little mase

Fic: We Are Family

This is all trufflemores’ fault. Really.
In which Rory teaches his little siblings how to go back in time, and Maddy and Mase have the best night of their lives. ~1600 words, G, the crackiest fluff possible.

The house was quiet when Rory got home.

Too quiet.

“Get ‘im, Mase!” his little sister’s voice suddenly screeched from the hallway. Rory spun around frantically, but it was too late. His little brother had him wrapped in a bear hug, arms pinned to his sides uselessly.

Rory tried to struggle his way out of Mason’s hold, but his baby brother was ripped from hours of swimming, and he was able to drag Rory all the way to the couch easily.

Maddy bounded over then and plopped directly on Rory’s lap, pinning his wrists to the cushion and leaning in so close that they were almost nose-to-nose. “Tell us how you traveled back to visit Daddy and Papa when they were our age!”

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