little mix miami


Inside this place is warm, outside it starts to pour

so i went to go see little mix with my friend yesterday and we got there early and shit and were in the first row and god i literally hate their fans - mixers magnets, idk whatever they’re called. they are the rudest and fucked up people i’ve ever encountered and coming from the 1D fandom that means stuff.

like i understand you fucking love these girls and that you want to meet them but seriously wait for your fucking turn. we got there at 7:30 - 8 to wait in a damn line and what makes you think you can cut us. 

my friend, this girl in front of us, and i literally bitched out everyone who tried to get in the front row that wasn’t supposed to belong. and let me tell you the moms in front of us loved us for it and there were people in the second and third row that clapped when we kicked out this one girl. 

it was hot and we couldn’t get out of line and I’m pretty sure i passed out because I’m positive when i closed my eyes i wasn’t taking a fucking nap. 

and then the girls came on (they’re so cute and pretty) and the fans were leaning their hands on our damn heads and literally twice i turned around and yelled at the girl and she just laughed in my face and finally at the end i took her hand and pushed it away. DO YOU FUCKING NOT UNDERSTAND THAT MY HEAD ISNT A DAMN ARMREST FOR YOU DUMB PIECE OF SHIT. 

and once their “concert” was over this girl behind us tried to skip us and my friend was about to punch her. thats how fucking pissed and done we were at the end. 

honestly i was the happiest when we left. 

the little mix fandom here  i can’t talk about the UK or anywhere else but the ones in the USA specifically the ones who came to the Miami event really need a fucking grip because you guys are clearly out of hand. like no respect for anyone else and the feel to bitch at adults and older people and trying to lie to us to get past to the front because I’m sorry you didn’t fucking wait as long as we did. 

im glad im not part of the fandom really and you all need to reevaluate yourselves because coming from the 1D fandom and i know we are some fucked up people, you guys are far most the worst and seriously if you want Little Mix to become fucking huge here in America you better learn to show some damn respect.