little leverage things


Leverage crew + being good with kids

[1. The Beantown Bailout Job. Nate in the hospital with Zoe.  Zoe says “No, but it’s not his fault. It was my fault.” Nate says “No. No, it wasn’t your fault.”]

[2. The Boost Job. Parker hands Josie her car theft tools and says “Here. These might help.”]

[3. The Fairy Godparents Job. Sophie with her arm around Widmark’s shoulders, telling him “Be who you really are. If you can do that, then I promise you, people will believe in you.”]

[4. The Hot Potato Job. Hardison high-fiving Trevor.]

[5. The King George Job. Eliot saying “You’re welcome, little one,” and high-fiving A’Yan.]

[6. The Wedding Job. Parker is timing Teresa’s daughter while she tries to pick a padlock. The girl opens the lock and Parker says “Six seconds! Give it up!” and they high-five.]