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The partygoers’ cheers die in their wine-slick throats. 

Portia trips her way up the scaffold, shoving the guards away from Julian and falling in front of him, trembling with sobs. Julian kneels to her height. 

He smiles fondly, laughs softly. It hurts his throat. “You’re still as short as I remember, huh?” 

Portia throws her arms around and sobs into his shoulder, small fingers gripped tight around his shirt, trying to convince herself that he’s there, he’s real, he’s breathing.

Julian whispers, soothes. “It’s okay.” 

But that tone was reserved for patients. Portia could see through the lie.

The wide-eyed crowd parts for Nadia, calling out Portia’s name. 

“Portia, get down from there.”

“You can’t!” Portia screams. She’s breathing harsh, tears streaming. A hiccupping sob wracks her. “You can’t.” 

Nadia stands tall, swallows hard.

“Your majesty.” Portia pleads. Julian turns his head away from the crowd. The night grows cold as the wind blows through. The noose above them sways. 

She whispers this time. “Nadia.” 



Miscellaneous Tev Dren shenanigans!  I’m not saying Tev adopts a friendly nix-hound but she absolutely does that, his name is Arvo and he is a Very Good Boy.

Tev/Dren Masterpost

MC Sings Sucker For Pain:

MC: I torture yooooou 🎶
Julian: ???
MC: I wanna CHAIN you up 🎶
Julian: *sweats*
MC: I wanna TIE you down 🎶
MC: Julian?


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Every breath you take 

Every move you make

Every bond you break

Every step you take

Every single day

Every word you say 

Every game you play

Every night you stay 

Every vow you break

Every smile you fake

Every claim you stake

I’ll be watching you, apprentice motherfucker.

the gay subtext that is Winters&Nixon in Band of Brothers part 1/?

PART 1: CURRAHEE - establishing the friendship; flirting

hey, guess what scene is the one to introduce the character focus of the entire series? why it’s Nix, waiting on Dick, who joins up with him without batting an eyelash. These dudes are clearly used to hanging out

and what happens in this scene? Well, it’s Nix asking Dick on a date after the war is over. I will not lie and tell you it’s not important that the first character establishing scene is one of Nix and Winters - their relationship is very much at the center of this series. Im sorry I don’t make the rules

Okay like you can read the scene as a couple of guys being nervous about jumping out of a perfectly functional airplane, I will grant you that, BUT as a counterargument I will poise the way Nix looks at Dick

Like Dick literally hung the moon, and it hurts Nix to look at him

PAIRED WITH the way Dick looks at Nix after “Should have been born earlier Nix.” “What, and miss all this?”



and you know, it’s not, like, super hetero of Dick’s gaze to flicker to Nix’s mouth THREE TIMES while he lights a cigarette. If I could I’d gif it because it’s honestly ridiculous

It’s established right off the bat that Winters and Nixon are very good friends - Nix  is the one to introduce Dick to Harry as having “No flaws, no vices and no sense of humor.”

Dick is a little different around Nix than anyone else though - the “can of peaches” scene establishes that Dick does have a sense of humour, and that Nix shares it - presumably, he has an idea about Dick’s flaws and vices as well (((kill me rn)))

Their friendship is easy, if unlikely.

Dick is presented as a very by the books guy, he is stiff and calm, but he relaxes around Nix very obviously - let me give you some examples:

Invasion of private space is commonplace, like when Nix read Dick’s private letter over his shoulder. Dick is totally cool with it, and is very inviting with his posture. But this is just guys being dudes, bros being pals

The train scene, though, is CLEARLY Nix flirting.

“Going my way” sounds a lot like “Come here often” which is indisputably coded as “I AM FLIRTING WITH YOU USING A LAME LINE BUT WE ARE SO COMFORTABLE WITH EACH OTHER IT DOUBLES AS A JOKE

and Dick reciprocating like there’s no tomorrow LIKE LOOK AT HIS FUCKING FACE


and then Nix tells Dick he’s hiding his booze in his footlocker - what kind of next level trust shit??????  friendship bracelets got nothin on footlockers

In summary: the winters/nixon relationship is cornerstone for both characters AND the character driven narrative of Band of Brothers. Their dynamic has obvious romantic overtones.

First Times

Summary: Killian’s first sexual experiences with women were often subpar; what will happen if his first with a man is as well? (Part II of The Heart Knows But Can’t Explain)
Rating: E
Notes: I’m stuck in this Captain Charming trash bin and can’t seem to get out. Oh well. @mahstatins​ had a bad day yesterday so this is dedicated to her, but it’s also for the rest of us in the bin.

