little leggies

Mirkwood Royal Family~
I love a sweet father and son relationship ; u ;

anonymous asked:

What are some of the best pictures of Billie in a dress because that is what I live for

i GOT you anon!!!!

okay, to start off with, my FAV dress is the uglie black + lace dress/leggings combo……like….he stuffed his little leggys into leggings, i’m

and then the purple st. jimmy dress

then….this??? dress??? why is he the only one wearing a dress in this photoshoot? why is tre touchin’ his titties??? 

some more st. jimmy dresses

baby billie in a white dress

and then….my all time fav……….japanese school girl outfit????

EDIT: i forgot billie in a sexy nurse outfit skjfhsdkf

When I’m worried or stressed nothing is better than drawing for me, as wisely said my friend @sweetfairy1. Like reading or writing (another two things that belongs to me very deeply ) drawing can take it away from a poor reality, troubles, bad thoughts.
Like a magical portal or an enchantment, it is a good medicine for the soul.
So in these troubled days let’s have some cute daddy Thrandy and Little Leaf cuddling and have some delighted moments together.
Just a raw sketch for now, I don’t even know if it can become a detailed draw…I simply go on to made shadows and highlights and try to relax myself.