little nebula

I believe it was Jesse Cox and the Scary Game Squad (and maybe a few others but I heard it from them first because I’m biased and watch them first so I can enjoy having the entire story spoiled or incredible crackpot theories or both) who pointed out Six looks an awful lot like a certain salt girl, and I ran with it. I’m actually really pleased how it came out compared to the original and vintage salt cartons I was looking at! I was going to have her mirror carried on her back instead of the Morton version’s umbrella but it didn’t look like it would make sense with her other hand occupied–so I at least replaced the salt with the creepy glittery darkness you see when breaking the doll collectibles. And she has a nome instead of a salt carton in her left hand and I honestly cackled when someone saw it and yelled at me about it

If you’d like to purchase the 8.5x11 print, 5x7 postcard, or a metallic pin this holiday weekend, you can get it at Anime Expo booth H11, or we’ll have the print up on our etsy store eventually.



You may have seen my original post on my main blog thatqueerangel and you might recognize some of these

By popular demand I have DOUBLED the amount of disney women in space and edited older ones to a higher quality



So, if you love space and disney I sincerely suggest you go check these out (please, for me?)

  • Kraglin: How often do you sin?
  • Baby Groot: I am Groot (I don't sin)
  • Gamora: I sin a little.
  • Nebula: I sin sometimes.
  • Rocket: I sin a lot.
  • Peter: I'm sinning right now