3 Perrie Edwards Hair Styles - Reblog if you love Little Mix!



A drag-and-drop dress-up game based on real clothing Little Mix have worn!

A FEW NOTES: After uploading, i noticed some clothes dont fit perfectly. I am not a professional artist or game designer, everything is not 100% perfect.

I know that each girl has a beautiful unique body, but in order for all the clothes to fit, their bodies had to be the same shape/size.

I also wasnt able to figure out how linking works within the game, so unfortunately the girls are on separate files. BUT there are links down below each game that will link you to another girl. All the clothes are the same.


Please help me share this with the girls on twitter! I would LOVE if the girls noticed this game!!! IF you do share, please dont claim this game as your own. I spent months making this, and my URL is also in the game so it would be hard to claim anyways.

Also i would love to see what you come up with, feel free to share any outfits you make with me! 

There will be a link to the game in my blogs navigation if you ever want to come back and play again.

Ask me any questions you need, and HAVE FUN!!!!!


So Perrie confirmed that her bob is fake, and the thought of a fake bob really interested me: how does it work?

So i googled it, and here are some simple steps! (Note that this hairstyle probably looks best with hair that has layers!)

1) Divide your hair, ponytail at the length you want.
2) Roll your hair so everything after the hair elastic is under the hair thats above the elastic.
3) Pin your hair under. (The tutorial website suggests two perpendicular bobby pins)
4) Repeat on other ponytail.
5) Hairspray and youre all set!

Untitled #646 by lapolie featuring real leather boots

Perrie inspired outfits for traveling in cold weather, i hope you like it!

xxx Eva

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