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So Mariah’s ear piece wasn’t working so she couldn’t hear the music, which is why she didn’t sing. This woman has been singing these songs for how long and she couldn’t even figure out a way to try to sing the song!?!??She literally just gave up on live TV, in front of billions of people. If that was Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, or Ariana Grande their professional asses would’ve kept singing because that is LIVE television!!! I don’t care how big of a “star” Mariah is!! That was so lazy, unprofessional, and embarrassing!

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Imagine a reader who is always sick because when they touch sick people they absorb all their illnesses. Now imagine a blind 76 and the reader touches his face and kisses him. To his shock when he opens his eyes he sees everything in full colour(1/2)

He also sees his s/o has milky blue eyes and he just gathers them in his arms and starts sobbing, saying how he was fine without his sight but his s/o responds only with, “I know but, I love you too much to see you like that. I’ll be fine love.”(2/2)


Oh my god my feels! ;n; Ah I could imagine the s/o as some angelic type monster kinda like the one I described in the Guardian Angel drabble I did but like this one is a light peach in color, but it fades to this pretty cream color on their hands and feet, and has scars on their back from losing their wings and they have these pretty baby blue eyes that turn milky like you said after they cure Soldier 76 from his blindness.

Soldier 76 knew of their powers. How couldn’t he. He felt the raised scars that adorned their body from the pale white lines littering their wrists to the burn scars that adorned their shoulders and the bullet wound scarred holes on their belly. It was the scars they forever barred and proudly wore because they were from helping people. From healing them and taking away their pain. Soldier 76 admired them for it. It was an eye for an eye. They healed someone and they barred their pain. They were a strong being in both physical, mental, and emotional strength. Soldier 76 was envious of them sometimes but liked them all the same. He was blind but he knew just how beautiful they were. He could tell they weren’t human, his visor helped him somewhat with seeing but it wasn’t perfect, but nonetheless and grew to love them. It was the day they kissed was he able to perfectly see. He saw the world in a burst of colors and even them and they were just as beautiful as he imagined. But…this wasn’t right. He saw their eyes as a milky baby blue and he knew right then and there what had happened. They healed him. Healed him from the years of blindness he delt with and learned to live with. He looked at his s/o in disbelief, tears pricking the corners of his eyes.
“Why? Why did you do this?! I was fine with being blind!” He said as his tears began to fall.
He saw his s/o smile warmly, laying their hands on his shoulders.
“I know you were. But…It pained me to see you like that. To see you not being able to see this world in all its beauty.” They said, “I don’t mind barring this weight on my shoulders. I have held more than most people and I will continue to do so with pride because I love you Jack. I’ll be fine. I want you to be happy even if it means I won’t be able to see the world as I once did. But…knowing you will, brings me happiness that you can not even imagine.”

Daddy’s Little Monster (Joker x Reader)

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Warning(s): Smut, Daddy Kinks, Unprotected Sex, BDSM 

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Author’s Note: This is my first time writing smut, so please, leave critiques to help me improve.   

“Get your ass over here…” The deep voice from the Joker barked, his sapphire irises were wild with pure anger and raw lust. You of course obeyed the crime lord, quickly shuffling towards the green haired man, your head lowered making sure that you didn’t make any eye contact with him. 

“Yes, M-Mister J–”

With quick and jerking motion, Joker pushed you onto the large bed, not caring that he knocked the wind out of your small frame. His face twist in that of disgust, while his foggy eyes lingered onto your body. His heavy and violent gaze sent a wave of fear with a mixture of yearning throughout your being. Your arms rested carefully on your chest while your wide eyes were glued onto the dark ceiling.  

“What did you just call me?” He spoke, his guff voice now an octave lower than usual. You didn’t say anything, you weren’t entirely sure if you could speak or not. You didn’t want to upset the Joker anymore than he already was, and you’re terrified that if you did say something wrong you might get punished.

A cold and calloused hand yanked you up by the face like a rag doll, a small yelp escaped your throat while your hands shot up and began to grip onto his cold wrist. Joker’s sharp fingernails dug into your skin, a shock of pain slowly traveled towards your cheeks.    

“Answer me, {Name}.” He said, his wild blue eyes glaring hard at you. Your lips were forcefully puckered by his hand that aggressively tugged and grabbed at your face. Nothing but muted mumbles came from you. Joker watch you struggle to answer him, his sickly yet handsome face stretching in a wide smile that showed off his silver grills.

