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On this day in music history: August 16, 1962 - “I Call It Pretty Music, But… (The Old People Call It The Blues) Pts 1 & 2”, the debut single by Little Stevie Wonder is released. Written by Berry Gordy, Jr. and Clarence Paul, the young singer and musician (born Stevland Hardaway Judkins) is brought to Motown founder and chairman Berry Gordy’s attention by Miracles member Ronnie White after his brother Gerald sees Stevie perform at a friends house. White is so impressed, that he arranges for the then eleven year old to audition for Gordy. Motown quickly signs Stevie and pairs him with Motown staff producer and songwriter Clarence Paul.  It is Paul that gives the singer his professional surname after hearing someone exclaim, “that boy is a wonder!” Paul and Gordy co-write Wonder’s debut release, which features another newly signed Motown artist named Marvin Gaye playing drums on the song. Motown initially markets the twelve year old singer as “a young Ray Charles”. The two sides of the single stand in stark contrast from each other, with part one having a straight ahead uptempo R&B sound, while part two is slower and has a more traditional blues feel. Initial pressings of the 45 are issued in a picture sleeve showing Wonder singing into a microphone. Though “I Call It Pretty Music, But… (The Old People Call It The Blues) Pts 1 & 2” bubbles under the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at #101, and does not chart on the R&B singles chart, it marks the beginning of Stevie Wonder’s over fifty year association with Motown Records.

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Connor x theatre nerd! reader whereby he reader may ramble a lot idk mannn thanks anyway ily💛

Sorry it took so long! Here are some head cannons, my friend! And, whats this? Gender neutral? I hope so, at least! I tried the best I could! Let me know if I miss something!

WC: 596

Warnings: Swearing


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Headcanon that Will, although he loves his rock mixtapes and his grunge, ADORES Motown hits and also knows the words to every ABBA song


will love love loves grunge but catch him humming to his ABBA cassettes while he draws on a rainy day or singing little motown classics to himself while he’s at school or singing them to Mike while they’re in the kitchen at night making hot chocolate and god I love this sm

When Sam is happy – or at least content – he hums to himself. He never noticed, not really, until Castiel says something while he washes dishes one night, asks after the tune and Sam flushes red, mutters that he can’t remember because it was some embarrassing 90s song he barely knew the words to. Every time after that, every time Cas draws his attention to it, it’s something equally mortifying; one of Dean’s old songs, something from ‘The Little Mermaid’, some motown hit about a bad boyfriend. He shrugs it off and Cas kisses the pink in his cheeks until they forget all about it.

Cas catches him humming over the washing machine one day, late afternoon, sticks around in the doorway without bothering Sam, stays long enough to hear the low, tuneless strains turn into words, just as low but deep, melodic and richly toned. Cas listens for a long while, listens until Sam stops and then scares the everloving shit out of him when he asks, “What was that? You sound beautiful.”

Sam can’t shrug it off this time, can’t and won’t and his face is all blush again from the jumpscare and the compliment he thinks he doesn’t deserve and the intrinsic knowledge that even if Cas wasn’t in the same room, he would have heard, so he tells Cas what it was, “It’s called Blue Velvet, it’s kind of sad but it makes me think about you,” and he stretches his arm out, tugs the angel’s sleeve and tucks him under his arm, kisses his temple and starts singing it again, quiet and low, against Cas’s ear.