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So originally this was written for the Fairytale Event last month, but I never finished it and now apparently I have because I’m on some sort of shapeshifter kick involving Nigel as a wolf. Hope you enjoy. 


There are a certain number of blocks between Adam’s apartment and his grandmother’s house. Thirteen last time he counted, holding his father’s hand as they headed there on a warm Sunday afternoon when he was twelve. 

His father stopped walking him there when Adam was older saying cars were more efficient, though they both knew his bones too worn and sore, so now that Dad was gone the idea of going alone was odd. 

But it was Grandmother’s eighty third birthday and she had called four times this morning reminding him, “I’m an old woman, Addie. Do not leave me alone on my day.”

So Adam started his journey after having his regular breakfast, putting on his red hooded jacket as the sun shined big and bright above him. He counted blocks as he went, eyeing the familiar bars and stores as he went past them.

Five blocks in he got confused, stopping at an odd building he’d never seen before. 

Big Bad Bar, the sign read. He remembered driving past with his father once just last a few months before, seeing the motorcycles and the leather clad bikers who owned them. 

Now the bikes were parked outside and he could smell cigarette smoke and beer that made him pause. 

The emblem on the sign was indicative of it being a wolf bar, and though Adam was human he was certain they’d be nice enough about helping him with directions. 

Though he’d never met a wolf before. 

He took some steps forward, reaching out with one hand to pull the door just as it opened and someone came barreling into him. 

Adam had no time to stop himself from falling and was bracing for impact with the sidewalk but instead found himself in someone’s embrace. 

The wolf that held him wasn’t horribly large but he was imposing, warm and smelling of cigarettes more than beer. 

“My, my,” the wolf purred, fangs showing, “What big eyes you have little one.”

Adam entangled from the wolf, dizzy as he righted himself. “My eyes aren't any bigger than yours.”

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What Big Eyes You Have by nightliferogue (click for ao3)


Doodled a crap ton of Noogles over the past couple of days and had these on my phone so I thought “why not post them?” So ye here have them xD

Adam Raki and the Accidental Nurse

Today is my darling @hotsauce418‘s birthday and the trash possum extraordinaire requested some Spacedogs sickfic. So happy birthday hotty, I hope you enjoy <3<3<3

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“Fucking cocksucking asshole cab drivers!”

If he looked at it objectively, Nigel would probably allow that there was a reason cab drivers tended not to stop for him. Six foot of glowering, tattooed Romanian was probably enough to make even your most toughened Californian cabbie lock all his doors, let alone the pussies who drove in this hoity-fucking-toity neck of the woods. Objectivity was not, however, one of Nigel’s strong points, so instead he elected to continue growling obscenities at the entire cab-driving profession as he moved down towards the back of the bus he’d been forced to mount in lieu of any other transport options.

“Motherfucking dick hole son of a fucking whore!”

“Could you please refrain from swearing until you have left the bus, please?”

Nigel swung to find the source of the soft but direct complaint, fully anticipating a welcome chance to knock some cheeky fucker’s face in. What he found, instead, was a face he wouldn’t wish to see damaged by his or any other fists for all the money in the world. Bright blue eyes, wide and innocent looking, were set in a pale, smooth-skinned face, and set off by waves of brown hair, just coming loose from the neat, careful shape they had been tamed into. Nigel took in the young man sitting opposite him, the old man clothes and stiff demeanour not remotely dimming his beauty, and immediately decided to switch from offensive to charm offensive.

He grabbed the rail above the kid’s seat and hung off it, leaning down with a smile to say, “My apologies, gorgeous, I didn’t realise I was being so uncouth. I’d hate to think I made you uncomfortable.”

The kid crossed his arms in front of himself, not meeting Nigel’s gaze, and said, “I don’t like loud noises or swearing, they make me uncomfortable. In addition, I have a very bad headache and am not feeling very well, so I would appreciate it if you could wait until you are further away before continuing your tirade. And my name is Adam,” he added. “Please don’t call me gorgeous, it is demonstrably untrue and therefore either you are mocking me, or attempting to use an endearment inappropriate for someone you have just met.”

Nigel blinked, and then gave Adam a slow look up and down. “Darling, I’m not sure what you see when you look in the mirror, but from here you are very evidently the most gorgeous thing in this whole damn state.”

At this, Adam flicked his eyes up to Nigel’s for a fraction of a second before he looked away again. He sighed and said, “I can’t tell if you mean what you say. Normally I would attempt to understand, but I’m really not feeling well enough to do so today. My stop is not far away, would you mind if we don’t talk anymore?”

