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Ita-chan and Big brother Spain spot a handsome Frenchman approaching backstage.



I feel like Korra and Asami would never actually fight, like they’d just banter. and anything they’d “fight” about is stupid little things like “Korra Naga can’t sleep in bed she’s bigger than the bed” and “Asami you got grease all over the couch” and that they’d have that like nauseatingly happy relationship

today is a less weird day, mostly just sleepy

but apparently i wasn’t done drawing these two yet, oops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Since Bryan Konietzo has graced us with a gorgeous piece of art, some turtle-duck date night headcanons for my lok ships (ships haha more like boats get it):

  • Mako and Wu in another boat, Wu sitting in mako’s lap and alternating between kissing him and ordering him to make the boat go from one side of the pond to the other over and over again
  • Varrick standing on top of a turtle duck boat pretending to be a ship’s captain while Zhu Li frantically tries to get him to come down into the boat
  • Varrick tinkering with the propeller mechanism to make the boat go faster and Zhu Li manages to get him out of the boat just before it crashes
  • Varrick says something stupid and Zhu Li shoves him into the water then immediately pulls him back into the boat when he says he can’t swim
  • Mako fussing over his bf Wu and trying to keep him from hanging his feet over the side into the water because he’s worried Wu might fall in
  • Kai stealing things from the other couples in boats and then returning them and asking if they had lost it while Jinora pretends to be horrified but is actually giggling gleefully inside
  • Korra and Asami both being exhausted after long days of work and falling asleep on each other and not noticing until they bump into another boat and get jolted awake
  • Bolin seeing Korra and Asami making out in their boat and yelling across the water “Get a room you two!” and proceeding to get smacked by Opal
  • Korra turning the boat ride into an adventure using her bending, pretending they’re getting attacked by pirates and water monsters and sinking into a whirlpool
  • Varrick playing along with Korra’s adventure and becoming the pirate captain and “attacking” the other boats while Zhu Li steers and Asami yells out encouragement to Korra
  • Varrick and Korra’s pirate battle going too far and everyone ending up in the water laughing helplessly and splashing each other
  • Naga paddling faithfully after Korra and Asami’s boat and giving her best puppy dog face when she can’t fit on the boat

Mark eventually comes over with Jack and squeals when he sees Bethany. “God its been forever Darling. And I see youve got yourself a dog!!” She slings an arm around Jack and grins. “And hes a cutie, too! You lucky bastard~”

[Non-selective, any fandom or character welcome, human or otherwise.]

Rafe’s coils shift lazily behind him on the heated rocks, his higher vantage point keeping him mostly hidden while he stares down the slope. Moving behind a large boulder he blinks and looks down at the approaching creature. It was too far to tell at this point but who knows? It might be a fun game.

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Horror Headcanons - Accepting

✘ Have they ever committed a murder? - Thankfully no. At least not in her main verse. In the little AU I have with @sineatcr with adult Vipa she actually has killed someone out of revenge. And it was the only person she’s ever killed, and she honestly feels extremely guilty about it but she’d never take it back. The person deserved it, but that doesn’t mean Vipa has to feel happy about what she did.

▼ What is their greatest fear? - BEING. SENT. BACK. TO. THE. LAB. For the love of all that is holy Vipa dreads that possibility every single day that she’s free. She never wants to step foot near the damn place ever again if she can help it.

☣ Would they kill someone close to them if they had to? - Main Verse Vipa? Absolutely not. She couldn’t kill someone even if she out right hated them, let alone if they were close to her in any sense of the word. AU Vipa? Ahahahahaha, well she already has. Don’t ask her about it unless you’re close to her.

☠ Do they fear death? - EVERY FUCKING DAY OF HER LIFE. Vipa does not want to die. She’d rather live with the people she holds dear thank you very much.

¿ Are they easily frightened? - Omg yes. This poor child has been through a lot and it really makes her easy to scare. Although I doubt you really want to scare her, because if you do you either end up with a wailing child or a very skittish giant snake that could accidentally crush you under her tail.

♥ Have they ever acting out of heartlessness? - Hmmm, no. Vipa couldn’t be heartless if she tried. She’s acted out of rage and fear but never heartlessness.

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Headcanons - Accepting

☾ - sleep headcanon - Vipa sleeps in her Naga form very often if there’s enough room for her to do so! She likes big open spaces that are warm when she’s going to sleep but will settle for a bed if she absolutely has to aka if she’s traveling with other people and can’t sleep outside.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon - Boy. Boy. You have to do a fucking lot to get her to become angry or violent. Vipa is a sweet lil bean and hates fighting anything. She’ll actively avoid any kind of fight she finds herself in or close to.

But wooo fucking boy, when she does get angry? When you do push her to the point she gets violent? You better fucking run in the other direction because you are no longer dealing with a sweet little child anymore. When you get Vipa angry you’re now stuck dealing with a very violent Naga. If you piss her off during nighttime? Boi you’re fucked. Just accept death. There’s no escape. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD JIM.

♥ - family headcanon - LMAO What family? Okay, in all reality, Vipa sees other daemons as her ‘family’ in a sense, as she’s always referred to them as her ‘siblings’. But when it comes to humans? Anyone that’s remotely kind to her and that keeps her around them for a long period of time instantly becomes her form of a family. She’ll love you unconditionally as a result and will mostly likely become very loyal to you.

☮ - friendship headcanon - PLEASE OMG. Just. Be her friend okay? She loves her friends so much. This little baby. This precious little bean. She will love you so much? She does not like when her friends are sad? She will try to help friend smile! Okay but really she will do everything in her power to be there for her friends because she has never had one before. Once you have this child on your side you are stuck with her and her copious amount of love to give to the people she’s close to.

☼ - appearance headcanon - I mean? Here she is? I don’t know what else to add because that’s her. That’s what she looks like lol

[ Curious little snake ]

Ahh I made his eyes to big and adorable. He’s just curious about things that’s all.
Just a quick practice drawing for drawing more of Marik and stuff. Also practice for my new Apple Pencil which I adore I love the pressure sensitivity.
I also practiced a tiny bit with colouring and shading ect bleh it’s a bit messy but it’s just a practice, I’m planning to do more in a few days when it’s the weekend for me.

No but can I just say how overly ecstatic I am that Naga and Korra’s reunion was the first in Republic City?

Naga isn’t just any old pet, Naga is Korra’s best friend and animal guide. Throughout the seasons, Korra makes it clear that Naga was all she had as a friend growing up. She’d only known Mako, Bolin and Asami for perhaps a year or a little over a year before her disappearance. But Naga? She trained and raised her. They basically grew up together. Naga was there for Korra when nobody else was. I can just imagine little Korra crying for some reason and then little pup cub Naga comes along and licks her tears away and brings a smile to her face again.

This is an animal whose kind is feared and hunted by the Water Tribe. Yet, here she is, forever bonded with someone who is suppose to fear her. But of course it would be Korra who trains and raises an animal that everyone else fears. There are no words to express how much feels I am getting just by staring at this picture. I’m literally crying.

Naga will forever be before anyone for Korra. I don’t care who you ship. This was the most important reunion. It may have only been 6 months but their bond is unbreakable. Friends could come and go, but you don’t fuck with an Avatar and their animal guide.

Camillus’ home is tranquil for a reason, deep within the catacombs of the ruins there are hundreds of sleeping young Naga that he is made to watch over. They sleep so much that they’re rarely seen or heard. He’s thankful for this because there are far too many children for him to handle all at once.

He doesn’t mention it to travelers because it would alarm them but he does kindly ask that they are quiet.