little miss hybrid

"Admit it, you missed me."

“I will admit no such thing.”

The Petrova doppelganger pouted. “Bonnie.”


“Admit it.” The witch continued reading her book. “Admit it, Bon Bon.” She continues ignoring her as she sips her tea. “Damn it, Bonnie!”

“What?” Bonnie sighed leaning back into her husband’s favorite green chair. “What do you want?”

“I want you to admit it.”

“Admit what?”

“That you missed me. It’s been two years since I left New Orleans. Admit it, Bon~nnie.”

“Ooooh my goddess.” Bonnie rolled her eyes up to the ceiling. “Why do I deal with you?”

Katherine crawled over from the lit fireplace to Bonnie, sitting by her feet. “Because you love me. And -” She slithered her way up into Bonnie’s lap, lying her head on her friend’s shoulder. “You wouldn’t have pried open the gates of hell to get me out, if you didn’t care.”

“Which you never thanked me for by the way. I bust you out of there ten years ago and no thanks. Not once but twice.”

“Thank the woman that put me there in the first place?”

“You tried to kill me and my fiance.”

“I wasn’t going to kill you. Klaus maybe, because he was hunting me like the rabid dog he is for centuries, but I wouldn’t have killed you. Hurt you, sure. Not kill.”

“It didn’t seem like it from where I was standing.” Bonnie sighed as she tried to continue reading her book. It was so peaceful and quiet before Katherine burst through the door screaming for Bonnie, almost waking up her children. She had to talk Klaus out of giving the loud vampire her final death.

“Besides, the first time shouldn’t count. You only got me out because you needed doppelganger blood. Then you sent me back to hell.”

“And then I got you out again and you’d stayed out. So, hush.”

“Had a change of heart?” The vampire made a display of batting her long eyelashes up at Bonnie.

“I regret my decision everyday.”

“Liar.” Katherine snuggled deeper into the Bennett-Milaelson’s neck taking in her floral aroma. “You cared.”

“I did.”


“Because…” Bonnie answered plainly then flipped the page of her book.

Katherine leaned away from Bonnie to stare down at her. “Because?”

“Katherine, can I please enjoy reading my book?” She didn’t wait for an answer as she continues to read Songs for Anninho.

The vampire snatched the away, finally getting the undivided attention she wanted from Bonnie. “Tell me.“


“Tell me. Was it pity? You thought hearing my life story and you decide to show me mercy. Was that it?”


“To keep an eye on me?”


“Then why?”

“Because I thought you deserved a chance, Katherine. Geez, are you happy now?” Bonnie snatched her book back from the vampire highly irritated that she lost her page.

Katherine paid her any mind. Her frown turned into a smug grin hearing her witch’s words. “Go on.” She swung her feet over the arm of the green cushioned chair over Bonnie’s lap. “Tell me more.”

“There’s nothing else. I thought you deserved a chance. I seen you when you were here helping me -”

“Against my will -”

“HELPING ME…with a spell to stop the Raven Coven. You just seemed…lonely. You needed someone. When I sent you back to hell, it didn’t feel right.” Bonnie’s lips quirked into a half smile. “It was the next day, an hour before my wedding maybe even less. I was looking in the mirror…I was ready. I had on this beautiful wedding gown, hair done, shoes on. I was ready to march down the isle to be Mrs. Niklaus Mikaelson.” The witch shook her head. “But I didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel right at all.”

Katherine nodded her head for Bonnie to continue.

“I knew I wasn’t getting cold feet. I’ve been ready to marry that hybrid the second he placed that ring on my finger in Siena. Nope, it was you.” Bonnie sucked her teeth remembering the deep scowl on her face on her wedding day. “I knew I was going to do something stupid… And I did it.”

Katherine snickered into Bonnie’s hair smelling the lavender scent of her shampoo. “You were pissed. You were barreling your way through hell with this huge gown -”

“- It was hot in there. Like thousand degrees hot. I was baking in satan’s oven, hot.”

“Stepping over everyone to get to me. Cade was out of sorts with himself. He was upset you broke your deal.” Katherine looked up at Bonnie. “What deal did you make to have him let me go?”

“I didn’t make any deals with him. I simply took you.”

“Cade wouldn’t just let me go, Bonnie.”

“He wouldn’t. Not at first.” Bonnie admitted. “Cade is a stubborn man and certainly doesn’t like to lose.” Katherine watches the green in her friend’s eyes turn darker as she stared into nothing. “However, Cade knows not to mess with little ol’ me.”

Katherine pinched her eyesbrows together. “Why’s that?”

Bonnie only shrugged. “You don’t fuck with the Bennett witches.” Bonnie smiled as she felt Katherine grin against her neck. “We are the eldest living line of witches. If our power doesn’t frighten them, our connections will. I have a lot powerful friends on my side. Even more since my ancestors had aided a lot of…associates from their time. Names that haven’t been spoken from anyone’s mouth on any plane. They’re too scared. Especially on the other side.”