“I don’t mind darling,” Nigel grinned. He was suddenly very glad to have taken the fucking bus this once, if it meant getting to sit next to this strange, pretty kid for a little while. “But in return, might I sit with you, seems like all the other seats are taken. Promise to keep my trap shut,” he added, holding his hands up as Adam narrowed his eyes. The kid peered at him – or at least, near to him – for another moment, then gave a curt nod of his head, and moved a little to the side to make space for Nigel.

True to his word, Nigel didn’t utter another syllable. He did, however, take advantage of Adam’s resolutely front-facing gaze to look his fill. At first, he simply admired the kid’s trim figure, his long legs and the way his surprisingly broad shoulders tapered into a slim waist. Eventually, though, he lifted his gaze above the kid’s neck and began to get concerned. There was sweat on Adam’s brow, and high colour in his cheeks. He hadn’t been lying when he said he was sick.

“Adam, I know I said I would be quiet, but you don’t look good, darling. Are you going to be ok?” The question drew no response, and Nigel began to get truly worried at the glassy look in Adam’s eyes. He was about to try again when the bus started to slow, and Adam stood jerkily, swaying a little as he gathered his things. Apparently this was his stop. Reluctantly, Nigel stood to let him past, already wondering if he should offer to see the kid home, if that would be unwelcome to this closed off young man. His mind was made up for him, though, when Adam fainted clean into his arms.

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A very, very, late birthday gift for @hotsauce418

There were more of them today.

Tall, loud things that wanted to touch him and he didn’t want to be touched.

Star shied away from them, often growling his displeasure but never biting.

It wasn’t worth it to bite.

The tall things called him all types of names, “Cutie” and “Adorable” most often but he liked “Star” the best.

The slight coloring on his head looked like one, or so he’d heard the tall ones say. Star had never seen himself before.

He’d been born under the stars, cold and scared without a mother to warm him and found not long after by a tall thing named Harlan.

This day was particularly loud. The tall things had brought small ones, and Star growled as they pulled on his ears.

“That one looks like shit, don’t he?”

The voice perked up his ears, Adam turned towards the noise and seeing a tall one take out one of the others and make noises that he shouldn’t like.

But he had never liked the tall ones noises before this one, and in his eagerness he barked loudly to catch attention.

“Awe, someone wants a fucking hug doesn’t he?”

The tall one next to him laughed.

“He’s a scraggly one, Nigel. How’s he gonna protect the fucking stuff?”


Star put his feet up on the glass, barked loudly and licked at the hand Nigel laid over his cage.

“I’ll just fucking take him home with me then, asshole.”

“You getting that fucking lonely without Gabi darling? I’ll keep you company!”

He saw Nigel push off the other tall one, and whined loudly as the hand was taken away.

Don’t leave, he wanted to yell.

Take me home, he wanted to beg.

Instead he heard Nigel call out, “Let me hold that one.”

Star jumped up in his excitement and rushed to the door he knew the other tall ones opened up.

He sat still, waited to be leashed and when he was taken to the tall one called “Nigel.” Star eagerly went into his arms.

Nigel was happy, he smiled and was eager to pet which Star craved. He whimpered and leaned into the touch, eyes closed when Nigel said, "Look at that,” while he touched under his chin.


“He’s got a little mark under his chin like a star.”


Nigel held him close, when Darko leaned in. “Huh.”

“Star,” Nigel lifted Adam’s nose, “You look like a star to me.”

Star licked his mouth and he laughed, “What an eager little thing you are, Star. Such a good boy.”

Star had never been told that before and liked the sound of it.

He left with Nigel on a leash, a tight collar on his neck. The other tall one with Nigel kept trying to touch him. Star didn’t like it and growled before he tried to bite him.

“Stupid little shit!”

Nigel scooped him up and Star rushed to burrow closer.

“He’s a fucking dog, Darko!”

“Little shit tried to bite me!”

Star licked Nigel’s hand and liked the smile the tall one gave him. “You’re an asshole, why wouldn’t he?”

They left in a big thing and Star felt worry sink in. He didn’t want to go back. He hoped Nigel liked him.

Darko tried to touch again as they went away, the thing they sat in moving very fast.

Star bit him hard and whimpered when the other tall one pulled on his neck. Nigel batted his hand away and growled, “Stop fucking touching him Darko!”

Star licked Nigel’s chin and felt very safe.

They left the moving thing and went to what Star hoped was home. The inside smelled much like Nigel, he lifted his head up and peeked around thankful that Darko didn’t follow.

“We’re home.”

