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You know, I really love all those ‘Earth is Space Australia’ ideas and humans as the super tough, super unflappable space badasses who can smile in the face of any danger and who will pet absolutely anything that mostly isn’t toxic and sits still long enough. I adore them. However, sometimes I do wonder … do aliens have phobias?

Because I can’t help thinking that somewhere in this future universe there’s the one human who went to space because spaceships are relatively sterile environments and therefore in space there are less bugs*. And then one day a guest comes onto the ship and their multilegged pet comes slithering out from under their fashionable collar and suddenly from the back of the shuttle bay there’s this high-pitched, hysterical screaming. And the alien crew turn around and there is their human, their badass, amazingly tough human, the one who managed to survive with half her leg torn off that one time long enough to make it back to medbay, the one who bluffed space pirates for a full half-cycle without so much as a quiver, the one who had to be forcibly restrained from petting the nine-foot slavering hregallar on Threlanix because apparently they were 'adorable babies’ … that human, their human, is suddenly clinging to the ceiling in blatant defiance of the ship’s artificial gravity and wailing her head off in absolute terror over a pathetic little xhilitin. The tiny, stupidly harmless insects that about sixteen species keep as pets because their jewelled carapaces are lovely and decorative and they’re so dumb and harmless that they’ll cheerfully sit on your hat as an ornament from here until infinity.

So the mildly shellshocked aliens try and calm their human down and they get her to medbay and they’re asking 'are the xhilitin on Earth dangerous?’, which, probably, apparently everything on Earth is deadly, but none of it has ever terrified their human before, and their absolutely mortified human is going 'no, well yes, some of them are, that’s not the point, it doesn’t matter if they’re dangerous or not, I just don’t fucking like them, okay, please never let one aboard ship again, i will love you forever and fight off a hundred pirates for you if you just keep the creepy leggy little fuckers the hell away from me, i’m so fucking serious right now, i am begging you’.

And she is absolutely deadly serious, and it makes no sense whatsoever, but suddenly the entire crew are 100% for never, ever letting xhilitin aboard the ship again. Because, well. She would fight off a hundred pirates for them, she has fought off a hundred pirates for them, she’s dragged herself back with half her leg torn off that one time after saving Lehm and Ehletol from the nine-foot slavering beasties she still thinks are adorable. There is no rational reason in the universe for her to be afraid of xhilitin, but it doesn’t matter, because she is, and that means this ship is suddenly a no-insect zone from now until forever.

Because hey, okay, humans are tough, humans are insane, humans come from Space Australia, but sometimes humans come with a couple of odd little quirks, sometimes they’re randomly terrified of ridiculously harmless things, and that’s okay. That’s okay. That just means that sometimes aliens get a chance to look out for their humans in return.

* please allow me my comforting illusions and do not inform me of how unsterile and full of bugs spaceships really are, okay, this is future sci-fi land where spaceships are clean and free of creepy crawlies and nobody needs to have nightmares

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this just in, i love your robo leg lance so much bless you

THANK YOU~<333 You’re always sending asks that motivates me ;w; I  LOVE YOU~!

Here’s another robo leg lance doodle:

Since Lance gotten his prosthetic that’s detachable, he’s bound to have times when his’ leg’ is missing and 98% of the time is actually stolen by everyone else in the castle.

Sometimes Shiro would do it because he wants to pamper and carry Lance around the castle bridal style. Others do it too to have the opportunity to see them like that outside because these two actually have quite an enclosed relationship.

Other times, it would be Hunk/Pidge trying to tease him or fool around with the tech. The last time Keith tried to mess with Lance’s leg, he threw one of his crutches at him like how Keith does it with his own sword. The accuracy was terrifying. 

In other cases, they hid his leg because after what happened, they figured that he quietly goes off to overwork himself in the training deck and so they wanted him to take a break.

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Does Bendy act like a cat? (Sleep in a catloaf pose, lay on keyboards, knock shut off of desks, etc.?)

// If Daddy doesn’t pay attention to him he’ll flop on his lap. (He was also notorious for knocking everything off of desks and moving them around in the studio… there are reasons Joey keeps him out of his office.

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What are some of the best pictures of Billie in a dress because that is what I live for

i GOT you anon!!!!

okay, to start off with, my FAV dress is the uglie black + lace dress/leggings combo……like….he stuffed his little leggys into leggings, i’m

and then the purple st. jimmy dress

then….this??? dress??? why is he the only one wearing a dress in this photoshoot? why is tre touchin’ his titties??? 

some more st. jimmy dresses

baby billie in a white dress

and then….my all time fav……….japanese school girl outfit????

EDIT: i forgot billie in a sexy nurse outfit skjfhsdkf

Note to self: Some runs you will feel insanely bloated. Some mornings you will step on the scale and see a seemingly impossible increase overnight. It may feel like it but it’s not the end of the world. You will tie your shoes and calm down because you know this is normal. Other days, you’ll dread the 15-30 seconds a mile this weight is surely going to add to your splits. You nervously head out onto the trails, expecting a slow run on heavy legs. But then something crazy might just happen *drumroll* …. you will feel 10x better than the day before. Maybe the “bloating” and the extra weight was just extra carbs and water hydrating your hungry muscles. Although you may be able to robotically click off the miles, you are not a robot. You are human and you NEED to adequately fuel your strong little leggies if you expect them to perform day after day. Most importantly, remember that the number on the scale is pretty irrelevant to the numbers on your garmin. A 2lb increase in weight does not equal a 15-30 second decrease in pace. Some days, maybe that will be true or maybe there’s no difference at all. But some days, the scale will increase and your pace will too. You’ll soar through the treetops and glide through the trails. You’ll inhale the sound of the birds chirping into your lungs and you’ll let out this toxic mentality on each exhale. So stop drawing a connection where it doesn’t exist. Enjoy the peace of an early morning run. Go home and make a big breakfast with all of your favorite foods. Get out of your own way.