little mermaid ring

"Woman?  Is that meant to insult me?"

Happy International Woman’s Day!!  Celebrating women everywhere, not just the “badass” ones, but all of us unique individuals.  We are all strong in our own way.  We are all beautiful in our own way.  We are all intelligent, proud, and fierce.  We are amazing.

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in the dads of marmora au, does keith ever get bored and tired of being cooped up in the one place?? imagine little keith accidently getting himself injected into space, and nearly dies but one of the dads save him. he'd probably be traumatized for a bit.

“Part of your world” from the classic Disney movie “The Little Mermaid” starts ringing

Geeky Weekly

Hello, guys. As I’m a geeky girl and I know many fandoms I’d like to share with you some interesting things.

Today I’m gonna show you 10 geeky nail arts. I tried to choose the best ones, though it was pretty hard. This set represents in my opinion the main geeky tendencies. So, let’s start.

Socials are an important part in geeky culture. I’d like to have such nail art myself.

Harry Potter. Those books and films made my childhood. You can feel youself a wizard with such nails.

Pikachu^^ So cute these nails are.

And can’t forget about pokeballs too.

Little Mermaid. These are not so comfortable to wear, but how pretty they are.

Breaking Bad is a popular series mowadays. I think this design is quite interesting.

Silence. I still can feel gooseflesh.

Dr.Who nails are gorgeous. Simple and cute.

Wonder-woman design. Everything the gilr needs.

The Lord of the Rings at one time was one of my favourite books.

Hope you, guys love this set! If yes, like this post and follow me. Next week will be something interesting.


Are you ready to rumble?!!! Tonight we’re going to throw down hard with Disney princesses and anime characters galore. Now I know most of them are women, but that’s how it usually works out anyhow, and I don’t care! Please let me know if you’ve tried playing any of my little compiled commanders and how they worked for you. Feel free to comment and leave requests also. This be PlaneswalkerTexasRanger, signing off.

PS! More incoming Tuesday! So keep your eyeballs clean.


Connecticon Hall Shot Photos.  I didn’t get too many unfortunately just because I was working more on shoots/ having a weird adventure.  But here’s what I got (mostly from sunday).  If you see yourself/ know the cosplayer let me know so I can dish out the appropriate credit.

Edward Kenway - sparrowszealot

Ariel - darciewheeler

Jack Frost - mynameiskawner

Bucky Barnes - toriandrelativedimensionsinspace

Emma Watson will be starring as Belle in Disney’s live-adaptation of Beauty and the Beast!