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It’s good to have a genuine friendship and a genuine sisterhood because we work together 24/7 and we’re around each other 24/7. There’s always a stigma attached to it as well that you don’t get along or there’s always someone who wants to be in the limelight more. But we just have such a good balance and fully support each other. I always say if girls stick together we can be the strongest force ever. - Perrie


We kind of stayed the same I think. From the beginning, we all knew who we were individually, what our style was and what we liked and disliked. Nothing changed, it just evolved. We like to be individuals because more people can relate to us. People relate to Leigh-Anne differently than they relate to me and so on. We’re all tight knit, but we embrace our individualities too.

I can’t believe we are still having to defend Taylor for being a songwriter who uses her life for inspiration. Every talented songwriter does. Do we not remember Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake, Don’t by Ed Sheeran, Hands Clean by Alanis Morisette or So What by Pink. All songs inspired by life that don’t speak positively of their subjects. That’s just a drop in the bucket. Writers, poets, all who use words for craft use their own life to inspire. Why wouldn’t they? I even use my own life in fics that I write because you write what you know and what speaks to you. And keep in mind that many who aren’t songwriters still use songs written by others that reflect on their own life. Shout Out To My Ex by Little Mix and She Has a Way With Words by Blake Shelton to name two. It sucks that we have to constantly defend Taylor for something everyone does and it also sucks that we have to defend Taylor against the fandoms of her boyfriends for that same reason….I doubt Ed Sheeran fans have to do that. Of course, we are really just defending her from the haters who hate her because she is Taylor. But honestly, this is getting old. Really old.

And just a morsel for thought……what if she wrote a song about something we know she has no experience with? The haters would tear her apart for singing about something she knows nothing about and label her as fake even more than they already do.

Yet again, she can’t win. The haters will always change the narrative to support their argument.

It’s strumming a guitar at midnight. The air filling with soft chords and snippets of songs. The sound of peace and serenity. / It’s falling asleep mid Skype call. And the softest murmur of a name to wake the other up. Is this love or friendship? Is there a difference?
It’s a culmination of bad habits- bitten lips, bottled feelings, and 3AM bedtimes. The sweetest mix of secrecy and open doors. / It’s little white lies and pretty words and acting older than our age. Like we’re not fucking terrified of this vulnerability.
It’s listening and listening to each other’s words and thoughts, and always craving a little more than we can have. / It’s questions, answers and series of secrets. Hoping we can lessen the ache of loneliness together. Who cares if we’re incompatible.
Oh this is going to crash and burn gloriously, and I’ve never wanted to run faster and harder in the opposite direction more. / We’re plagued with secrets and a little fucked up, but we’re making it work. And maybe that’s the beauty in this chaos.
—  but darling, is it worth the break? | i.s.
Heroes of Olympus Characters as Songs I Love

Percy Jackson// The Reckless and The Brave (all time low)

Annabeth Chase// Salute (little mix)

Reyna Avilla Ramirez Arrellano// Warriors (Imagine Dragons)

Jason Grace// Angel With A Shotgun (cab)

Octavian// Thnks fr th Mmrs (fall out boy)

Piper McLean// The Phoenix (fall out boy)

NIco DiAngelo// Therapy (all time low)

Leo Valdez// Monster (imagine dragons)

Hazel Levesque// When We Die (bowling for soup)

Frank Zhang// Who We Are (imagine dragons)

Will Solace// Nicotine (panic! at the disco)

Rachel Dare// Black Magic (little mix)

Thalia Grace// Kill The DJ (Green Day)

This might have been a brief scene but lets take a moment.

This is the first time we get extensive inner dialogue from Victor and even though it’s mostly about Yuuri, we get little bits of his character mixed in as well but it’s during this little comment that his true character shines through.

We already know Victor cares for and loves Yuuri so he’s a little harsh on him from time to time but he made a little progress here in discovering for himself why he does what he does: Yuuri reminds him of himself. YUURI REMINDS VICTOR OF HIMSELF.

It may be small, but Victor is well on his way to some character development. And, not sure who remembers, but in ep 2 he tells both Yuris that they need to be more self aware… hmmmm? Seems like Victor has some self examination to do too; possibly on the road to rediscovery. 

For everyone who’s been asking (so I don’t have to post them individually): 

  1. I will post photos of the dog soon! But in the meantime I can tell you he’s a small shepherd mix (no idea what he’s mixed with but he’s got legs like a gazelle), one year old and about 33 lbs. until he gains a little weight.
  2. No, he doesn’t have a name yet. We’re trying out a few to see what fits.

Right now we’re both exhausted. More tomorrow! And if you don’t want to see constant pupdates (no hard feelings) just block the tag the Duke has a dog.

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