“C’mon, baby…I can’t hear ya’! Speak louder for Daddy.” He growled.

“I-I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have called y-you by your name…”

“Mhm, bad little girls don’t get the right to call their Daddy by their names, right?” Joker hummed out, his free hand wondering around your hot body. His icy touch made your breath hitch, and your lower regions tingle with familiar excitement. You nodded your head while you pushed your body against his. Slowly, Joker let go of your face, only for his hand to lightly rest on your neck. His long fingers traced old bruises that littered on your numb skin. 

With a swift movement, Joker pulled away from you, earning him a moan of longing from you. 

“Undress yourself, princess…” He whispered, “Daddy doesn’t want to rip your pretty lingerie.”

You bit your lip while you began to unhook your expensive bra, your perky breast now exposed and free from the garment. Joker eyes were glued onto your half naked body, his chest rising and falling dramatically, and his heavy breathing echoed and bounced off of the cream colored walls. Your thumbs played with the hem of your silk panties while your face mimic that of a little girl.

“Are you gonna punish me, Daddy?” You asked, pulling the baby blue underwear down your {skin tone} legs, the silk fabric fell around your bruised ankles. “I’ve been such a good girl, I’ve done what you ask me too–”

“Turn around; face down, sweetie.” Joker muttered, interrupting you. Eagerly, you scurried towards the pillows that messily rested on the king sized bed, your face pressed against one of the many purple cushions while you stuck your ass up towards the air, showing off your now wet womanhood. 

The heavy sound of footsteps ringed in your ears, the violent noise of metal objects clashing against each other made your stomach drop and flip with morbid anticipation. The crime lord was collecting his special toys

His favorite punishment tools.

You crossed your legs, adding pressure between your legs, easing the unforgiving twinge that your lower regions endured. You wanted him to touch you, to ease your aching body with his. 

“A-Ah…Daddy, please.” You begged, your voice smothered out by the numerous pillows that your hot face rested in, but he somehow still heard you. 

“Please what, darling?”

“Mmm, touch m-me, please!” 

Joker tossed the multiple sex toys onto the bed, his fingers unbuckling the name brand belt that held his expensive pants up. The sound of his belt hitting the floor sent a new wave of excitement through your core. With a swift movement his hands wondered on top of your hips, his fingers jabbing against your skin.

“You want me to touch you?” He asked.

You nodded your head. He smiled and planted a sloppy kiss onto your ass, his lips were soft and cold against your skin. Slowly his ring clad fingers traveled down towards your womanhood, and with a blink of an eye his digits steadily rub small circles on top of your clit. The older man pinched and teased your bundle of nerves, making you even wetter by the second. You shut your eyes as his thumb pressed against your clitoris and his middle finger teased at your entrance. This was going agonizingly slow, you just wanted him to fuck you already, but you knew Joker didn’t just fuck, he plays mind games with you until you’re broken and begging for more. 

“C’mon, Daddy–Ah!” 

He slipped his middle finger inside you, cutting off your sentence. He roughly pumped his finger in and out of you, curling them and twisting them around inside you. Your juices made his fingers slick and wet. The sound of his fingers thumping into your core blended in with your loud moans. You were going to cum, you knew you were. You held onto his wrist, forcing him to push deeper inside you. 

“Does my little princess like it when Daddy fingers her pussy?”

All you did was moan out, your vision dotted with black spots, you were seeing stars. Joker’s fingers were pushing you over the edge, so much so, that your back painfully arched and your body covered in cold sweat. His free hand rubbed your back in the same manner of how you should pet a cat. 

“Oh, I’m so c-close!” You yelped, Joker chuckled and with a slowly but forceful movement, he pulled his fingers out of you. You choked out a whine while the tickling feeling of your juices trickled down your inner thigh.

“I can’t let you get ya’ rocks off yet,” He said, reaching over to grab the thick purple rope. “You still have to go through your punishment.” 

Joker licked his lips while his eyes gazed at his fingers. “Look at the mess you’ve made,” He scolded, his face scrunching up in faux disappointment. “Be a good girl and clean this up for Daddy.” 