“What name did you use to spook the devil?”

Bonnie snorted. “He’s not the devil.” She sneered. “I’ve met satan and he’s as manipulative and slimy as the good book described him. Maybe even worse. Crafty bastard.”

“Sam and Dean?”

“Sam and Dean Winchester. I helped them with something some time ago. By helping them I met the devil himself and a few others I never want to meet again. Ever.” Bonnie shook the horrid memories from her head. “It’s a long story and before you even utter to ask, no I don’t want to talk about it and no I will not change my mind.”

Katherine huffed. “I wasn’t going to ask.”

“Yes you were.”

The doppelganger rolled her eyes. “So, what name did you say to have Cade let me go.”

“Shades.” Bonnie whispered softly. “I said Shades.”

“Who’s that?”

“Someone I hope you never have to meet.”

“Then how do you know him?”

Bonnie felt her heart slam hard against her rib repeatedly. A rush of images came to the forefront of her mind. Innocent times of laughter and love. A time when she didn’t know about the supernatural world. She only knew the life she had behind the stainless glass. It was a time of light and happiness. Three friends. One lover. The other a sister. She had everything…until she had nothing. They’ve separated and everything changed.

“It’s complicated.” Bonnie swallowed the large lump in her throat. Now was not the time.

Katherine heard the hesitance in her friend’s voice. It was unsettling to the vampire. “Did he hurt you…this Shades?” Protectiveness and possessiveness clawed at Katherine insides. If he hurt Bonnie in some way, she would -

“No…no he didn’t.” Bonnie interrupted Katherine’s murderous thoughts. “I’m the one that did the hurting.” Somber green eyes watched the fire dance and flicker to and fro as she thought about Hernan. She felt her heart break again. “But that’s in the past.” She pushed the unsettling emotions aside, tucking her memories in the far recesses of her mind. “Though we have our…complications…he and his…group, I should say, make good allies.” Bonnie stares down at Katherine. “Cade had a run in with Shades some time ago and he would be a fool to get on his bad side…again.”

“You threatened him.”

“I don’t make threats. I make promises. A promise that my next visit wouldn’t be so pleasant. He was lucky I asked first.”

“Then you rescued me.”

“I rescued you…fifteen minutes before my wedding started.”

Katherine cackled. “Your wedding dress was so dirty and singed from the hell fire.” Bonnie giggled along with her. “The look on Klaus’ sister and Gia’s face spoke volumes.”

“They were so angry. They was looking all over for me. I felt so bad. I left without a word.” Bonnie wiped her laughing tears away. “I was a mess but it was nothing with little magic to clean the dress and spruce up my hairdo. I looked good as new.“ She kissed the top of Katherine head and sat her crooked chin above her. “Besides, it was worth it.”

“We made it to the church just in time.”

“You cleaned up nice.”

“I told you sunglow was my color. I was the best maid of honor you ever had.”

“You were my only maid of honor, Kat. You and Lucy wear almost the same size. It was her dress in the first place.”

“And I will forever be your only maid of honor. Lucy can’t have it. She didn’t show up the first time. No take backs.”

“She didn’t agree to me marrying Klaus…or Grams.” A hint of sadness melted into her words

“Well, it’s a good thing you had me. Who else was going to walk you down the isle to your dog?” Bonnie pinched the vampire’s side playful. “The look Klaus’ face was gorgeous. His face would forever be branded into my memories as long as I walk this earth.”

“He. Was. Liv.Id. Livid, Kitty.” She heared the muffled laughter below her. “Mad with rage when he seen me with you walking me to him. In a bridesmaid dress. He tore me a new one during the drive to our reception.”

“Yeah. Him and his family wasn’t happy I was back. They still don’t like me.”

“They don’t have to like you. I like you.” Bonnie kissed her button nose. “And the children adore you, especially Alek.”

“My little prince.” Katherine smiled at the thought of the little chubby hybrid. “I missed him. I can’t wait to hold him.”

“Don’t wake him up, Kat. Let him wake up by himself. He needs sleep. I need sleep.”

“I give you until seven in the morning.”

“Too early. Eight.”



“Come on, Bon! I haven’t seen him since I moved in with Lucy and her husband.”

“Aren’t you three together?”

“No. I’m with Lucy. He’s just, I don’t know, there.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Yes. Her husband of five years is just there.”


“I hate to interrupt this reunion.” Both Katherine and Bonnie turned toward the door seeing Klaus walking into his study. “But I would like to have my wife.”

Before Bonnie could move, Katherine wrapped her arms around the witch’s side, snuggling her body into her comfortable warmth. “She’s with me, dog.”

“Katherine, I rather not tear your arms from their sockets. I just got these floors waxed today. I’m here to retrieve Bonnie.”

Katherine kissed along the side of Bonnie’s neck up to her slanted jaw to the side of her lips earning a giggle from her witch. “Well, your wife wants to stay with me.” She claimed seductively.

