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Only one person responded to my question about the next section of the College AU, so I am going to go with it! 

This takes place about 18 months after their weekends described in the first two installments, and I guarantee that there will be moments published later that fit into those 18 months. Right now, though, I have this one for you. Please let me know what you think!

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I’m crazy into black dusty backgrounds, the mother-son dynamic of Princess Leia and her son and Daughter lyrics … So I combine that shit.

weirdnonsensefandomstuff  asked:

Pretty please tell me about the humans who fell for the eldritch skywalkers, the queen and the smuggler who realized their lovers were something else than human

  • Han’s about as Force-sensitive as a bucket of rocks, and deliberately blind to the strangeness of the universe, and so he doesn’t realise that something is different about Leia until they’re plunging through the corridors of the Death Star, and she barks someone has to save our skins! and in that moment her skin is luminous, her shadow becomes high and wrong on the wall behind her, growing teeth, wings; and his vision slides to the side of her, like he’s trying to stare into the sun. And the Stormtroopers fire, but the bolts do not hit – even though they should have done – and he leaps into the garbage suit, and when he blinks he sees white
  • She smells strange, says Chewie, later, on Yavin Four, as they pack to leave. So does he. They smell like…like blood, and fire, and – and things I don’t have words for. Han says: “It’s something to do with the Force, no doubt,” and he’s aiming for sarcastic, misses entirely, lands somewhere in the region of worry
  • He leaves her. And as he walks away he swears he feels tendrils of – fire? flesh? light? – knotting around his wrist, tightening slightly, insistent. It isn’t an unpleasant sensation. He looks back over his shoulder. Leia huffs, looks away; the manacling something vanishes.
  • There are moments on Hoth where he thinks she is a blizzard. Yes, that sounds ridiculous – which is why he will never say it out loud – but there are moments when she storms into a room, wearing white, and he doesn’t see her full-on, only out of the corner of his eye and he doesn’t see five foot something of shouty prettiness; he sees icy shards blistering into a huddle, driving wolf-howl gales, bright moonlight fractured by heavy grey clouds. And then he looks at her properly and oh there we go, she’s not a storm, she’s a woman. Maybe. Probably.
  • When she speaks to the pilots, she shines. She occupies the entire room. Fills it up. Expands beyond her skin. Like a blizzard, like snow pouring in, like Hoth itself in all its glory and lethal beauty. 
  • He kisses her and she tastes human. Her hair is soft and warm in his hands, the softness of her is human, every last bit of her is human; but there’s something different
  • Just before he sinks into carbonite, her mouth unhinges. Drops almost  to her chin. Her gums are stuffed with teeth. Her tongue is silver. Her eyes bead like water on the side of a glass, multiplying, glaring insectoid. Wings sprout from her spine; her fingers fuse into another set of wings and – and other things, things Han cannot name, and –
    • She is terrible. She is beautiful. I love you, she says, through five mouths at the same time. I know says Han, and means it.
  • She’s a monster. And? She’s brave and good and kind, and when she shouts at him light flares from under her skin and her shadow grows claws and he just laughs, laughs, laughs. You’re not afraid of me, she says. “Of course not,” he says back, grinning and carefree. “Your worshipfulness, you’re not scary in the slightest. You’re my princess.”
  • Someone: Yeah so Princess Leia--

I love how offended Han gets when Leia calls him scruffy-looking. Because I mean, he is scruffy-looking. He has to know it. He walks around with his hair mussed and his shirt half-open, he rarely seems to get changed, his ship is a mess inside and out. And more than that, he doesn’t care. He makes no effort to be neat and tidy, not even when he’s hanging around on a military base, because he’s Han Solo and he is how he is and if you don’t like it, tough luck.

But then Leia calls him scruffy-looking. And suddenly it’s an insult. Suddenly, coming from the princess with the elaborate hairstyle and perfect poise, who manages to make a jumpsuit look like a royal gown just by wearing it, who can make Han question his life and his choices and his morals with a look, it’s an insult.

And he’s offended. Not by “half-witted”, which clearly isn’t true. Not by “stuck-up”, which also isn’t really true. Not by “nerf herder” which is an insult to his flying skills and definitely not true. No, he picks “scruffy-looking”, the one part of her insult that’s actually kind of accurate. Because that’s the one which, right now, is the starkest contrast to her, because she’s standing there looking effortlessly beautiful and put together, completely unlike him, and really it’s extremely unfair that she gets to look so damn royal and gorgeous and everything he isn’t while glaring at him, and rejecting him, and telling him he’s a scruffy peasant and not good enough.