You quickly sat up, your small hands holding onto his wrist while your lips pressed against his pale fingers. Your tongue lapped up all the juices off of his fingers, sucking them until they’re clean. Joker pulled his digits out of your mouth, a trial of thin saliva was created. He smiled at you and he began to tie you up in thick rope. You giggled when you noticed his focus was wavering. Playfully you pressed your breast together, making the man purr with lust. 

“You like what ya see, Daddy?” You smiled, licking your lips slowly. He tugged at the lavender rope, making you groan out in pain, the rough rope harshly rubbed at your skin.

“Oh, darling. Who told you that you can tease me?” He pushed you onto the bed, your back landing on the silk sheets. His fingers quickly tied and pulled random knots together, making the rope hug tightly around your sweaty body. Soon he was please at what he did. Your arms were tied behind your back while your perky breast were roughly press down by the thick rope. 

“You’ve been a bad girl these past few weeks…” He said, his eyes not leaving you while he effortlessly pulled off his thin white dress shirt, revealing his toned tatted up abdomen. The multiple golden chains that hung around his neck shined in the fiery bedroom light. Joker looked so fucking sexy, you swore that this man was the poster child of sex and violence. 

“I could name all the shitty things you’ve done that pissed me off; or I could just show you, hm? Which one would you like?” He chuckled, his baby blue eyes now dark, and with one arm he flipped you over on your stomach. You didn’t say anything which made him aggravated. Joker pushed your face roughly into the bed, smothering you. “Answer me!” He growled, pushing your face harder into the sheets. 

“Show me! Show me!” You choked. He let you, allowing you to breath. His low, husky voice protruded a giddy chuckle, while his hand reach for the multiple sex toys. “I was hoping you were going to say that…” He mumbled. The sound heavy objects dragging against the soft bed sheet ranged in your ears. You began to twitch around when you felt the icy cold touch of the familiar paddle grazing your lower back. 

“Are you gonna spank me–” You were cut off by a sudden slap to your ass. You let out a small but shrill scream from the sharp pain, but of course Joker didn’t give a shit. 

“No talking unless I tell you to,” He mumbled. “That’s one of the things about you that just grinds my gears…You talk too much, don’t know when to shut up.” He swung the paddle against your ass again, the loud slapping sound of your flesh getting assaulted by the wooden paddle echoed throughout the large, messy room. Joker sloppily, but still aggressive and violently, spanked you. This went on and on for about twenty minutes until the older man tossed the paddle across the room, you flinched at the sound of it violently hitting the wall.

“This boring me…” He huffed out, rolling his blue eyes. “Believe me, princess, it’s fun spanking ya till your black and blue. But I wanna get to the exciting part.” The sound of his pants unzipping turned you on by the second. You wanted him inside you, right now. You rise your ass in the air, showing off your dripping wet womanhood and your now red ass. His hands rested on your hips and without saying a single word, Joker slammed into you, making you scream out in a wail that held pain and lust. 

It’s been forever since you’ve felt Joker’s member inside of you, with him going in and out of asylums, you’ve never really gotten the chance fuck him. Or get fucked by him, as you should put it. 

“Oh, gosh, darling…You’re so tight.” He moaned as he forcefully moved himself in and out of your small and wet entrance. His pale fingers tangled into your {hair color} hair, while his toned hips crashed against your backside. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoed and bounced off the walls, the erotic sound made your stomach form knots while your body became hot. Joker slammed into you, making you arch your back and moan out in disbelief and raw bliss. You bucked your hips, forcing him to go deeper inside you. 

“Mmm, Daddy–harder, please…” You gulped, your eyes screwed shut, and your teeth bit at the silk sheet beneath you. You wanted to feel him, roam your hands around his toned back, but alas you couldn’t. As your hands were tied down by the thick rope, and every movement you made, made the rope aggressively rub at your skin. 

Joker slapped your thigh making you wince, and with a swift movement, he shoved his entire member inside of you. This action made your whole body shudder. You were seeing stars at this point. The green haired man sloppy thrust his hips, signaling to you that he was close. Salty sweat stuck onto your numb body while your face contoured in that of pleasure. 

The older man choked out a strangled groan, and without warning he came inside of you. The warm feeling of his seed filling up your womanhood sent you over the edge. “Mistah J! Oh, I’m cumming!” You moaned out, tears adorning your eyes. Even though he already came, he was still inside of you. Shoving his thick penis in and out of you. A familiar wave of euphoria washed out you, and with a quick jerking movement of your body, you came. 

