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holy hell pls tell us more about maxime and antoine!!! they sound so precious and soft and i love them already

They played together in bantam and midget hockey, and then in the 2015 QMJHL draft, Maxime was taken third overall by the Victoriaville Tigres, and Antoine was taken second overall by the Acadie-Bathurst Titan. (This is not relevant to the story but I just wanna say that the FIRST overall that year was my exceptional boy Joe Veleno to the Saint John Sea Dogs ily Joe!)

So Victoriaville and Bathurst are kind of far apart, they’re not even in the same division :( So they played apart for two years and then the Ducks drafted Max 50th and Antoine 60th and Antoine started praying when he realized that he could be taken by the Ducks and then they DID and he cried and was trembling during his interview and said “It’s incredible and to experience it with Max too, it feels like a dream right now.” (Sorry for my shoddy French translation)

Max was supposed to go first round, but he fell in the draft rankings after the midseason which was disappointing but he’s thrilled now bc it means he got to be drafted with his best friend

I’ll be honest, I don’t know a lot about Antoine bc I hate Bathurst and didn’t care for that team at all, but I liked Max! Also go to the Ducks’ twitter: