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You may have seen my original post on my main blog thatqueerangel and you might recognize some of these

By popular demand I have DOUBLED the amount of disney women in space and edited older ones to a higher quality



So, if you love space and disney I sincerely suggest you go check these out (please, for me?)

  • Kraglin: How often do you sin?
  • Baby Groot: I am Groot (I don't sin)
  • Gamora: I sin a little.
  • Nebula: I sin sometimes.
  • Rocket: I sin a lot.
  • Peter: I'm sinning right now
take my mind and take my pain

(also known as the gamora angst idk who wanted besides myself lmao. anyway, read on ffn, ao3, or under the cut!)

Gamora stomps away without sparing him a glance.

Peter’s left watching after her with wide, worried eyes. As she disappears toward their shared personal quarters, he sighs, looking back to the rest of the team, whose pissed off expressions have quickly faded.

“Well.” Rocket blinks, his voice softening just enough to convey his own concern. “That’s a first.”

“I am Groot,” Groot says, making a move to follow Gamora, but Rocket shakes his head, pulling him back.

“Not right now, Groot. Best to let her calm down first.” Rocket looks up at Peter. “Gamora never loses her cool like that, ‘least not that I’ve ever seen. I’m sure Quill’s pissed her off like that before, though.”

Normally, Peter would respond to Rocket’s jab with just as much sarcasm and attitude, but everything is weird and Gamora really doesn’t ever blow up like that and Peter’s sure he’s about to shit his pants. “I actually haven’t.”

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Take my tablet away from me.

Oh, my stars.

Grillster stuff! My AU Gaster and regular Grillby for a friendo. c: The binary tool is one of my favorites because it’s really fun to use but at the same time it posed a challenge for Gaster’s robe. I cheated a little with a nebula brush but drew the stars myself. Was relaxing!

Trying to get their glasses right was not. I see you, several mistakes, but I’m too sleepy to deal with you right now.