Nigel sat Star down and laughed when Star ran around excitedly, feeling ready to make but not wanting to get in trouble. He ran up to Nigel, barked, and pulled on his leg.

“You gotta shit, Star?”

Star barked again a few times and they were off.

A walk around outside after he’d done his business was the perfect end to today. Nigel talked about things Star didn’t understand but liked hearing about. They stopped in the park and he fell asleep watching stars, happier than ever before.

Things went on like this for how long Star wasn’t sure.

But the arrival of the tall thing Gabi changed it all.

Nigel didn’t like her, they yelled and he broke things when that tall Gabi thing left. Though sometimes they went into the room and had sex, loud noise that Star didn’t like and she always left before Nigel woke up. He didn’t pet Star much then, the only touch Star got was lying beside Nigel at night.

The Gabi tall thing came back more times and Nigel had paper he threw, calling out words Star didn’t know.

Nigel hugged Star close after and mumbled, “At least you love me, Darling.”

He smiled when Star licked his cheek, "I wonder if you’d love me still if you weren’t a dog.”

Nigel fell asleep and smelled odd again but Star wiggled under his arm, happy to be close again.

The very next morning, Star woke up feeling very strange. He felt like he had to make and barked, nuzzling Nigel’s neck before biting his ear.

Nigel laughed and went to push him off but suddenly jumping up, cursing.

“Who the fuck?”

Star sat up and went to stretch, looking down and seeing skin.

“Where’s my fur? I’m very cold.”

Nigel blinked, reaching out to lift Star’s chin to see the star there. “Star?”

Star licked his hand, “You smell a lot less good this way, but I think I have to ‘take a shit’ so can we go for a walk?”

Nigel closed his eyes and groaned.

“I’m fucking hallucinating. This…”

Star moved over to him and wrapped his arms around Nigel tight. “Oh I like this. Do you like this?”

He sighed when Nigel pet his head, “Fuck, this is insane.”

Star looked up at him.

“I’m a tall thing now?”

Nigel touched his cheek.

“A tall thing?”

“Like you.”

Nigel sighed. “Yes, Star. I think you are.”

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Puppy Love


David Tennant and Freema Agyeman - Out and about

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"care to give me a back scratch?" ....spacedogs?? I am not a trash possum....I'm uh, someone else

Oh yes, you’re definitely not any trash possum I know. But, you know, just in case a certain trash possum I do know of is interested, I’m going to tag @hotsauce418​. Better safe than sorry and all.

Also this is me wading into the waters of a/b/o with a little Alpha!Adam and Omega!Nigel. Sorry not sorry.

Tired and bored of work, Nigel tossed his phone onto an end table and turned his attention to Adam.

Adam was sat on the sofa, an expression on his face far too serious for someone who was watching a film on TV. He attacked every task with a level of focus and determination that left Nigel unable to resist touching him up and teasing him until he put a smile on his face.

He watched Adam’s eyes follow the characters on screen for a moment, and then heaved himself onto the sofa, face down in Adam’s lap.

“Care to give me a back scratch, gorgeous?” he asked, arching his shoulder blades up for effect.

Without taking his eyes off the screen, Adam ran his fingers over Nigel’s back, short nails digging in in all the right places. Nigel groaned.

“Your heat must be coming soon,” Adam said absently.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you always demand more affection from me within forty-eight hours of your heat arriving,” Adam explained as he picked at a small bump he’d found near Nigel’s shoulder. Nigel shifted around, squirming away from his touch until he returned to scratching.“It’s likely due to the hormonal shifts you’re experiencing.”

Adam slipped his hand beneath Nigel’s shirt. His fingers were cold, and Nigel shivered as they moved up his spine. Above him, Adam huffed out a soft laugh.

Adam wasn’t wrong. Maybe it was part of Nigel’s personality, or maybe it was his years of posturing to hide the fact that he was an omega, but short of four days every month Nigel publicly took the role of dominant partner. But then his hormones would shift and it would come. Behind closed doors Nigel would find himself rubbing up against Adam, as desperate for attention as a barn cat. It made his face go red just thinking about it.

In a world of nature versus nurture, nature always had to fucking win out in the end.

“You little shit,” Nigel mumbled. He pressed his face into the soft skin of Adam’s stomach. “You keeping notes about me like a science experiment?”

“No. I’m just stating an observation.”

“What other ‘observations’ have you made about me, gorgeous?”

Adam ran his nails around the curve of Nigel’s shoulder blade. Goosebumps sprung up on his skin. While Adam considered the question, Nigel busied himself with wedging an arm between Adam’s back and the sofa, so he could wrap his arms around his waist and keep him close.

