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To me, I think the venue plays a huge role for the concert itself. Sure it’s all about the musician as well. But if you are in a crappy venue, then the concert won’t be as amazing as it possibly can be.

Location: Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Colorado


omg Em! I just came home from the Little Mix concert and holy shit i’m literally death rn! 🙈 my friend and i wanted to get as near as possible so we waited since 5am at the venue. we got in like the 5th or 6th row infront of stage but some idiots decided to sit down while we were waiting for the vamps and that’s really dangerous when everyone around them is standing bc i got pushed and almost fell on them and that’s probably my biggest fear in concert (standing) crowds… my friend and i decided to watch the vamps from there but after they played we decided to go to the back of our “early” thingy area because they pushed like crazy, it was hot af and my friend has a bit of claustrophobia, so we watched the little mix concert from there, we had plenty of space, we danced like crazy and that was probably the best decision we’ve made that day! 😍🙏🏻 - we still had such an amazing day bc we saw Brad, James & Connor how they played football shirtless and Brad and James walked past us as they got back from a run 😭👅 yep, i died like a hundred of times today 💗


Anyway… Calming down… I’m glad you had fun at the show! The Vamps and Little Mix always know how to put on the best shows, so, to see them together on one tour… it’s amazing. xx

Watching what has happened at the Ariana Grande concert tonight is shocking. It is low to go after a concert which everyone knew was going to be full with young children and teenagers by themselves, maybe enjoying their first ever concert.
This shouldn’t be happening, young kids and teenagers should be able to go to a concert and have fun and not have to deal with this.
Thank you to the people of Manchester for opening your doors for these people and thank you hotels close by for taking in these poor, afraid and confused children who lost their parents in the rush that happened. Thank you for coming together in this difficult time Manchester.
I am so sorry Ariana Grande fans who just wanted to go and enjoy watching their favourite artist and just have a good time. I’m sorry you got to enjoy the concert for it then to change dramatically at the end.
I know it doesn’t compare but I remember after being at my concert how relaxed I was at the end when the lights came on, I remember not really thinking just remembering my favourite song and how good the crowd was and how much of a great time I had. The people at this concert didn’t get this. Because they were hit with something so horrific.

If any of my followers are from Manchester please, please be on the look out for confused young children who might be lost and scared. Please open up and help people. I wish I could help but I am not in Manchester. If you do have anything the number is: 0161 856 9400.
Also please get the word out to parents and guardians that hotels near by have opened their doors for young children who got separated, the numbers can be found online. Also taxi drivers are offering journeys for free to get people home or to wherever they are staying.

Ask Meme (Little Mix Addition)

1. Favorite girl?
2. What is your ranking of the girls?
3. When did you get into the fandom?
4. How did you first hear about little mix?
5. What was the first music video you ever saw?
6. Favorite music video?
7. Least favorite music video?
8. Favorite interview?
9. Favorite ship within the band?
10. Ever seen them live? When/Where?
11. If you could go back and see one show front row, which tour would you go to?
12. Favorite era (DNA, Salute, etc.)?
13. Ranking of the albums (favorite–>least favorite)?
14. Least favorite song on each album?
15. Most favorite song on each album?
16. Zayn or Alex?
17. Feelings on Jake?
18. Feelings on Jed?
19. Feelings on Jordan?
20. Long or short hair Perrie?
21. Straight or curly hair Leigh-Anne?
22. Silver or carmel hair Jade?
23. Wavy or curly hair Jesy?
24.  Favorite little mix collab?
25. One song they should add to the setlist?
26. One song they should take off the setlist?
27. Favorite x-factor performance?
28. Favorite tour?
29. Favorite tweet?
30. Favorite rumor?
31. Song that you thought deserved to be a single?
32. Lerrie: yay or nay?
33. Jerrie: yay or nay?
34. Pesy: yay or nay?
35. Simon Cowell: yay or nay?
36. Would you rather get a selfie with your favorite girl and have it be really bad or meet all of them but have no photos or evidence of it?
37. Would you rather watch Perrie/Jesy alone together or Leigh-Anne/Jade alone together?
38. Would you rather have a tell-all book released about the x-factor days or about the Jakesy break-up?  
39. Favorite inside joke within the fandom?
40. If you could choose any three people to go with to a little mix concert, who would they be?
41. Favorite moment from this tour?
42. Favorite fandom moment?
43. Favorite moment of pride for the girls? 
44: Salute dance breakdown or Hair dance breakdown? 
45: Favorite acapella? 
46: Favorite little mix significant other?
47: Favorite lyric? 
48: Would you rather have the girls do a small north america tour with meet and greets or sell out an entire stadium tour? 
49: What’s your notp? 
50: What song would you show to someone to pull them into the fandom? 


To those who doubting that’s not same RBB🐻🌈, there is still remnant of light chocolate spots on his face 😋

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