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More product for the shop. I snuck in one of my other projects. Uploading some My Little Pony inspired wands this week. Rarity has to be my favorite, but I had a fantastic time making the others.Thank you all for waiting! I will try and catch up with all the photos I need to take.

Somehow She’s Both

My lovely Kastle fam… I’m so sorry that I’ve been away for so long. My FDTD pieces are ruling my life. I’ve still got a lot to do on those before November.

However my the lovely @edourado gave me the biggest smile tonight and I wanted to do something nice and Kastle for her. Also sweets this end up a little on the smutty side with a side of cozy trope???… I hope you don’t mind. ;) *Hugs*

Hugs and Love you all. The Soundtrack for this this piece was Take Me Church by Hozier and Wonderwall by Zella Day. And I have no clue how those two songs turned into this.

Somehow She’s Both

Her nails were running through his cropped hair and he had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep a contented sound from escaping. Her nails were rounded and smooth from the gala she’d attended tonight and her skin still smelled of the perfume and lotion. She too often smelled of gun oil, coffee, and sweat. It was better for her to smell like her. It was better. He shouldn’t be here. But oh how he needed…

He let his thumb circle her knee in a slow rhythmic motion, and the gooseflesh peppered over her thighs where his head was resting. He shouldn’t be here: not on her body, not in her bed, and not in her life. But a simple ‘shouldn’t’ wouldn’t stop him. He was a man possessed when it came to her. Much as he tried to stay away, he couldn’t. Oh how he’d tried, but the withdrawal made it worse.

He’d stayed away…Stayed away from her for months, but then he surrendered. When he came back to her, back to her fire-escape, that night in the rain… she’d slapped him and then kissed him. Her nails had dug into the flesh of his shoulders as he pulled them together. This intimate dance between them was somehow fire and gasoline and a balm to a burn all at once. He shouldn’t be here…but oh that pain of the withdrawal.

There was such a desperation in their coupling when he stayed away too long. It was fire and gasoline – burning too hot, too fast. He’d try to slow down, to ease into it, but she was not one to be denied. He couldn’t deny her, he didn’t want to. Her eyes burned into his and he’d proudly wear any of the scars she’d inflict on him. But tonight she was so soft; balm to the burn. Tonight she was stillness and comfort. It only made him want her more.

He shifted slightly, running his tongue along the indentions that her hosiery had left on her thighs. His movements were slow, precise, and even as he mapped the marks – trying to expunge them. He wanted more; wanted so much more.

“Frank, I still need a shower.” She groaned. She was never quiet. Never.  

He loved that she wasn’t quiet. Logistically and tactically it was a liability, but there was something so primal and satisfying about her moaning his name that he couldn’t deny himself the enjoyment of it.

“We can shower after.” He sucked on her skin, leaving a red, wet mark in the wake of his mouth. “Let me, Karen…Let me be slow…. please let me, Karen.”

Her whimpered ‘yes’ was nothing short of pornographic.

She was his drug and a long drawn out dose was just what he needed… His fire & gasoline, but also the only balm he’d allow to soothe any of his burns.

Yup… um… I hope you all enjoyed that. 

Love to my Loves!

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i’ll make you believe again

i can taste salt water

i see the moon

it was the coldest night of the year

gotta love this field and the cherry sky

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Happy 22nd Birthday Perrie Louise Edwards!