Adam smelled so sweet. Like soap, and the spices he’d used while making their dinner. Nigel inhaled deeply, scenting him.

“You pretend to like beer, but whenever we go out you end up drinking half of my cocktail instead. Your nose twitches when you’re upset,” Adam said. “You seem to enjoy receiving affection more than giving it, but you’re reluctant to admit it. You only ever ask for it during your heat and I don’t understand why.”

Nigel turned his head, just enough to peer up at Adam. Adam had taken his eyes off the TV entirely in favor of watching his fingers move beneath the fabric of Nigel’s t-shirt.

Nigel nuzzled his stomach. “Damn. Read me like a book, didn’t you?”

“No. The books I read are difficult to understand,” Adam said with a smile. “You’re mostly very easy.”

Very carefully, Nigel untangled himself from Adam’s lap so that he could sit up. He kissed Adam, nuzzling their noses together when he drew back.

“What did I ever do to deserve a sweet little alpha like you?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Adam said, puzzled frown creeping onto his face. Nigel kissed it away. “But Nigel, if you want affection from me, you don’t have to hold back until your heat. I enjoy touching you and making you happy.”

“I know, darling. Old habits die hard, I guess,” Nigel said. “You going to stay home and fuck me when my heat gets here? Keep me feeling good?”

“Of course. My work has special leave for mated alphas, you know that.”

Adam’s voice was serious, but the way a grin played about the corners of his mouth told Nigel he was only winding him up. Nigel stood and, before Adam could stop him, swept his alpha into his arms and carried him off towards the bedroom. Adam laughed and clutched at his shoulders.

“Then why not practice until then?” Nigel asked and kicked the bedroom door shut behind them.

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Adam the Rabbit

Adam the Rabbit created by FlyingRotten

Inspired by Adam Raki of Adam (2009) (by Max Mayer)
And Animal Crossing series (by Nintendo)

• Size 3 & 3.5 mm crochet hook
• Felt :
  - blue
  - purple
  - red
• Yarn :
  - light blue (Ciel - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
  - ligh blue-green (Ce - Super Baby [3 mm] by Phildar)
  - blue (Porcelaine - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
  - turquoise (Piscine - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
  - white (Blanc - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
  - red (Pavot - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
  - yellow (Orge - Partner 3.5 by Phildar)
 - dark brown (Marron foncé - Basic Merino [3.5-4] by Katia)

He is the one who makes me think :
I want to create this one ! I want to try to crochet this cute boy !

Not really satified for his eyes… Maybe I will put white felt in place of white wool.

Thank you FlyingRotten for telling me what color was the tail of this little rabbit.
It’s the little sun of Nigel”, she said.

BONUS : Behind the scenes

OK Computer, 20 Years Later

Rolling Stone has a few quotes from Radiohead and Nigel on the beginning of the band’s career and the making of OK Computer. Some select Nigel quotes: 

“Thom called me a few months after I thought the album was done and asked if I could record them in their rehearsal space. We did three or four songs, including “Black Star.” It felt like the adults were away and we could work without any restrictions. It also became very, very clear that Thom is a very, very gifted writer. I remember he’d just written “Subterranean Homesick Alien” while we were doing The Bends. He’d sit there with his little book on his knees turning the pages. This wasn’t “Anyone Can Play Guitar.” It was much more on point.“

We were recording in, essentially, a cork box without a toilet. It was out in the countryside next to a field with some cows in it, and a power station in the distance.

And after a while we thought, “OK we’ve done really well, but we need a change of scene. I think we deserve something a little bit more luxurious.” - Nigel on recording at Canned Applause

“The people who had sold us gear had set up the Cure to make [Wild Mood Swings] there. It had been proofed as a space. And we just went down there and it was really very nice. I mean, why would you go into a space where people had done the same thing a thousand times? It’s like using a public toilet. Why wouldn’t you just go and find your own? Throughout my career one of the things I’ve loved doing the most is just setting up in weird spaces.

It was the band and me and Peter “Plank” [Clements] who was their roadie. Literally, it was just me working on the album. I didn’t have an assistant; I didn’t have any help. Plank had never been in the studio before, but he’d help me lugging the stuff around. It was the seven of us plus the cook and Mango, Jane’s cat. The gatekeeper looked over the cat. He’d say, ‘Don’t let the cat in the TV room since it pisses on the carpet.’

We recorded in the ballroom, which had a beautiful wooden floor and a wooden panels with a big Medieval tapestry on the wall, which is perfect. It sounded beautiful. There was sort of a corridor in between, and the other side was this amazing library space, which is a lovely dead space to set a control room. At the top there was a nursery, which was full of soft toys, which it sounds really good. And then stone rooms and stuff like that. Outside, there was an orangery attached to the building where we ended up recording a lot of vocals in.

