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If you're still doing these maybe the courier with Raul reacting to meeting the FO4 companions after realizing they've wandered a bit to far from Vegas ?

(It’s mostly Raul reacts loool )

Hancock- Six pushes Raul and Hancock together to talk before introducing him to anyone else. “Is it racist to assume ghouls want to hang with other ghouls?” the younger ghoul asks,“There really isn’t a word for it. Necrosist? Ghoulist?” Raul scratches at the back of his neck and admits he doesn’t know. It’s not like they really have much to talk about. They’re literally centuries apart in age.
“I like your mustache,” Hancock awkwardly compliments. Raul backs out of the conversation while he’s busying himself with a hit of Jet and both of them are thankful not to have to talk to each other anymore.

Preston- The kid is polite, “yes sir, no sir, thank you sir”, but between him and Hancock, both Six and Raul wonder if it’s just a thing in the Commonwealth to dress like a founding father. Raul considers hanging up the vaquero outfit for awhile. Six tells him he’d look damn good in a red coat with a tri-corner hat and he’s inclined to agree.

Codsworth- Mr. Handy bots are rare to come by in the Mojave, even rarer to find ones that weren’t whirring a buzzsaw at you. Codsworth is arguably the most hospitable person either Mojave residents have ever met. He makes them cups of tea (out of what, neither are sure) and Six finds themselves missing Lily’s baking, the burnt cookies would make an excellent pairing to this unsweetened tea. Raul just takes the opportunity to order the Mr Handy unit around. It’s rare he gets to kick his feet up and be the boss and he enjoys every minute of it.

Piper- She asks Six a dozen questions about the alleged army of Securitrons they have under their command, the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the truth behind their relationship with the mysterious Mr. House, what really happened to the man that shot them, the nature of the cybernetic implants they’ve received, and if the rumors that they unlocked the secret of Sunset Sasparilla star bottle caps were factual. Six instead talks about the time they beat up a bunch of old ladies that tried to kill them with rolling pins. Raul corroborates.

Curie- The shine in her eyes makes Raul think of Rafaela, the shape of her face pulling Claudia into his thoughts as well. The second it looks like Six might make a move on her, Raul tears them away by their shirt collar, chastising them in Spanish. He has a short aside with Sole after most have turned in for the night. He makes sure to flex his skills with a pistol, just in case Sole’s intent towards “hermanita” drifts into ugly waters.

MacCready- He can’t stop asking about Six being shot in the head. “What’d it feel like? Did you black out right away or like… feel around the hole? What about the guy who did it?” are just some of the rapid fire questions. They show off the scars, describe in sickening detail the sound of their own skull splitting open in their ears and the taste of dirt in their mouth. What should have deterred the young man only made him want to hear more. Six is more than open about the experience, but some of the details make even Raul squirm.

Nick- Raul is fascinated by Nick’s inner workings, Nick isn’t too fond of a stranger poking around inside him. It takes some convincing (and a little pleading) before he allows the old ghoul to crack him open to look at a fried circuit that’s been bothering the detective for a month. It’s too close to his spinal column for comfort. Six peeks over Raul’s shoulder the entire time and comments on everything, including the port that looks like a little brass heart in his back (“That is the cutest fuckin’ thing I’ve ever seen holy shit.” “Boss, give us a little space, will ya? …It is pretty cute though, Nicky. Just saying.”). Once that’s done, the two find some common ground, both being on the older, creaky, beaten up side, and chat over tequila and cigarettes. Raul wonders why the synth smokes in the first place.

Danse- The trash can mutters something Raul guesses is derogatory when he catches sight of the ghoul in Sanctuary. “Like we need more freaks” is his best interpretation. Raul is so used to this response, he isn’t really affected. He pretends not to hear a thing. Six, meanwhile, blisters at the underhanded comment. They bark increasingly harsh insults at the taken aback soldier until they’ve got the power armor clad giant in a corner, unleashing every insult Raul has taught them with a near poetic fluency. Theoretically, Raul could step in, prove himself the bigger man and let the paladin off easy. Then again, he’s never claimed to be a better man than anyone. It’s a bit too fun to watch Six snap anyway.

Deacon- An hour after arriving in Sanctuary, Deacon pops up in Raul’s vaquero costume with a pair of pop guns, hollering bastardized Spanish in an accent reminiscent of a Pre-War cartoon mouse. No one is sure how he got either, and he doesn’t have them for long. He’s temporarily banned from interacting with the courier’s party. (“Deacon, we talked about this.” “Yeeeah… sorry, boss.” )

X6-88-  Once they learn he’s a synth, Six asks if he has a FISTO setting. Raul is mortified he has to remember carrying Six out of the run down building because their legs didn’t work and prays to god the courser doesn’t have a FISTO setting.

Cait- All she wants to hear about is Red Lucy and the Thorn, if Lucy really is as amazing as she sounds. Six makes a promise to introduce the two and tells her yes, Lucy is exactly as amazing as she sounds. Raul is reminded once more of an uncomfortable morning after. Red Lucy was a biter, and he caught a glimpse of her handiwork on Six’s backside when they were changing into their gear.

Strong- Neither are strangers to Super Mutants. Strong is about the only person Raul is immediately comfortable with, even if the big mutie tells him he’s weak for not fighting with his fists. Six challenges him to an ill-advised wrestling match. Curie is nice enough to patch them up afterwards.

Dogmeat- It’s nice to see a dog without mange, radiation sickness, or a glass dome on their skull with a brain floating inside it. Raul tells him all about the dog he had as a child, letting him lick the cup of tea he surmises is made from Hubflowers. Soon after, Six finds Dogmeat asleep against Raul’s side, and Raul snoring like a Yao Guai, both of them belly up. They throw a blanket over the two before retiring to the guest house.