little mermaid room


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Calum was never into Disney things, he thought they were just some basic mainstream thing that weren’t worth wasting precious time on.

You, being his faithful best friend, finally, after almost two decades, forced him to have a Disney movie marathon.

“I will, but I doubt I’ll like it,” Calum told you sourly.

Somehow, he managed to get through Beauty and the Beast and Finding Nemo with a completely straight face.

But unfortunately for him, by the end of The Emperor’s New Groove, he was hiding his face in a pillow, muffling his laughter. Then, at the beginning of Up, you could tell he was trying not to cry at the bittersweet lovestory portrayed.

“This is my all time favorite,” you told him, popping the DVD out of the box. “She was my favorite princess.”

Starting the movie, you crawled back up into you little spot in the crook of Calum’s shoulder, throwing the blanket back over the two of you.

The familiar sound of The Little Mermaid filled the room, and you almost squealed in joy. You hadn’t seen this in years.

Calum didn’t seem too interested in the movie until Ariel started to make Eric fall in love with her.

It was the scene where Ariel and Eric were sitting in the boat and the sea animals were singing “Kiss the Girl”.

You knew every word to this song; it was your favorite song in the movie.

You felt Calum chuckle at your expense.

Then, you felt his fingers lightly turn your head, angling it up towards him.

Before you knew it, his lips were placing a sweet kiss on yours.

“I kissed the girl,” he whispered before diving down for another kiss.


The Little Mermaid Rooms at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Pricing: $109-199 depending on the season. September pricing-weekday rates $115/$126 & weekend rates $139/$147.

Resort Level: Value

Beds: 2 Double Beds or 1 Kind Bed

Bath: 1 Bathroom with separate sink area.

Sleeps: 4


  • Rooms have a mini fridge.
  • Exceptionally themed and renovated.
  • You can use the amenities of the Art of Animation (pools and amazing food court) without spending as much for the family suites.
  • The bus pick up is a traditional line with metal dividers at the front of the resort, so it’s easier to get a quick ride.


  • These rooms are usually exempt from discounted deals such as the eat-for-free promotion.
  • The two beds are double beds, not queen.