“That’s right, darling…Good job, cumming all over Daddy’s dick like that.” He muttered, his voice an octave lower than normal. Slowly he pulled himself out of you, making some of the semen that was inside you seep out, you closed your legs, too embarrassed to show what the Joker has done to you. 

The sound of his pants zipping back up ranged through your ears. Slowly you sat up, only to wince at how sore and raw your nether regions was. You watched as Joker began to dress himself, tossing on a dress shirt while he fixed his hair, slicking it back to show off his iconic forehead tattoo. 

“A-Are you gonna untie me?” You asked, your voice meek and sore from all the screaming you did. He looked up at you, his royal blue eyes glaring at your naked body. 

“You still need to get punished,” He said, “I haven’t even used all of my toys on you, hell. I was just so eager to fuck your cute little pussy that I cut out the part where I discipline you.” He shot you a silver smile, showing off his metal grill. His smile made your insides go all fuzzy and warm. 

“Daddy has to go to an important meeting. Which means; you stay here, and think about all the naughty things you’re gonna do for me when I come back.” He ran his hand down your face making you shiver. Slowly you nodded your head, which earned you a sloppy peck on the lips. 

You can’t wait for what Daddy has in store for you.                                                                                                

Nobody Gets Left Behind

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: On a hunt, Dean gets seriously injured. The reader has to help him get back to the hospital and, in his delirious state, he admits something.
Prompt: The line “Family means nobody gets left behind” for @whispersandwhiskerburn‘s We’ve Got A Fic For That Challenge.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,592
Tags: canon-level violence and gore, injured!Dean, a lil angst, a lil fluff
A/N: Ayyyyeeeeee, here’s some injured!Dean for you



Dean gasped a little, clutching at the monster’s arm and staring at a nonexistent spot in the distance.  The monster was cruel and twisted the blade lodged in Dean’s gut, wrenching out a small groan from the reeling man.  Dean fumbled and tried to bat the monster’s hands away but he was already weak and this did nothing.

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Reaper with a s/o that's like Scarlet from silent hill homecoming. Imagine Reaper seeing his s/o submerge into a puddle of their own blood only to come out as a giant monster, tearing up enemies to protect Reaper who has too many enemies on his back.

Oh I love Silent Hill! Granted i’ve seen a playthrough of the first game a long time ago and i’ve watched both movies but i’ve also seen bits and pieces of the other games in the franchise (through youtube user theradbrad). I actually like the Silent Hill series alot though mainly for the fascination with the monsters and the psychological horror it uses! 0v0


Reaper ran turning around to shoot at some Talon agents behind him. Normally he’d stop and kill anyone who stood in his way but not now. No he had to find them. Now who was them? His beloved s/o and the only reason he left that god foresaken organization known as Talon and joined Overwatch. Currently now though his past was coming back to haunt him and was now leading an attack on the base. He knew his s/o was perfectly capable of handling themselves but he cared to much about them to leave them on their own. Loud gunshots rang through the air making him run faster towards the sound. Reaper stopped dead in his tracks as he watched a small group of Talon agents gun down his beloved. Blood spilled everywhere and the mangled bullet holed mess that was left of their body slumped to the ground with a dull thud. He was too late….

“No….Mi vida…..NOOOOOOO!!!” He screamed.

The group of Talon agents turned towards Reaper and aimed the weapons at him just as he raised his shotguns at them. The group that was chasing him caught up to him and the other angents effectively surrounding him. Unbeknownst to them all was the remains of Reaper’s s/o melting causing the puddle of blood to grow larger. The blood began bubbling violently as if it was boiling causing the agents standing in the puddle to turn around. They watched as a figure seemed to slowly rise upwards out of the blood and standing at about 7'0 even. The figure, no the creature, was lanky with long arms and legs its skin being as smooth and shiney as fine porcelin. Its mouth at the corners of the lips was jagged and sharp but pointed upwards in a sickening smile. Its blackened and hollow eyes looked the enemy agents in a cold dead stare before letting out a horrific shriek that shook even Reaper to his core. The creature grabbed up an agent and in one swift motion but off the agent’s head with a sickening crunch. It spat out the head in disgust and threw the body to the ground before killing off the other agents in just as gruesome as manner leaving Reaper as the last one standing. It stood infront of Reaper gazing into the eyes of his mask, Reaper’s grip on his shotguns tightened. The creature opened its maw with a hiss.

