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Note to self, do not tell Maya any secret unless I want it to be blabbed a few hours later. 

I will forever see Maya as Phoenix’s unofficial sister; considering she basically did the IRL equivalent of your little sister telling your crush your biggest secret.

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When Natasha was teaching little Masha her animals, she would ask her "riddles" about them. (ex. "Now, what animal waddles around and quacks and swims in a pond?" "A duck!") One time, Natasha asked Masha, "Now, what's big and strong and furry and has a big appetite and sleeps very deeply?" Masha beamed innocently and said "Papa!" and pointed to Pierre. Natasha had to end the lesson for the day because she couldn't stop laughing, and Pierre started jokingly calling the kids "his little cubs."



Disclaimer: Before you write this theory off as crazy, like I myself did two years ago, please have an open mind and consider all of the following evidence before forming your opinion. And although I am a Lizzington shipper, this post is not overly or strictly Lizzington in it’s design or belief and does not intend to use this theory just to promote my ship. 

Also, if you still believe the ‘reveal’ at the end of 4.22 proving Red is Lizzie’s father (which used a 30 year old sample of blood from a yet to be proven Raymond Reddington) is the truth, I suggest you stop reading now.

One final note, it is long, and contains spoilers. Please be advised it will only open without crashing on a tablet or computer. Thank you.

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Sorry, for the bad quality, but I could not make it better. 

I started watching the promo again and I really wonder, if we get so see Lizzys real father here… This is definately not Red and it´s not Kirk and I don´t think it´s Sam either, but in the promo you can clearly see, that Katarina is attacking a  man in a kitchen and putting him to the ground. We know, he took away her child and she seems to be determined to take Lizzy back. 

I guess it the same kitchen we see on the pic with Kate, cause it has the same indirect light, or maybe I´m totally wrong. But look at Kate on the pic…..She looks like being trapped in the corner… somehow she looks a little bit angsty, but she is clearly looking at someone and this certain someone maybe is Katarina, who came to take Lizzy, aka Masha back, as you can see in the last pic. 

This is Lizzy with her mom, sitting on the bed. 

Katarina tells her: “You scared me, Masha”, and takes er into her arms… 

Is this before the fire? Was Kate somehow connected to Lizzys real father? How did little Masha scared her mother? Did she shout for her and she did not react? I mean, she was 4 years old. That´s old enough to realize, that something very strange must be happening in her life… 

She obviously was raised until then by Kirk and Katarina  and Katarina wrote in her diary, that she could not take Lizzy away from Kirk, so this little girl did not know her real father until the moment he took her away from her family. This must have been very much disturbing for 4 year old a child. And how long was he gone with Lizzy?

Wow, I´m really so, so curious right now!! And most of all.. How the hell did Red fit into this? Is he with his team out there to find the fulcrum? Did he meet Lizzy by coincidence? 

Bioshock Infinite (2013)

In the first of the Bioshock franchise you learn of a little girl named Masha Lutz who had been taken from her family by Andrew Ryan’s men and turned into a little sister by Dr. Suchong’s conditioning. Her parents then committed suicide in despair when they realized she no longer knew them.

In Bioshock Infinite : Burial At Sea Ep. 2, you meet two little girls inside of Dr. Suchong’s Free Clinic. The two girls are named Leta and Masha. They are seen cowering in fear from an injured Bouncer, which they refer to as “Monster”. Once Elizabeth reveals that the Big Daddy will die without their ADAM, the two girls feel sorry for the monster, believing that it’s unfair he’s going to die. Leta then injects him with some of Masha’s ADAM-rich blood, healing him. The Big Daddy then adopts the two girls, completing the bond that Suchong had been working so hard to create.

(Leta on the left and Masha on the right)


“According to the order of the Ural Soviet, You, Nicholas Alexandrovich, and your family are sentenced to death and will be shot now…” Those words filled the duchess’ ears with hot liquid. Her deep blue eyes did not blink and she felt Maria’s hand squeeze at her forearm. The room stood in silence for what seemed a millennium. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The emotions filling the faces of the Romanov’s, were that of horror, confusion, fear and loss. The group of housemaids, governess’s and doctors, huddled around the family. Anastasia’s fingers laced with Maria’s, tightly. So many thoughts ran through the youngest Duchess’ head. Why was this happening, why did they hate father so much that they wished to kill him? Were they all going to die, or worse…were only some going to live knowing of their loss?