A flicker of something glimmered in the Original’s eyes and a searing emotion lodge in his chest. He refused to acknowledge the sensation as jealousy. He was a thousand plus year old. He was the Original Hybrid for heaven’s sake. There was no need to be jealous of a child. He had Bonnie to himself. Bonnie only wanted him. He knew this…but that didn’t stop the urge to rip the putrid doppelganger’s arms from around his wife.

“Bonnie.” Klaus called out to her managing to keep his voice leveled.

“Okay, Kitty Kat.” Bonnie stretched her arms and arched her back to get the lazy kinks out from sitting in the comfy green chair for too long. “Leave my hubby alone. Come on, now. Get up.” She slapped Katherine’s thigh.

Katherine rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She muttered as she stood from Bonnie’s lap.

Bonnie stood from her seat and wrapped her arms around Katherine’s waist. “See you in the morning? I’ll make a breakfast feast in your honor.”

“Yes you will.” Katherine moved from Bonnie embrace to sit in her seat. “Right after I wake my prince.”

“At eight o'clock.” Bonnie warned.

“Seven.” Katherine reached over to the wet bar grabbing the bourbon. “Eight is too late.”

“Eight, Katherine I mean it. I’m the mother and I say eight.”




Both Bonnie and Katherine stared at Klaus dumbly. “Bonnie needs her rest.” He stepped towards Katherine. “She’s entering into her third trimester.” Klaus warned. “She gets tired easily and her magic drains her while carrying the child as it nears the due date. You know this.” And she did. “She needs all the rest she can get before starting her day.”

“She can speak for herself.” Bonnie said hotly folding her arms tightly over her chest.

“Do as I say.” Klaus pulled his wife into his arms and kisses her soundly on her lips. “Your husband knows best. Now come on. I know your feet are tired and your back is achey. It’s why you sat in that damn chair for almost the whole day.”

“It’s comfy and don’t get all wolfy and possessive and controlling on me. I know my body.” Bonnie pouted cutely then kissed her husband luscious red lips. “I’ll be fine.”

Katherine rolled her eyes. “Get a room.” She muttered into the bottle of bourbon.

“Shut it.” Bonnie said against Klaus’ kisses. She gave her hybrid a few more pecks before she pulled away from his embrace. “Wait for me by the stairs. I’ll be right there.”

Klaus frowned but did as his little witch said, but not before he leaned in for another kiss. A kiss that promised her more when they reach their bedroom and have her naked on their silk blood red sheets.

Bonnie watched her husband walk away from her before she turned around towards Katherine. “I’ll see you in the morning?”


Bonnie walked behind the green chair leaning over her vampire. “I missed you, Katherine.” She smiled happily seeing the knowing grin on her face. She then leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Welcome home.”

“Thanks, Bon Bon.” Katherine leaned her forehead against Bonnie’s. This was her best friend. She loved Bonnie with every fiber of her being. She would fight for her and fight for her children.

She was loyal to the Mother of New Orleans and she forever would be. The witch gave her a second chance at life and Katherine Pierce would not screw it up, final death be damned. The fire cat was here to stay.

Katherine kissed Bonnie’s head before she pulled away. “Night.”

“Night.” Bonnie tapped her shoulder then went to leave to meet her husband.

“Oh and Bonnie…” Katherine called out to her. Bonnie stopped at the doorway. “How’s Kai?”

Bonnie stiffened. Katherine wasn’t the only person she saved from hell. Malachai Parker, former leader of the Gemini Coven was also saved by the Bennett’s hand.

“You didn’t think I would notice?”

Bonnie shrugged her shoulder. “I knew you would…I just didn’t care if you did or not. That goes for anyone else.”

“Where is he?”

Bonnie eyes changed from her regular green hue to a eerie glow lighting the dark. “He’s safe. I put him in a hold, a dimension made by me.” She stepped toward Katherine seeing the worry in her friend’s eyes. “He’s safe. I won’t let the hounds touch him.”

“How?” Katherine swallowed. “How do you know for sure?”

“Because he’s mine.” Bonnie declared strongly. “I won’t let anyone hurt what is mine. Not Kai. Not you. Not Marcel. Not Stefan. Not Damon. No one. Touches. My. Vampires. Ever.” The eerie neon glow in the witch’s eyes grew softer. “Nothing will happen to any of you. You’re family.”

Katherine snorted. “Says the queen.”

“Says the Bennett.” Bonnie corrected her. “A Bennett keeps her word. You know that.” And she did. Katherine truly did. She have seen it time and time again throughout their ten years of friendship. It was the reason why the Petrova doppelganger would stand by Bonnie and no one else.

“Fine. Get some sleep.”

Bonnie nodded and left the study leaving Katherine to her lonesome. She took another pull of bourbon as she kicks her feet up on Klaus’ desk. She leaned back into the famous green comfy chair staring up at the white ceiling. She closed her eyes and relaxed as she took solace listening to her little prince’s heart beat thump above her as the bourbon warms her belly.

She truly was enjoying this whole second chance of life thing.

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