This story is romantic Captain Charming, and it’s smutty, so if that’s not your thing, GOOD NEWS you don’t have to read it and can go about your day, and we’ll all be happy and everything will be fine. The rest of you lot, here ya go.


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BoB Oliver & Company AU

Sort of.  And damnit, I made that post using a Dodger gif and started singing the song and remembered I had a dumb idea for this AU a while back.  So now you all get to hear it.  Too bad, lol.

  • Web gets tossed out for being gay.  His credit cards, bank account, everything is gone, and he just has the clothes on his back and a backpack of personal items.  He can’t call his best friend, Nix, and beg off help, despite knowing Nix would take him in and his bf, Dick, wouldn’t mind.  So, he’ll just have to do what he can to stand on his own two feet.
  • That doesn’t go so well.  About day three he meets Lieb, who finds him asking the sidewalk vendor to just run the card one more time cause did his parents seriously shut off everything?  He somehow gets roped into being a distraction while Lieb rips the guy off, but Lieb probably wasn’t counting on Web being able to keep up with him, let alone follow to where his ragtag gang hangs out.
  • Said crew is a bunch of petty thieves that take care of each other.  The place they live is a dump, but it keeps the weather out and they have food.  Most of the time.  They’re led by a scary looking guy named Speirs.  There’s also Guarnere, Toye, and Luz.  Lieb doesn’t like it, but Speirs welcomes Web in.
  • (Yes, I’m basically implying that Web is Oliver, Lieb is Dodger, Speirs is Rita, Luz is Tito, and, well, I’m not really sure Guarnere or Toye fit as Francis and Einstein, but the set-up was close enough, alright?)

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Top 10 Dragon Reads!

Calling all bookdragons! Need more fire-breathing in your life? Craving a bit of danger? Then look no further—we’ve gathered a thunder of dragon reads in this epic list! These majestic creatures may only live on the page, but we can still dream about having one for a pet, right?

Legion by Julie Kagawa

Ember Hill combines girl power with dragon power, making her an unstoppable force of awesome—whether she’s facing off against the dragonslaying Order of St. George, or an even more sinister evil. Epic twists and turns await in this fourth chapter of The Talon Saga—and we’re not just describing a dragon in flight.

The Black Witch by Laurie Forest

When Elloren Gardner arrives at Verpax University she’s thrust into a world of shape-shifting Lupines, Elves, fearsome Icarals and—wait for it—dragons! Forging unexpected friendships with the very people she’s been taught to hate and fear, Elloren might even risk breaking the laws of her world to protect everyone’s favorite wind riders.

Heartstone by Elle Katharine White

This retelling of Pride & Prejudice is not only a romance, but an epic fantasy, too, with dragons and warriors fighting off monsters to keep the kingdom safe. Move over, Mr. Darcy, and say hello to your new book boyfriend, Alastair Daired!

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The main ships and their relationship w jeaulosy?


  • low key both jealous bitches
  • dick is more resigned to it. nix is his own person, not his property. he can do what he wants, and talk to whoever he wants to. dick trusts nix. he loves him. nix can do whatever he feels like.
  • (that doesn’t stop him from seething whenever he sees someone getting a little too handsy with nix. he never makes a show out of it, and never voices it; he’s just a little more passionate with nix later that night.)
  • nix, on the other hand
  • nix just doesn’t care
  • nix gets VERY jealous, and has no problem admitting it. he’s a master at sidling up next to dick and making it very clear that this man is his lover. with a few well-placed words and a glance, he can make the ill-advised flirter regret every choice they’ve ever made.


  • SPEIRS takes being possessive to a whole new level.
  • like lip, lip is the low-key sort of jealous. he’ll get quiet, watchful, a little darker. he won’t say anything, but he’ll be quietly steaming until he manages to get speirs alone. that’s when he makes it clear just how seeing his boyfriend flirted with made him feel.
  • (speirs thinks seeing lip jealous is the hottest thing in the world.)
  • this is a man who is very good at intimidating people, and who is absolutely not afraid to do it. speirs is just… he’s… creepy, okay? when he wants to be, he’s absolutely terrifying. he’s like the creeping shadow of death. you never know when he’s going to appear, but he will appear, and he will be the last thing you see before you die.
  • people don’t try to flirt with lip. they just don’t.
  • (they’re also The Communication Couple. if they’re jealous, they talk it out with each other, and make sure to establish how they feel so there’s no confusion. all the couples talk to each other when they’re jealous, but speirs and lip are the ones who are most often on the same page.)


