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You are challenged by Team Science Director Julie!

(Am I late to the Team Science train? I’m probably late.)

Anyways, the @scientificpokedex had a super cool design for Director Julie, and I had to draw it. A space lab coat? That’s awesome! 



You may have seen my original post on my main blog thatqueerangel and you might recognize some of these

By popular demand I have DOUBLED the amount of disney women in space and edited older ones to a higher quality



So, if you love space and disney I sincerely suggest you go check these out (please, for me?)


“Nebula Ponies are souls born from the collision of asteroids, withering of planets, and the death of stars.”

This is an OPEN SPECIES to anyone who would like to create a Nebula Pony! 

They can be any type of pony, earth, unicorn, or pegasus. The main trait they can have is an Orbit, where they have certain things that float around them. The most common Orbit is Meteorites, second is Moons, and third is Planets. Any Orbit is a smaller version of the real planet/moon/meteor somewhere in the galaxy or another.

Each type can have up to a certain amount of Orbits:

Meteorite: 15 Meteors

Moon: 10 Moons

Planet: 5 Planets

All Nebulas have gradient eyes, except for if they become a dead soul, in which their eyes turn black. A Nebula Pony is pronounced a dead soul when they have lost all of their Orbits, which happens if a planet dies, meteor crashes, etc. A live soul can gain more Orbits, but a dead soul can never regain them. 

Mother Galassia is an Alicorn figure I have made to be the leader of the species, and owns the galaxy they reside in. 

A Meteorite Orbit can only have common traits, Rares can only have theirs and Common, and Very Rare can have theirs, Rare, and common. After choosing an Orbit, you are allowed one trait from each column, depending on your Orbit. (Ex. Planet Orbit: Starry Eyes, Gradient Legs, Gradient Flank.)

Any questions? Feel free to ask! And have Fun!  I’d love to see what you come up with!


HQ!!AU┌  - (Starchild) Yamaguchi Tadashi~

Take my tablet away from me.

Oh, my stars.

Grillster stuff! My AU Gaster and regular Grillby for a friendo. c: The binary tool is one of my favorites because it’s really fun to use but at the same time it posed a challenge for Gaster’s robe. I cheated a little with a nebula brush but drew the stars myself. Was relaxing!

Trying to get their glasses right was not. I see you, several mistakes, but I’m too sleepy to deal with you right now.

We all think that Cosmog’s name was derived from, like, “cosmic smog“, right?

Well, perhaps that isn’t the true origin.

Have you heard of cosmogony? It’s the scientific study regarding the origin of the universe, a solar system, or an earth-moon system.

Quite fitting for a little nebula, as nebulae are stars yet to be born.


He approaches the crib and stands on a chair to look for any signs of reality in the baby’s appearance. She looks small, much smaller than Neal ever looked. She could be a doll, a lifeless toy brought to this world for girls to play with. But she’s supposed to become an actual girl herself and Roland can’t quite see how that –


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