Visitors would come and go on weekend. [Thom’s girlfriend] Rachel [Owen] came. At the end of the second three-week session we felt like we used it up. We were like, “We shouldn’t have come back. We should have gone somewhere else.” But it was fine. When it was done we went to studio for a few odds and sods and then we started mixing.“ - Nigel on recording at St. Catherine’s Court

“The drum loop on [Airbag] was inspired by DJ Shadow. It’s a departure from a rock band. What happened was I told Thom and Phil to sit there for a couple of hours and create a drum loop. And a day and a half later, they were like, "OK, we’ve got it.” But it wasn’t very exciting sounding, so I ran it through Jonny’s pedal board. And we just did three takes of him just like doing all sorts of shit to it and we put it all in.“ 

“When we started at Canned Applause they would play [Paranoid Android] linearly. Nothing really happened with the outro. It just spun and spun and it got very Deep Purple and went off. Then it was like, “We’re going to change sonically what happens in the middle, so it’s a jump.” At the end, Thom came up with the whole thing about the delaying the band coming in. So the moment we think it should go up, he just goes around on the acoustic. I thought that was very clever.

We had to put different sections of the song together from completely different parts. We had to fake and tape-edit to make the different sections of it go into each other. It’s a very hard thing to explain, but it’s all on 24-track and it runs through. But I had to do a sort of pretty snazzy … I was very pleased with myself. I sort of stood there and said, “You guys have no idea what I’ve just done.” It was pretty clever.

“We listened to Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison a lot. At the beginning of “Exit Music” the voice comes in very loud, and that was something that struck from from Johnny Cash. We also listened to Remy Zero a lot. Colin was really into that. Pet Sounds too.

We recorded [Let Down] in the orangery. If you go to a recording studio, the best thing you’re going to get is the kind of clichéd video of people in the studio, you know? But if I set you up in that corner here, you’ll always remember this room and you’ll be inspired by that plant or whatever. It brings a different sort of thing to it.

“Karma Police” was recorded as a song in completion, and then when we went to a proper studio to go and record some piano. Thom and I went out for a pint and he sort of complained about how he didn’t like the second half. “Can we construct something from scratch?” It’s the first time we’d done that. From the middle section to the outro, it’s a completely different technique of building up a song. It’s not like the band playing. It’s just samples and loops and his sort of thing over the top, which sort of was the forerunner of a lot of things to come, good or bad.

“I remember working downstairs in the library space. Dan [Stanley Donwood] had been upstairs writing short stories and getting Fred [the nickname for their Apple Macintosh] to speak them and he’d send them to his dad. He was just having this kind of conversational discourse, which we all thought was hilarious. But Thom had disappeared for a few hours. And he came down and just said, “Oh, I did this.” Played it. And it’s like, “Fuck. That’s perfect.”

Fred’s voice is so unemotional. I’ve always been interested in voice synthesis, because it’s such a sort of bizarre juxtaposition of technology, trying to communicate verbally, which is what we do naturally. It’s a very, very, very flat kind of delivery. And so that was clearly something that moved all of us. And then he had his Dictaphone stuff, which had the piano on it, which is just him at home. And I had all of those electronic sounds of stuff that I was just making out of experimental stuff in the studio. And then Jonny scored the strings to his piano thing and Thom added some dialogue from Three Days of the Condor he’d taped off the TV.” - Nigel on Fitter, Happier

We did [Lucky] in five hours. They were actually on the road. I had only heard the song on a cassette. They showed up and we set up – they played it the night before onstage. So they’d worked it out and we just did it and I mixed it. And I tried later on to sort of remix it [during the OK Computer sessions] and it was like, “No, it’s fine.” That really is the beginning of OK Computer, that day.

“Something would come on the radio and [Thom] would look at me funny and I’d be like, “What are you so upset about?” He’d be huffing and puffing like someone copied him. I’d say, “You’re just imagining it. Look, it’s a guitar with some drums behind it. You didn’t invent that. You were copying someone else. Just relax.” I think that’s a byproduct of being so focused on what he wanted to do that he figures he’s the only person that’s ever had that idea. [As far the Travis comparisons] I just think that’s lazy journalism. It’s a guy singing in falsetto with an acoustic guitar. But if that’s what made him go away and do something different, at least it lead to more interesting times.” - Nigel on Thom’s reaction to similar sounding artists, in the wake of OK Computer