  • babe isn’t a very jealous person, just because he trusts gene so much. he’s sure he would never do anything to hurt him.
  • also babe is kind of oblivious to flirting in general, so he doesn’t pick up on it when someone is flirting with gene. babe’s brain automatically goes to “friendly” and stays there. hand on his shoulders? how nice! a lot of laughing? yeah, his gene is hilarious!
  • unfortunately, this obliviousness goes both ways.
  • definitely both ways. babe doesn’t… notice things. flirting goes straight over his head, and it’s fine for him, but it drives gene crazy.
  • gene’s the one who really gets jealous. he’s not afraid to be aggressive about it. he’ll get really worked up, and start silently intimidating whoever is flirting with his boyfriend. babe tends not to notice…
  • until gene drags him into the nearest bathroom or elevator and slams him against the wall, kissing the hell out of him. 


  • okay, lets be honest, they’re both jealous as a hungry dog at the dinner table.
  • web likes to pretend he’s above all that, because he’s a mature adult, and he was “raised with self-respect and class”. but then he sees someone hanging off of joe’s arm, his eyes flash green, and a tiny little switch inside of him just flips. he loses pretty much all self-awareness, because that is someone touching his man.
  • joe, on the other hand, is absolutely shameless. does anyone really think they can get with his boyfriend? especially right in front of him? haha u wish bitch
  • they will jump each other. in public. do you think they have any remorse? hell no. they will show everybody where they stand with each other in the most public display possible. they will be in each other’s laps, climbing all over each other. they’ve gotten kicked out of places because one of them got a little jealous.


  • it’s mostly just luz, to be honest. luz has a real ugly jealous streak, and he’s not afraid to assert it whenever he feels like his man is being threatened.
  • he’s kind of… shameless. he’s not afraid to sit down right in joe’s lap if he senses someone is coming on to his boyfriend. if he needs to kiss him square on the lips, he will – and smirk over his shoulder at the flirter for good measure.
  • joe is a lot more subtle. he won’t come right out and do anything, but he’ll send the other person his patented Death Glare. that’s the end of them – they won’t be stupid enough to try anything else.
  • (luz thinks joe’s jealousy is the hottest thing in the world, and he’s more than happy to let him know it.)

Ooo~ I’m so so happy with my commissions from @iwel-san Her art style is absolutely adorable!!! Not to mention she was able to capture all of their personalities perfectly~ All the little details *v* Spirit’s scythe arm and cheeky grin, Gane’s attitude (I swear this is the only time he’s ever looked freakin’ adorable as hell), Tzal’s sass, Rai’s cuteness and little birdie Nix, and Almos all mysterious with that smirk. I love them all! 💙❤️💚💛💜

You guys should definitely go commission her! She’s so sweet and patient!

Nadia Sings Shape of You
  • Nadia: last night you were in my room 🎶
  • MC: hahah, yeah, that was fun; that cake you gave me was really-
  • Nadia: no one can find out I'm sorry I'm gonna have to behead you-

So since people have been talking about Fianite recently, I kinda wanna give my two cents on the matter. (Even if she is, ya know, not really in the story anymore..?)

So I am convinced that Fianite is definitely no goddess, but is instead a type of trickster. More specifically, I think she could be based a little bit on a Nix. Now, to start, I am not European, and thus my basic knowledge of Nixies/Nøkken/any variation of such comes from Google research, so I’m very sorry if I get some stuff wrong.

But basically, Nixies are shapeshifting water spirits. Nixies often try to lure people into the water, where they end up drowning. Some stories sometimes talk about how they made deals that always had some sort of darker twist on it.

Now, we know Fianite is a ‘mermaid’. She also claimed to have made Harvey’s rod. A rod that was super good, but had the curse of binding on it. Binding that was strong enough that it wouldn’t come off even when the holder died. Then, at one point, we saw Fianite using others’ voices to speak. She also seemed to have shapeshifted into a parrot. (Though, I admit that I could have misinterpreted that scene, and thus the parrot wasn’t actually Fianite?) And when Taylor interrogated her, she did take the rod away from Omelette, but then she gave it right back to him. Not to mention the rod was constantly trying to drag Omelette into the water. And that definitely could have killed him, especially in his already weakened state.

All of these actions point to a sort of mischievous, trickster-like nature. And then of course, don’t you think playing the role of a god is certainly the ultimate trick?