little mixe

5 Good Things

I was tagged by @cactuarkitty - thanks very much because I love positive tagging things <3 Also I agreed with yours 100% lol, Alistair is love :)

1. Arcann’s evil eye
2. Arcann’s redeemed eye
3. Arcann’s left arm
4. Arcann’s voice
5. wisteria

I will tag: @carterashofficial @menollywanderer @greyias @darth-quax @tthexan @cerberusflower @emperor-shitpost @general-grey @sapphic-sith @melinaamell and whoever else would like to participate.

Side note, I remember the first time I got tagged in an ask meme not long after I joined Tumblr. I had like 3 mutuals, it was embarrassing. Now I have these mutuals….and that is also embarrassing. I’m kidding I love you all to pieces <3