Chrom getting roasted in Tomodachi Life

This scene by Fwubble is so weird – Punch-Out!!’s protagonist clowning a Fire Emblem character in Tomodachi Life for not appearing in Smash Bros. Maybe that’s why it’s hilarious? Or maybe it’s Little Mac’s deadpan delivery?

You can see Chrom gettin’ that work again in Tomodachi Life here. I love that people (and Nintendo!) keep finding ways to make fun stuff with this game.

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1. Rosalina ‘The World Is Her Puppet’

2. Yoshi ‘He Dumps You For A Third Jump’

3. Shiek ‘Shriek when you see Shiek’

4. Zero Suit Samus ‘Stun-Lock’

5. Captain Falcon ‘Slowly Becoming the Stop Having Fun Guy’

6. Ness ‘PK Rekt’

7. Mario ‘Mr. Combo Masher’

8. Sonic ‘Blast-Processing Up The Ranks’

9. Pikachu ‘Everyone Is A Ungrounded Lightning Rod’

10. Lucario ‘No Pain, Still Gain’

11. Mewtwo ‘Mind Games’

12. Villager ‘Hailing from Hell’

13. Link ‘Still The Best’

14. Shulk ‘5 Ways Of Smash’

15. Diddy Kong ‘Call Animal Control’

16. Robin ‘Legendary COD Player’

17. Peach ‘Queen of Air’

18. Mega Man ‘Everyone is Toad Man to Him’

19. ROB ‘Reliable Oblivion Bot’

20. Jiggypuff ‘Sing the song of DEATH’

21. Greninja ‘Pizza Time’

22. Bowser ‘Your Smashiness’

23. Fox ‘TAS For Glory’

24. Wii Fit Trainer ‘Breathe In, Exhale Out’

25. Toon Link ‘Of the 99 Dragons’

26. Dark Pit ‘His Theme Is The Only Reason He’s In The Game’

27. Luigi ‘Hey, My Birthday Date’

28. Marth ‘Needs To Do Some Grinding’

29. Pit ‘Put Too Many Hearts In Pot’

30. Lucina ‘Picked The Wrong Mother’

31. Ganondorf ‘Dunks and Slams, But Can’t Toss The Ball’

32. Pac-Man ‘Yellow Isn’t a Creative Color’

33. Bowser Jr ‘Now this is a drill!’

34. Ike ‘Stay still!’

35. Kirby ‘Inhale and Barf’

36. King Dedede ‘May Need To Get Possessed Again’

37. Zelda ‘Tries To Trade Triforce Piece’

38. Mr. Game & Watch ‘Needs More Depth’

39. DuckHunt ‘Hunting Accident’

40. Olimar ‘Needs…Everything Really’

41. Samus ‘Slow And Steady Will…Get You Knocked Off The Stage’

42. Falco ‘5 o’clock Shadow And Beer in a Bag’

43. Palutena ‘Begs Sakurai To Let Customs In’

44. Donkey Kong ‘He’s Bigger And Slower Too.’

45. Wario ‘Step One: Bike. Step Two: Bike’

46. Doctor Mario ‘Anti-Mario’

47. Meta-Knight ‘Come Closer, Please?’

48. Charizard ‘Encore! Flare Blitz!’

49. Little Mac ‘HA HA Youbelonghere!’