swear this is the only time he’s ever looked freakin’ adorable as hell), Tzal’s sass, Rai’s cuteness and little birdie Nix, and Almos all mysterious with that smirk. I love them all! 💙❤️💚💛💜

You guys should definitely go commission her! She’s so sweet and patient!

featuring matt murdock, a.k.a. daredevil, as toph bei fong. one gets the feeling that this outfit was not designed for someone his size

bonus toph as daredevil? 

i don’t actually know how the whippy thing works. 

sketches for eternalgirlscout

roaring 20s band of brothers mafia au:

- it all starts in high school. initially there’s five of them (winters, nixon, liebgott, welsh, and buck) and they’re just close pals who scare the college kids home for the summer and sometimes spend their weekends running small game cons to make a little extra cash for wheels. it’s nix’s idea - he’s always been a business man - to get organized. they gather a couple more kids who look like trouble (buck knows long-suffering and always angry bill guarnere who knows high school dropout toye from around town, winters knows webster from class and knows his brains can’t go to waste, nix knows little lip from chess club, too kind and too smart for his own good) and they’ve got this idea that’s so simple at first - steal a couple cartons of cigarettes a week and sell them for cheap. and then it sort of grows, gaining money and people like malark who’s all up for a cut if they’ve got use for his talents, and then they’re stealing from warehouses and swiping out the knees of the guys threatening them with big, ugly guns and it’s only a matter of time before they get guns of their own 

- now guarnere, lieb, johnny, and toye are a force to be feared. they been the muscle and the front lines since the beginning. winters puts any one of these guys in the background of a room he’s working (business stuff, talking other fellas out of territory) and he knows it’s protected. if he sends these guys on a job to collect from the bookies he considers it done, and if he has a problem with cops, lawyers, made men from less friendly organizations, well he considers his boys his 911. and a few years into this mess some ginger kid catches bill’s eye raging on the street over some greaser scratching his car and it’s only a matter of time before there’s even more of these monsters

- muck, penk and malarkey work the distillery bc it’s 1920 and nothing makes a quick buck like booze and no one makes bootlegs quite like the irish. winters sets them up with a couple warehouses near the docks owned by nix’s dad’s company with enough free land and enough lawyers that they don’t have to worry about a thing. there’s all these moments between pretending to work when they don’t have to work - lots of waiting in this job - and it’s a good thing they’re all so relentlessly obnoxious for each other or this line of work would get boring quick. so some of the day they play big, bad criminals but mostly they’re in the back room playing poker (and nothing bad ever happens to any of them and malarkey never gets tired wow) 

- lip’s a good leader and he’s a good person, that’s why he ends up knowing the people he needs to know to make it in a world like this. he can read people, knows with one look whether he needs to slip some cash under the table or just play buddy buddy for a while to get what the group wants. he makes good friends with people like luz and perco, he introduces roe to the group when he meets him on his way to school, he accidentally catches the eye of big time dealer sparky speirs and that’s really when the business starts booming, when they’ve suddenly got the backing and ties of a notorious crime lord with too much time and money than he knows what to do with 

- buck’s the only one out of the five at the beginning to get out of that bad part of town. he’s still working his way up the chain at the law office calling dickbag politicians sir and brown-nosing his way to a seat at the top. that doesn’t mean for a second he won’t let a few little reports that creep onto his desk slide under a bigger pile of papers. he owes a lot of favors but more than that these clowns are family

- roe’s been patching these guys up since it was just street fights over who sells bootleg cigars on the street corner. he never really wanted to get involved with this sort of stuff but winters is paying his way through school and he can lie to himself all he wants but he likes these guys. and honest to god they like him too, no matter how much they tease and torture they’ve become his brothers, even the new guys who come ready to prove they’re worth their salt. and maybe one of the fresh fellas even catches his eye when he bursts into his place with bill laughing louder than life, helping him limp to the bed with his swollen toes and broken knuckles saying shit like ‘don’t you fucking laugh at me gonorrhea i would have had them running in no time. i didn’t need your help’ and ‘no one call me edward, but christ and my 3rd grade teacher’ 

- bull’s a hell of an attorney. i mean that guy could talk god into a timeshare in heaven. once the cops had guarnere dead to rights: in the alley, over the corpse, with the goddamn murder weapon still in his hands for fucks sake, and not only did bill walk within three dates, randleman had him painted up like the town hero. even had the mayor make a formal apology for the inconvenience. 