“Gaa….bri…elllll……” It croaked out.

Reaper stood still and dropped his guns in disbelief. This couldn’t be his beloved. He watched them die. He saw their mangled body fall to the ground and smelled the sickening stench of their blood in the air as it leaked out of the body in a large pool. Reaper shook his head.

“You are not mi cielito, my moon, my beloved! I watched them get gunned down! I saw them die!” He screamed hands shaking with anger.

“D…id….you….see…my….sssooo….ul?” The creature croaked out.

That stopped Reaper. Their soul. He hadn’t seen their soul the one true indicator of death was the victim’s soul. But if this was them then why didn’t they tell him. He didn’t understand. Reaper felt a hand gently cup his cheek. The creature, no his beloved, sat on their knee’s trying to be at his level of eyesight. It was comical in a way.

“I’m….sssor…ry…..Gab….riel….” His s/o croaked out.

Reaper lifted his hand and placed it gently over the one cupping his cheek and leaned into it.

“It’s alright….I forgive you.” He said softly.

He was happy his s/o was alive. It’ll be a bit hard to get used to their new appearence but it’s nice not being the only monster on the team.


Aaaaaaaah! I’m sorry this took so long to make! When I was writing the part with his s/o being gunned down all I could think of was Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate when he got all shot up and mangled in episode 3 when him Pip and Seras went to Brazil to stop Tublacain Alhambra. 0v0

viridescent skies - 2

part two of ageswap au where Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker is Qui-Gon’s former padawan and Obi-Wan is the shiny new padawan on the block
part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part 6a - 6b |

thanks to the outpouring of support, this came a lot quicker than it would have otherwise! engage: obi-wan’s ruckus youth.

Qui-Gon’s little monster makes friends with the Gungan because of course he does: they have so much in common. At least it will be easier to keep track of them if they insist on being in the same general area; it’s much more difficult to overlook two meters of red amphibian than it is one meter of padawan that tends to wander off when it isn’t hiding behind Qui-Gon’s voluminous robes.

He at least doesn’t distract Jar Jar while Jar Jar pilots the sub, but he hardly needs to. The local wildlife seems eager to interfere; Anakin considers that they might have tried asking for a more experienced guide, given that Jar Jar is barely adolescent. The answer almost certainly would have been ‘no,’ but they could have at least tried.

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Pokemon AU

Name: ???
Type: Electric/Ghost

Class: Legendary - One of a Kind

A man-made Pokemon rumored to have been created as a keystone in summoning a legendary beast of great power. The bands on it’s wrists and neck absorb electricity which is then stored in the gem on it’s stomach.

Pokemon AU where Jack is a small legendary created by the company Hyperion. 

While their lead scientist Nakayama attempted to flee with the creation, he ended up losing Jack’s storage containment which is later found by the trainer Rhys, who decides that the difficult pokemon inside is worth the trouble of dealing with in order to reach his goals.

He absolutely despises pokeballs, refuses to listen to his trainers, and has a habit of electrocuting anyone that annoys him- though if someone is able to control the little monster, he’s quite the powerful addition to any team. He’s rumored to be capable of summoning and (temporarily) fusing with legendary beasts such as the Destroyer or the Warrior…

Jack also has a habit of hacking into his trainer’s pokedex to screw around with the entries.

Tip: Handle with caution. And rubber gloves.


oooo he mad, maybe he’ll regret it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So I am actually in love with @reynaruina‘s Little Monsters AU its really really good yall should go check it out  👀 

lil things i loved on my 2nd viewing of suicide squad
  • “that’s a killer app”
  • the fact that the joker’s entire storyline revolves around his love for harley and not the other way around
  • killer croc and el diablo bein bros
  • the “we’ve all lost someone so this is our new family” trope
  • all of harley’s joker paraphernalia gradually disappearing until she’s essentially just left with, “daddy’s little monster” shirt
  • deadshot calling amanda gangsta
  • “I’m beautiful”
  • Harley having a joker flashback at the top of the stairwell and when she “comes back” deadshot is still waiting for her when the others have gone ahead
  • “you’re my friend too”
  • Harley pretty much having complete autonomy and never once being sexually objectified by the guys
  • “wanna get a drink sometime?”
  • deadshot being protective of harley in general
  • i just love this movie a lot okay like i love things about misfit pals with killer soundtracks