It’s so unfair that he has to argue with it because he’s not that bad, okay, he’s a pretty decent-looking guy, a princess and a guy like him can’t be totally out of the realm of possibility, right? Right? She’s, uh, she’s protesting a bit too much, right? That’s it. He must’ve hit pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that after all, that’s what she just did with him. Right? Luke? Back me up here, kid…

He’s so bad at this. It’s amazing. I love it.

“I Know Evil” sw one-shot

“Listen Kid, I know evil. and you are not.”  Prompt from here.

The edges of consciousness began to prickle Han Solo’s mind as he felt a small jab in his arm.  Han rolled over, repositioning to avoid any other disturbances.  But the jab came again, harder this time.  He mumbled something to his wife, something that kinda sounded like mruhaba but was meant to be “what’s going on?”

“Dad?” A little voice whispered, poking his arm again.  Han knew that voice, he knew it like he knew the controls on the Millennium Falcon.  

“Daaaad?”  The voice echoed again, and Han’s eyes shot open.

Standing next to the bed was Ben, still in his pajamas.  He was hugging his teddy bear upside down, something that Ben had started doing when was a baby.  Leia told him that it was because the legs were easier to get his little hands around.  Ben was wide awake, and he looked near tears.  Han’s worry increased.

“Ben?  What are you doing out of bed?”  

The little boy sniffled and looked down to his teddy bear.  “I heard a voice.”

“What voice?”

His shoulders shrugged.  “I don’t know.”

Han considered.  He knew that Luke and Leia could communicate to Ben through the Force, but Ben would’ve recognized their voice.  There wasn’t anyone else they knew that could control the Force.  “What did the voice say?”  

Ben’s lips quivered.  “Bad things.  Daddy, he was mean.”  

“It was just a nightmare, Ben.”

Ben wobbled in spot as he said shyly, “I can’t sleep anymore.”

Han wished he could will away Ben’s bad dreams, but he didn’t have that power.  Kriff, he didn’t know if even Luke had that power.  Han lifted a hand to ruffle the boy’s dark hair.  “Wanna come sleep in the big bed with me and your mom?”

The dark curls bounced enthusiastically, as he nodded his head.  Ben held out his teddy, which Han took from the boy.  With his hands now free, Ben set about the task of climbing on the bed.  His gripped the sheets, pulling the comforter off a sleeping Leia, and he was only able to make it up when Han gave him a boost.

The boy spread his limbs as far as he could to crawl over Han’s body to settle down into the gap between his parents.    Han reached over to shove a pillow in the gap, allowing his son to lie down.  Ben scooted into place, wiggling like a worm until he was comfortable.  Han chuckled softly and tucked him into the blankets; taking time to also re-cover Leia.  The little boy smiled expectantly up at Han, and Han knew that his son wasn’t going to get much more sleep in this arrangement.  

“Wanna tell me what your dream was about?”  Han asked softly.

Ben’s smile diminished.  “There was a bad man.  And he wanted me to be dark.”

Han frowned.  “You don’t go to the dark side because someone wants you to.”

“But he said…” Ben’s voice died away as his eyes flooded with tears.  “Daddy, am I bad?”  

The seriousness in Ben’s tone broke Han a little.  What had Ben been dreaming that would make him believe such a thing?  Han looked down at his son and certainly told him, “listen kid.  I’ve known evil.  I promise you are not.”

Han’s gaze ran over Leia’s sleeping form at the thought.  Leia had once thought the same thing; that being Darth Vader’s daughter had automatically made her less of a good person.  Han had rebuffed it quickly.  He knew Leia, she could never be anything like Vader.  Just like then, Han now looked at his son, knowing in his heart that his son wasn’t evil.

With all the Force mumbo-jumbo that went on around him, Han knew the line between good and evil was an easy one to cross.  But Ben had Leia, Luke, and himself to help him, to guide him.  

“Ben, I promise you are not bad.”  

His son must’ve felt Han’s certainty, because Ben relaxed slowly.  After a few more minutes of wiggling, Ben became still.  Just like when he was a baby, Han watched his son fall back asleep tucked safely between the two people who would give their lives for him, who loved him unconditionally.

Ben’s nightmare’s worried him.  The boy already had enough pressure on him for being two Rebellion heroes’ kid and Force sensitive.  Han hoped that these pressures weren’t cumulating into bad dreams for the kid.  He made a mental note to talk to Leia about it in the morning.  

Han gazed contentedly at his family sleeping before feeling settled enough to go back to sleep himself.


Casually ignores responsibilities and draws Skywalker twins instead

Some long-overdue sketches for a Star Wars AU I’ve been working on~