“What.. what by heavens do you mean?” Her father spoke in a thick Russian tongue, which she had not heard in months. The royal family hardly spoke Russian, and if they did it was only at parties. Mama insisted on English. Especially since the were was supposed to go to England. But that was only a dream.  

Suddenly a shot rang out, than another. Screams were heard, thumps and clanks. “Моя сестра, моя сестра, Ольга” Tanya cried. Ana’s sight went blank, as the smoke filled the room.  Bodies falling like hail. “Nastya” Maria screeched, digging her nails into her little sister’s fingers. “Masha!” Ana cried, whilst blood trickled from her sister’s grip. “Не отпускай!” she ordered.  

Quickly more shots were heard, and Ana felt a bullet slam into the right side of her corset. She gasped for air, trying to regain her balance from the blow.  Another hit Maria. The two stumbled but refined their footing. This happened thrice or more. Thank Mama, for insisting on the Duchess’ wearing their corsets.

Tears rolled down Anastasia’s face. Maria cried out as the two girls tried to move away from the bullets within the dust and smoke which filled the room.  Another shot and Maria, forcefully let out a blood curdling scream. Her left leg was shot. 

Ana’s breaths began to fall short as she attempted to keep her sister walking. So many screams, Ana lost track of who was who. She heard Loysha cry out. Mama and Papa’s voices had gone silence long ago. Screaming from Botkin and a few others.  She heard the shrieks of her sisters. “No, No!”  Olga and Tanya cried in unison. With the dust that filled the room, Ana only caught a glimpse of Maris’a long thick hair, in front of her. 

 Only few feet away were Olga and Tatiana. From what Ana saw within the smoke, were guards yanking them both apart. One bullet went through Olga’s temple, causing blood to splatter onto Tatiana’s white dress. She screamed with such force that it could burst your ear drums.  Before, Tatiana could finished her scream, she was kicked to her knees.  The guard gripped her by her hair, pulling her up.  Ana and Maria watched as tears filled their sister’s cheeks, for she was hysterical. The barrel of the gun was placed at the top of her scull, blasting forward. The shot rang out and her forehead splattered open, causing guts and bone to fly. 

there were so many gun shots, each one made the duchess jump from fear of being hit, or someone else. And someone else did.  With one quick bullet into he back, Maria’s head fell limp and her deep blue eyes of sapphires, went grey.  Blood started to fill into the upper right side of Maria’s chest. Ana watched as worry filled her features. Maria was shot “MASHA!” Ana screeched. “Masha! No Don’t leave me! You can’t leave me!” she begged.  Falling towards her knees, Ana and Maria fell beneath the smoke. 

Anastasia stared at her sister. Her eyes once so blue and full of life, were now fading. “Masha please?” she begged, sobs filling her eyes and cheeks. Guns and screams continued as Ana tried to steal the last bit of Maria she could. Ana placed  her palms on her sister’s bleeding chest, trying to stop the flow. It was no use. Her hands were only getting drenched with her sister’s blood. A crimson pool began to slowly form around the two, as it It seeped out of Maria’s back wound.

Ana lay next her sister, refusing to let go of her hand. Her older sister breathed out a forced smile. “Get…out…” Blood started to trickle into her lungs from her heart, and began to stain her pearly white teeth. “I can’t, I can’t do this without you. We’re the little pair.. remember?” Ana sobbed, as her rosy cheeks  became sticky and hot.  Maria looked up at her sister with a small smile, or what she could give of one. “I love you” she whispered, and with that the legend and beauty of the Romanov eyes closed for good.

Taking a deep sobbed breath, Ana gulped. She placed her forehead against her sister’s. And silently sobbed. “Dear God, why, why?” she pleaded. Suddenly the bullets started to die down, and  the screams were gone.  Glancing around, that is when she saw her little brother, reaching for their mother’s corps, which only lay a few feet in front of him. Looking at him straight in the eye, Anastasia, lifted her finger to her mouth. She motioned for him to stay silent. 

Slowly she looked at Maria’s body and glanced at the blood on the floor, beneath them. Closing her eyes, she lied lifeless onto of her Maria’s body; hoping to be looked over by the guards.


