little liv


thanks for listening to me all night, clive.
i’m glad you know i’m a zombie.

Headcanon that the very first time you call Spencer ‘baby’ or some other cute little nickname, he practically loses his shit.

Like, just imagine that the two of you are in the beginning stages of your relationship and the two of you go on a date to a museum bc Spence is a dork and I am also a dork who loves museums and Spencer kinda starts to wander away from you until he hears you say “Hey, baby, come look at this” and at first he’s like “??? who is she talking to ??” and then it hits him that you’re talking to him and he’s all “!!!!!”. So for the rest of the day he can’t help but catch onto all of the other times you call him “honey” or “babe” and it just makes him bEAM like he can’t wipe the smile off of his face and at one point you notice and ask him what’s got him so happy and he just wraps an arm around your waist and goes “Oh, nothing, baby.”

The hardest part for me is that Liv, Robert and Aaron have all made it clear that they are not living, they’re all just existing until 6 o’clock when they get to talk to each other. They’re literally counting down the minutes until they can have a couple of minutes together. 

But then when they do get that time, they just don’t know what to say to each other, it’s awkward and stilted and yet they’ll go through it all again tomorrow just thinking about those two minutes of conversation they’re going to get at 6 o’clock.