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Marwari horse pacing. According to wikipedia the gait is sometimes called the revaal, aphcal, or rehwal. No idea if those are variations on the pace, the same gait, words used in different areas, literal meaning, etc. I also don’t know anything about gaited horses. Thought I would share tho while I’m hyping marwari horses.


Malec Appreciation Fortnight Day 5: [ What you love most about their first kiss]

So I have watched this scene more times than I can count and every time I watch I find something else I love about it, it may be because of the depth of the scene itself and how beautifully it plays out, or it might be the fact that it makes me wanna cry a little more every single time. either way, it’s a truly lovely scene.

I wanna start with the first gif, that little stare down between the two of them is basically Alec telling Magnus he made his choice he is choosing him in that moment no else exists but the two of them.

Second gif, Alec walking down that aisle with that look of determination on his face and telling his mother “enough” it’s basically equivalent to him saying “this is the choice I’m making accept or don’t I couldn’t care less.” and I absolutely love it.

The third gif, first off Manus’ face before Alec get’s close enough to grab him by the lapels is a moment of ‘are you sure you wanna do this?’ and as soon as Alec pulls him in that moment of questioning is gone because they’re kissing and It’s utterly perfect and nobody can change that moment right there with the two of them where the rest of the world falls away. Also, that last second just before their lips connect you see one last push of determination from Alec and that makes it all the better.

Fourth gif, everyone’s individual reactions are priceless even down to the silent brother in the background, he’s like ‘wasn’t he marrying the blond thirty seconds ago?’. Jace, Izzy, Clary and Simon all look so proud that Alec is doing what makes him happy they also look incredibly proud to know the two of them.

The fifth gif, when Alec pulled back and Magnus chased his lips I literally yelled, like he wasn’t ready for that kiss to be over he wanted more. That eye contact between the two of them before Alec goes back in makes me weak every time cause it’s so intense. Then the little smile on Manus’ lips before they’re fully kissing again wow it’s beautiful.  

Final gif, it’s so much deeper than the first round and I couldn’t be more pleased about that. it’s fuelled with so much want and need from both of them and it makes the kiss all the more better to watch cause you can’t help but be pulled into the kiss and want to watch it a million more times to find more things to love about it.

Who is the main antagonist of Dark souls 1?

I’ve been reading comments on YouTube, and people are saying Manus? Nah son it’s fucking gywn, gywn is a literal scumbag, he lied about everything and forsake EVERYONE just so he can play God for a little longer, yet manus is the bad guy? Fuck that #manusdidnothingwrong