little mix couples

Vore Starters

-{ “Come on- I promise I don’t bite…”

-{ “I’m just trying to shelter you…”

-{ “Are you alright in there…?”

-{ “Hush- you’ll be fine.”

-{ “That wasn’t so hard… Right?”

-{ “I wouldn’t mind if you hid me in your mouth…”

-{ “ARGH! Would you quit tasting me?!”

-{ “W-Wouldn’t that kill me…?!”

-{ “That can’t possibly be safe!”

-{ “Did you really think you could evade becoming my meal, now?”

-{ “It won’t be much longer.”

-{ “You might as well make yourself comfortable.”

-{ “You promise you won’t digest me, right…?”

-{ “I don’t have all day. Are you willing to crawl in or not?”

-{ “I suppose it’s alright in here, even if it’s a bit slimy.”

-{ “Hey- I can hear your heart from in here!”

-{ “Would you keep it down? I’m trying to sleep.”

-{ “You better plan to spit me out after this.”

-{ “Don’t waste your energy- it’s not like you’re in any danger.”

-{ “Struggle all you want- you’re not getting out of there.”

-{ “I’m sorry… That it came to this…”

-{ “Would you mind if I curled up in your belly for a little bit?”

-{ “It’s a bit like your stomach is giving me a little hug… It’s nice.”

-{ “Of all the damn things you could’ve done, you just HAD to stuff me into your mouth and swallow me whole, didn’t you?!”

-{ “There- now you can’t get distracted and stressed!”

-{ “We really don’t have many options… Go ahead and open up…”

leighannepinnock: So 3 days ago this happened.. I was so down, being away from home for so long and all I wanted was one of his cuddles.. this surprise was more than I could have ever asked for.. completely in shock and over whelmed to finally see him again after so long.. I absolutely adore this boy with everything I have in me.. il never be able to put it into words.. I love you so much.. hardest thing was saying bye again.. 💔