The only memory I have of my real father  is from the night of the fire.
 I remember him pulling me out of the flames  saving me.
- Liz (S1E22)

Tbh, after this ep, I don’t think its rocket science anymore to deduce who most likely pulled little Masha out of the flames, is it? How the roles were different that night of the fire…

Liz remembered with her blocked/tempered memory, how a man with a fedora (1st gif above) aka Red was fighting biomum before the gun shot falls. After her shooting Connolly unlocks that blocked memory for Liz, she remembers that in truth it was biodad (3rd gif above, cue bathrobe, no hat) who fought with biomum before little Masha shot him.

Liz remembered with her blocked/tempered memory how biodad pulled her out of the flames on the night of the fire…..

And now, I’ll simply sit here crying and wait for that other part of the memory to be unlocked/triggered in S3+n…

good thing I had very low expectations for S3E23

No shockers here. None at all. *sigh* 

Twitter explosion? Uh, nope. Nothing happened earning that claim. In fact, every single “reveal” was guessed by Lizzington shippers well ahead of time.

Not a truly awful episode given Red’s set up for Kirk, though it felt more like a filler episode than a season finale.

The best parts (really, the only good parts): Red’s discussion with Cooper - beautiful; Red’s shock at learning of Kate’s betrayal while at the driving range; Red’s “What am I going to do with you, Kate?”

I understand Liz faking her death, doing whatever is necessary to keep your child safe. However, Tom being in on it, that’s a slap in the face to Red, to the story, and to Liz… involving a man who doesn’t have the capacity to love (as evidenced by Tom’s actions and stated by Jon). But, it’s all about the spin off now, to heck with doing right by Liz or what brought success to TBL, Red and Liz.

At the start of S4, I suppose we will have to suffer through Red working with Tom to locate Liz and Agnes? Because that’s certainly loads of fun to watch and makes hell-a-lot of sense. Actually, Red didn’t kill Tom because Liz was dead, so now that’s she’s alive, I imagine one of the first things Red would do is put a bullet in Tom’s sociopathic brain. But, nah, can’t do what makes sense when it comes to Tom.

As for “Masha, I am your father.” They’ll probably retcon that over the summer… don’t want to kill daddybait after all. But if this is daddy (as I’m guessing was confirmed with the blood swab by Solomon), is daddy simply after an organ? Liver disease often requires blood transfusions. Did little Masha hit daddy’s liver when she shot him all those years ago? Or maybe daddy dearest simply wants to have a relationship with his child before he dies… tell her how very awful Raymond Reddington is. Because every bad thing that’s happened since Red was born is ultimately Red’s fault. 

factoseintolerant replied to your photoset“The Blacklist | from the preview for S2E22 (x)”

what does Red have to do to show Lizzie he cares? kneel down, take a bullet, get himself captured, risk his life for hers….oh wait, he has done all of those things. meanwhile Tom Keen has a boat and Liz is like “that’s cute”

Maybe Red needs to buy a boat too? A bigger boat ;))


Honestly, I think she is deeply hurting in that scene, the sky is falling down on her, her career, the last thing she was holding onto from her former life, is errupting beneath her feet. And all she wants is answers. Who am I?  Who were my parents? And why is all of this happening to me? 

And she knows Red is keeping those answers from her. He even went so far to block her memory and it hurts her even more, because imo she doesnt understand why he is doing that nor can she accept that he is making that choice.

I don’t think Liz can imagine at this point that the truth would hurt her even more. Because thats what Red is alluding here to, that he absorbed a guilt/sin that little Masha would carry otherwise. He is keeping her soul “pure” from his perspective.

But of course for Liz to imagine that she ever committed such a “sin” is unthinkable.

Therefore, she doesnt accept his choice and she wants to hurt him back; as much as his choice is hurting her.

Liz knows he cares. And she felt that - more times than she is probably willing to admit.

That’s why she accuses him of not doing so. Worse: of not being capable of caring.

Because imo she knows that the one thing that cuts Red the deepest, is calling his “love/care” for her in question. And she does so by unspecifically reminding him of the moments he failed her - that means Sam, and most of all that means Tom.

And she uses those things as “evidence” which supposedly reminds her that Red is not capable of caring. 

Imo that’s also why she will go to Tom for help to find answers here, because what better way to hurt Red than turn to Tom - the very man Red hates.

Thats my interpretation of the scene, that of course could be wrong…