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SpockFact #44

Spock has never ridden a bicycle. Two-wheeled, self-propelled vehicles were never invented on Vulcan, as the sand is difficult to maneuver through without feet or treads. This fact is revealed when they must conduct an away mission on a planet which primarily uses bicycles for transportation. He finds the humans’ nostalgia over the little wheeled-metal-things to be quite interesting, if illogical. He expects his Vulcan poise, strength, and agility will allow him to easily master bicycle riding–but he is very mistaken. He skins both his knees before the rest of the away team realizes he’s never done this before. They instruct him on what to do, and manage to find one training wheel for him, and Captain Kirk runs alongside him pushing the bike to help him get going. Spock finds the wind in his hair to be surprisingly exhilarating, and when he turns to share this with the Captain he finds Kirk is no longer running beside him. He’s biking all on his own.

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You walk into Peter’s house, smiling at Aunt May. “Thanks,” you say. “Is he upstairs?”

“Yes, I think he’s in his room… Peter! Are you in your room?”

“Yeah, Aunt May!”

Aunt May turns to you. “You can head upstairs, if you’d like.”

You nod and smile before walking up the staircase and knocking on his door.

“Coming,” he says. “Give me a second, ju-just one minute!”

The door finally opens and you see Peter tossing something red across the room.

“What was that?” you laugh. He shakes his head.

“Uh, nothing important. But, hey! I didn’t know… I didn’t know you were coming over.”

You shrug. “Just trying to be a friendly neighbor.” He smiles at you.

“Oh, uh, come on in.”

You sit at the chair by his desk.

“Was I interrupting something? Because if now isn’t a good time–”

“No, no! It’s totally, totally fine.”

“O…kay…” You say, shrugging off the awkwardness. Come to think of it, he had been acting really weird around you lately. Something was up, you were sure, but it seemed he wasn’t going to tell you.

He sits on the edge of his bed, messing with something, and then looks up at you. Then back at the little metal thing in his hands.

You sigh. “Did I do something wrong, Peter? Are you mad at me or something?”

“What are you talking about?” he asks cautiously.

“You’ve been acting really weird whenever we talk. You’re my best friend. You can tell me what’s up.”

He shakes his head. “Peter Parker,” you say. “Tell me.”

“Fine. I like you, alright? More than a friend. More than a best friend.”

You stare at him with wide eyes. That wasn’t what you were expecting.


“(Y/N), you don’t have to tell me, I already know you don’t feel the same way.”

“Actually…” He looks up. “I was going to say I do.”

I love how every character in Metal Gear Solid 5 has unique facial characteristics. That being that everyone has a different nose. It is a fucking pet peeve of mine for video games to have just about all the characters to have perfect noses or noses all identical to one other. Let’s talk about some of their unique facial characteristics and noses. Ocelot doesn’t have a wide nose but he indeed has a very long nose with a thin bridge. If you pause at his face in the trailers his nose is very prominent from a side angle and his nostrils are very noticeable too. Also, he seems to appear to have a very minor overbite if you compare his top lip to his bottom (might just be his mustache or just me). BB has a wider nose with wider nostrils with a thin bridge. His nose is kind of pudgy when compared to Kaz and Ocelot. Sort of like Eli’s but not quite as the major difference (ironic considering Eli is a clone of BB but maybe he got it from the mtDNA or just because he’s young and hasn’t become and adult yet) is the bridge of their noses. Also, BB hardly has any eyebrows and he did not have any in GZ so I can’t say it was burned off in the crash at the end of GZ. Eli has a wide bridge and a pudgy nose and it’s cute. He also has one cut on his right cheek, two cuts/scars on his lips, a scar that starts from his eyebrow and fades off half way onto his nose (its nearly invisible but it’s there), and a scar on his forehead along with several scars and cuts on his arms presumably from fighting because he is a turd nugget. Kaz has a thin nose but it is has a slight hook. Like a Roman god almost. I guess that’s fitting since he is considered around Mother Base to be quite attractive. And Quiet has a perfect nose and is a beautiful, deadly sniper goddess, k bye.

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Imagine Bucky getting full sleeves on both of his arms, maybe eventually he continues the tattoos so they cover his entire upper body.

It’s a way of taking control over his own body, he’s come to realize. But whatever the reason, Bucky loves tattoos, loves the process of deciding to get a new one, sitting to sketch with Steve, and then bringing the sketch to a tattoo artist somewhere in the city and asking what they can do with it. Sometimes Steve paints his metal arm, too, and reclaiming that is just as important but his paintings are so much less permanent than the ink bled into his skin. Even Stark can’t come up with a coat of paint that will stand to the wear and tear Bucky puts that arm through. That arm, he has to reclaim with his own actions.

But the rest of his body he can reclaim with color and his own imagination.

Just finished cooking awesomeness.

Had to go to sainsburys for milk and bread and saw this dude and his wife; and he had an in flames shirt on. He looked at my tee (pantera) and just smiled and i just felt accepted by a stranger.

Its nice idk. I’ll just shut up and eat at my pc listening to music til  i dieeee



the other night i was wondering what reaper’s little emblem was. then today i was drawing mccree’s big old head and i realized the little metal thing on his hat is most definitely an overwatch/blackwatch symbol. so i shoved it all together and added the boy’s concept art. they didn’t have either emblem originally. 
so in speculation. if mccree is still running around with blackwatch paraphernalia (even though he’s not too keen on being associated with them) then the hat probably means a lot to him. and he probably got it during his time in blackwatch.