- web is their book keeper, and he’s in charge of making sure they’re not spending every cent they make. and this job would be a day in the park if it weren’t for liebgott spending bills like some rich kid at a strip joint. when lieb’s pissed he’ll try to take it out on guarnere’s paycheck bc ‘fuck that greasy italian and his big fucking mouth see if he can afford that tommy he’s got his eyes on now’ only web’s a bit of a tattle-tale when it comes to work but then lieb doesn’t have eyes for italians no more, he’s all about making web’s day more difficult than it needs to be

- luz and perco have work as morticians and for the right price they can take just about any worry off your mind. left fingerprints on the shells? what shells! thinking too hard about the knife you used cutting some fella up, thinking it’s too recognizable? well luz says it wasn’t a knife at all, it was a pair of garden sheers. and no mafia man’s walking around town with a pair of gd garden sheers. (and perco thinks it might be the grossest thing in the world listening to luz imitate the dead, croaking ‘thanks for cleaning me frankie, thanks for washing me up and finding my killer’ ‘i swear to god almighty, luz, you keep this up they won’t find your killer let alone your body’)

Locomotion headcanons 2

I saw dongledragons‘ (awesome username btw) dragon locomotion headcanons and of course I had to go OK BUT WHAT ABOUT FLIGHT so have some flight headcanons awye

Snappers are the only completely flightless breed. Unless magically aided, they can’t get off the ground, period. No flying, no gliding, no jumping a little higher, nix, nada, niet. They don’t use their wings much except for the rare threat display, but even then, who the hell picks on Snappers they’re completely harmless you bully

Coatls are next in line in the category of breeds-that-kind-of-suck-at-flying. They start off of high cliffs and use warm currents to carry them, but their small wings aren’t really suited for energetic beating, so they mostly glide when they can, or else get tired quickly and land. Coatls in cold regions only seldom bother to fly.

Wildclaws can’t start from a standing position, they need to run to take off and even then, they don’t usually fly for long distances. They have the heavy starting flight of big birds, like vultures, and carrying their own body weight is exhausting. They’re primarily runners, anyway, and quite fast and endurant by foot.

Mirrors do the run, jump, fly thing, too. They’re primarily runners, like Wildclaws, and mostly use their wings to give them more lift to pounce onto preys, but they’re lighter, too, so they don’t need the additional lift and can lift up without running, but they rarely do it. Their flight is lighter, more like a parrot’s or similar bird

Guardians, Imperials and Ridgebacks, despite their ridiculous size, are quite good flyers. They can both start from a stand, though flinging themselves off of cliffs is much preferable because getting their considerable weight into the sky is effort, let me tell you. They have a heavy kind of flight, but more like a peacock’s, elegant despite the cumbersome body they carry.
Imperials also undulate while flying, a bit like a dolphin or whale. It’s beautiful in older adults and hilariously awkward in young, inexperienced dragons.

Pearlcatchers don’t fly much, as a rule, because their flight lacks the elegance they pride themselves in. They’re much like swans, elegant on the ground, but heavy and flailing a lot in the air. Plus, getting off the ground requires some running, and really that’s just undignified. No.

Tundras flight resembles Pearlcatcher flight, only they really can’t be arsed to bother with trifle concepts such as elegance. They’re better flyers in summer than in winter though, because their fur weights them down and makes their wings sluggish.
They don’t fly much when they can avoid it because they don’t have the advantage of a high protein diet. And their prey doesn’t require much running/flying around.

Skydancers can start from a standing position easily, and are among the most endurant flyers. Their flight is a strange mixture between bat and seagull flight, erratic at times and then suddenly soft and gliding.

Nocturnes fly like bats. They’re pants at starting off the ground, and prefer to climb onto trees and fall off of them upside down, but once they’re in the air, they’re unstoppable. Their flight seems erratic, but it’s fast, efficient, and they’re nearly impossible to catch.

Faes flit around like hummingbirds or butterflies, fast buzzing wings but less erratic flying patterns than nocturnes. They barely ever land and when they do it’s never on the ground. They’re not very good at getting off the ground, and their wings are pretty stiff compared to other breeds. Their light weight and tiny bodies and seemingly infinite energy keeps them flying just fine though.

Spirals… well, no one is quite sure how Spirals fly, really. It seems to be a strange mixture of erratic flapping to get various body parts up in the air (not necessarily coordinated) and randomly twisting into a knot and dropping down half a km before catching themselves again and flitting back up. It looks absolutely exhausting and they go at it for hours and really, what the hell?
They start from a standing position or by flinging themselves off things. Never through running. In fact, no one’s ever seen a Spiral run, possibly because they’d tie themselves into knots within a few leaps.


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